Drones, Champagne, Precognition, & the New Year!


One of the wonderful side benefits of the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is getting together with old friends. A couple of times a year, Melissa visits her family in our old neighborhood where we lived for the first eleven years of our daughter’s life. Melissa, who is ten or eleven years older than Megan, used to babysit for her.

Today, she lives in Manhattan with her husband, Jon, a videographer, and their very old cat, Star, and is an avid chronicler of how the weird and the strange – synchronicity, spirit contact, the paranormal – manifests itself in her life. So when Melissa tells me a story, I listen closely.

We met for lunch shortly after Christmas, at our favorite spot, the Macaroni Grill. The place was empty, so we got a great booth at the back of the restaurant. Melissa doesn’t waste time; she immediately launched into her “sensing the future” story.

On Christmas, she and her family – parents, her three brothers and a sister, were sitting out in the yard, sipping champagne while her dad was trying to fly a drone he got for Christmas.  They live on a lake, so there’s plenty of space to play around with a drone. But her dad, she says, didn’t know what he was doing. As she sipped from her glass, she felt a sudden certainty that the drone was going to hit her glass of champagne.

“This was a gut certainty,” she said. “I knew it was going to happen.”

She quickly set her glass down on the table and just seconds later, the drone struck her glass, shattering it.

Granted, this isn’t a sweeping precognition that ripples out through the larger world and changes events, belief systems. But it rippled through Melissa’s personal world so that she sat there, staring at the shattered glass, thinking, OMG, I knew this was going to happen.

 This kind of precognition beautifully illustrates how precognition works on even the most mundane levels in our lives. We might have a sudden impulse to do something we’ve never done before – take a different route to work, try a food we’ve never sampled before, talk to a stranger – and a new world suddenly opens to us. We have come face to face with our own ability to sense the future.

The larger question here, I think, is what do we do with this knowledge, this realization?

Nearly seventeen years ago, in June 2000, I returned home, exhausted, from a writers’ conference. In the early morning hours, I dreamed I was conducting my workshop and someone at the conference handed me a Post-It with a message on it: You just got a call that your mother has died.

 At the time, my mother – Rose Marie – had been in an Alzheimer’s facility for more than two years, my dad was living with us, and our daughter was sleeping in the living room because she’d given up her bedroom to her granddad. The dream scared me. I walked out into the kitchen, where my dad and Rob were sitting, and told them my dream.

My dad went pale. “I was just telling Rob that last night I dreamed that Rose Marie died.”

And several weeks later, she did.

From the mundane to the profound: that’s how precognition works. You can sometimes summon a precognition, create an inner climate that is conducive to it. But usually, external circumstances thrust that awareness at you, right in your face. From a drone shattering a glass of champagne to the death of a parent, sensing the future doesn’t seem to have any boundaries or borders, any rules, and only a single piece of advice: pay attention.

Melissa did. And perhaps she avoided cuts to her hands as that glass of champagne shattered.

I paid attention and that precognitive dream helped me to prepare myself emotionally for my mother’s death.

What are your experiences telling you?


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7 Responses to Drones, Champagne, Precognition, & the New Year!

  1. Adelita says:

    One of the things your wonderful new book accomplishes is normalizing the paranormal. Robert Moss says, “we dream the future all the time.” or, as you point out, sense it. For me, learning to recognize the unique signs of a precognitive dream in my own dream experience, because they vary per person, helps me stay alert to any heads up I might be getting. I also like the idea that the future is a possible future; sometimes it can’t be changed, but sometimes, it can. And sometimes, what we get is compassionate preparation for what has to be, like in the beautiful story of you and your dad sharing your message dreams. Every blessing to you in this extraordinary new year!

  2. Darren B says:

    On the subject of flying things and the future, it’s Sunday 12:41pm 2017 here in Australia and I see that it is still 9:41pm Saturday 2016 in Miami at the moment, so this is message from the future in a way I guess…Happy New Year, by the way.
    I’ve just listened to a podcast you would love, here is the link –
    Experience 153 – Ray Szymanski, 40 Year Air Force Employee & Author of 50 Shades of Greys
    “Ray meets me at an empty Dayton Funny Bone showroom during the day to talk to me about his book 50 Shades of Greys, his multiple encounters with the infamous Men in Black, and life on one of the most notorious Air Force bases for alien and UFO rumors Wright-Patt Air Force Base. We had an awesome talk and it will be hopefully the first of many, many more. This is some real inside stuff and I think you’ll love it.”
    Cheers and stay safe, I see there’s a mass nightclub shooting in Turkey going on at the moment.

  3. lauren raine says:

    Thanks so much for the great book!

    And wishing you both a creative new year, one in which you shine as a light in the dark for all those who need your gifts.

  4. c.j. says:

    I’m not sure whether or not to post this comment, but suppose it must be OK. And very strange. As previously shared here, I typically receive significant messages in my sleeping dreams through songs. The songs are NEVER new. They are not songs I may have heard and my mind is subconsciously “re-playing” them over and over. Most often, they are songs one never hears now. On 12-16-2016, in my sleeping dream, the song ‘Sweet Rosie O’Grady’ sang in my dream continuously. Have never heard it. I researched it when I woke up, and learned it was written in 1896 and was the theme song in a 1943 film of the same name as the song. The star in the movie was Betty Grable, and her character was named ROSE MARIE. From there, I researched the woman who had written the song, Maude Nugent, b. 1-12-1873 or 1874, and died
    6-3-1958. at the age of 85 or 86. Her cause of death was Alzheimer’s, altho at that time they simply referred to the condition as “dementia”. My dream concerned me because my husband has developed diabetic dementia and is rapidly losing his short term memory. Very frightening for me. That was the only connection I could make to Rose Marie, as I have never known anyone in my life named Rose Marie. Now I wonder if my dream MAY have been in some manner connected to Trish’s Mom. In any event, it is an odd “coincidence” ……