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I was taking Megan to a garage to pick up her car and she was just finishing THE DEAD ZONE, by Stephen King that was published 37 years ago. The story features Johnny Smith who fell on the ice and hit his head when he was six and was later in a car crash that put him in a coma for four years. When he came out of it, he could see future events.

As we approached the shop, Megan said: “Dad, listen to this.” It was a passage in which Johnny has written a letter to this father. In it, he says:

If Stillson becomes president, he’s going to worsen an international situation that is going to be pretty awful to begin with. If Stillson becomes president, he is going to end up precipitating a full-scale nuclear war. I believe that the initial flashpoint for this war is South Africa. And I also believe that in the short, bloody course of this war, it’s not going to be just two or three nations throwing warheads, but maybe as many as twenty—plus terrorist groups.

Stillson is on the fast-track to become president. He’s an arrogant, boastful businessman and huckster, who wears a hardhat—remindful of Trump’s baseball hat—to attract working class supporters. His detractors, including Johnny, consider him dangerous. If Stillson is elected, Johnny picks up that he will be America’s last president.

Megan googled ‘Greg Stillson Donald Trump’ on her phone to see if others had noted the comparison. She didn’t even need to put in Trump’s name. It came right up with Stillson, and there were several choices of blogs and websites writing about the comparison.

There was even a tweet from…no, not Trump, but King from earlier this year: Populist demagogues like He Who Must Not Be Named aren’t a new thing; see THE DEAD ZONE, published 37 years ago.

I don’t think there’s any question about who King was referring to in that tweet. Trump was on the rise knocking off competitors one after another. Megan was finishing the book just a couple of days after Trump was tweeting about expanding America’s nuclear capacity  just as Russia’s Putin was saying the same for Russia. Putin is dangerous and crafty. He’s now worth an astonishing $85 billion, even though his salary is the equivalent of $137,000 a year. Yet, like many others, I’m more concerned about nukes in the hands of a Trump, a man who has repeatedly shown how easily offended he is and how he  always feels a need to strike back.

Johnny glimpses the end of the world when he shakes hands with Stillson and knows he had to do something to stop him. He fails, but inadvertently Stillson’s reaction reveals his  willingness to sacrifice others, even children, for his cause—a weakness that turns into his downfall.

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11 Responses to Johnny Smith saw the future

  1. AliceinW says:

    Holy cow. No matter what new blogs I read the fear of Donald Trump doesn’t stop. I’m going to chime in on this with the hope that the fear mongering can stop. For whatever reason I seem to have good intuition reading politicians. I have been correct about whether a president will be good for the US since Jimmy Carter (before that I was too young.). I have every confidence that Trump will do the right things for our country. For those who have not had the perception to see who the real perpetrators of trouble are in the country I can only say that that is your lesson to learn in life – the lesson of discernment. Trump appears crude to some because that is the only way to wake up those who have been deluded by the “elegant” BS coming from politicians (both parties) for decades.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      For me, Alice in W, it’s not so much fear but outright disgust. This is a man who has denigrated women, Muslims, blacks, displays erratic behavior at every opportunity, seems to be a serial liar, and perhaps even a sociopath. While this may be true of politicians in both parties, Trump takes the prize. And honestly, a prez who is going to tweet his foreign policies? Really?

  2. c.j. says:

    Agree on many points. Hesitate to be specific but also sense a JFK incident with DJT. He shuns secret service protection, feeling they are not necessary to his safety, and that may be his downfall. I think he considers himself to be God-like and impervious to harm. We’ll see. Again, though, I do want to remind everyone that 2017 is a frequency #1 year, and whether a person accepts the reality of frequencies doesn’t matter a bit. They are what they are, and because we are now globally in a universal frequency of #1, it WILL offer positive events that will certainly make the negative stuff less. As Gump’s Mother so succinctly put it,”LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GONNA GET!” Remember that Trump was elected in a frequency #9 year. ( brings “endings” and “closing doors”, etc.) The influences of that #9 will not cease for a while as we have moved into the #1,
    so he definitely isn’t out of the potential woods yet.

  3. Darren B says:

    I see the new edition of ‘New Dawn’ magazine has ‘Trump Apocalypse: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly’ written across it’s front cover –
    Personally I have a bad feeling about Trump, not about him being president, but that he won’t live long enough for us to see what kind of president he will be.
    I also have that same feeling with the British Queen, either she’ll pass with health issues, or be forced to step down from the throne because of those health issues.
    We could be in for a real life ‘Game of Thrones’ this year.
    They’re my bleak predictions for the year…apart from the big celebrity deaths will just keep rolling along like 2016 never ended.
    I think by about half way through 2017 we’ll be saying how 2016 wasn’t so bad after all.
    I hope I’m wrong but that’s the feeling I get for 2017.
    I also see Stephen King’s son , Joe Hill, is doing a live Facebook feed today about his new book, ‘The Fireman’ –
    He’ll be streaming live video on this page starting at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Someone on facebook today commented that she felt we’re be facing the end of humankind. We’ll see what unfolds, but I’m not particularly hopeful, either. 17 days and counting to armageddon – the inauguration.

      I’ll check that link! Thanks, Daz.

      • Darren B says:

        I think we’re along way off from the end of humankind, but this year will be darker than last year I feel, hardly Armageddon though, just a bit more of 2016 with the volume turned up a little more.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Chuck Schumer, the highest ranking Democrat in the US Congress said this evening that Trump is making a great mistake to attack and insult the intelligence community the way he has been doing. “They have at least half a dozen ways to get back at you, and I understand they are very angry.” He was then asked by Rachel Maddow, “What way are you talking about?” Schumer just srugged and didn’t answer.

  4. lauren raine says:

    I feel that the country has had a coup – big money and bought media, and a minority of white, bigoted, sexist, uneducated and highly reactive people spurred on by a showman not unlike the fascists that have endlessly preceeded him………have taken power. Will the rest of America, which includes so many different groups, regain the basic structure of what our nation has been? I don’t think so, to be honest. This may a corruption that there is no getting rid of, if we survive the next 4 years at all. I also am terrified at what Trump, and all the loonies he’s put into power, will do. He and they will now have the power to make war – and that means millions of lives lost, bankruptcy for the country, and perhaps worse.

    I’m going to repeat it. A loudmouth, infantile, ignorant and uneducated, reactive and sociopathic man now has the ultimate power to make war.