How Does Sensing the Future Work?


From Sensing the Future – available on January 10, 2017

Rather than “seeing” actual future events, people who sense the future may be anticipating events that might unfold. That’s a concept expressed by physicist David Bohm in a conversation with author Michael Talbot.

Bohm was quoted as saying: “When people dream of accidents correctly and do not take the plane or ship, it is not the actual future that they were seeing. It was merely something in the present which is implicate and moving toward making that future. In fact, the future they saw differed from the actual future because they altered it. Therefore I think it’s more plausible to say, if these phenomena exist, there’s an anticipation of the future in the implicate order in the present.” Bohm referred to the implicate or hidden order as nonlocal reality and our everyday world at local reality.

In Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership, Joseph Jaworski describes the impact that a chance meeting with Bohm had on his dream of creating a training program for visionary leadership that focused on serving others. During a four-hour conversation with the physicist, Bohm told him, “You cannot think of existence as local . . . Your self is actually the whole of mankind. That’s the idea of implicate order—that everything is enfolded in everything. The entire past is enfolded in each of us in a very subtle way. If you reach deeply into yourself, you are reaching into the very essence of mankind.”

Think about that for a moment. It means that any time you’re engaged in something that prompts you to look within, to delve into your own psyche, your own consciousness, you’re diving into that primal soup, that collective, where we’re all connected.

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4 Responses to How Does Sensing the Future Work?

  1. Only in the years of wisdom (which began, um, yesterday, or seems like), have I had the full sense–body, mind, spirit–that every moment is co-created by everyone, and by unseen energies and intelligence. After spending years wishing that everything would just stop moving for a second, please, I know I am never going to step into the same river twice. Yet, I also anticipate some events of the future, but alas, very self-centered, just of my own. I know how I’ll die, for instance. What I do think is visible is the projection of our lives, in everything outer, that also contains the symbols for what we can expect. The active dream. Often, I’m not tuning to that channel but when I am, I get it. Make sense or is this gibberish?

  2. c.j. says:

    I completely understand your ‘need to know’. I think my mind, after all these decades of research and digging for answers, is just plain tired. It takes me in different directions now….at the moment, focused on the various implications of what happens in the “AfterLife”. It’s compelling, and fascinating. So, I AM still a seeker. Just on another path.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! It’s been a wonderful year with ‘unseen friends’ from all over the world on the Synchro blog!

  3. c.j. says:

    This is much, much, much too deep and convoluted for me!!!!!!! Past, Present. Future.
    Individuals as individuals. For me, it is sufficient to accept these concepts as simply existing.. When I was in high school, my super healthy “steady boyfriend” was a quarterback on our football team. During the summer, I had a recurring sleeping dream in which I saw Bill Llaying in a casket wearing a dark brown suit, with a huge wreath of flowers on the shape of a football in front of it. I went to the breakfast table in tears, and my Mother pooh-poohed my dream, telling me I was being a silly teenager. The week before the first day of school, Bill passed out while he was mowing the coach’s lawn. He was diagnosed with acute leukemia, and within seven days he was dead. You can guess the rest: At the church, he was laying in the casket dressed in a dark brown suit, and a huge wreath of flowers in the shape of a football was in front of it. Sensing the future? Could I have changed it? No.Throughout my life there have been far too many such incidents of “sensing the future” that unfolded exactly as I had the precognitive awareness of the events, and not always necessarily in sleeping dreams. While I appreciate the information in the post, it is enough for me to have these experiences, some of which are extremely disturbing because I know I cannot make it “un-happen”, without attempting to delve into the complex of “how” I “know”. At least for me, I have never been able to prevent the incidents that I foresee, and some of them are happy, not sad. I don’t own the intelligence necessary to wrap my mind around the hows and whys presented above, and have found it so much more simple, again just for me, to accept these sensings in whatever manner they come to me, and not try to complicate the issues further. When I do that, I tend to go pretty crazy. Nevertheless, I DO appreciate that such research and thinking exists, and I thank you for sharing.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      For me, it’s not enough that sensing the future happens. How does it happen? What is it exactly that enables it to happen? How often can it happen? How extensive is it?