The Comparison


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  1. c.j. says:

    At 75, I may very possibly be the oldest member of the Synchrosecrets blog ‘gang’, although that certainly does not by any means make me the most wise. Lord knows, I carry lots of baggage! It just means that I’ve seen presidents come and presidents go, watching from a ring-side seat as a person who loves this country. I went back to my roots just now to have an idea of the changes that have happened in these 75 years, and here is what I found in terms of presidents and parties:
    1942 Franklin Roosevelt, Dem
    1945 Harry Truman Dem
    1953 Dwight Eisenhower Rep
    1960 John F. Kennedy Dem
    1963 Lyndon B. Johnson Dem
    1969 Richard Nixon Rep
    1974 Gerald Ford Rep
    1977 Jimmy Carter Dem
    1981 Ronald Reagan Rep
    1981 George Bush Rep
    1993 Bill Clinton Dem
    2001 George W. Bush Rep
    2008 Barack Obama Dem
    2016 Donald Trump Rep

    In all, fourteen presidents have been elected since I was born, and each of them brought platforms, personalities, and plans to the Oval Office. Some have been horrific, some have been mediocre, some have been heroic, and some have been, well, that remains to be seen. My bottom line, and then I will say no more, is that we have a beautiful country in which our souls have chosen to define ‘home’….at least for now. No president has ever been perfect, and no president will ever be perfect. But I’ve watched America at its worst and at its best, and in my heart of hearts, I firmly believe that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, the United States of America will be OK. We will suffer, but we will heal. It has happened over and over again, and we just must take a deep breath and plow forward, trusting that while we must muddle through this new and unexpected blow, we WILL survive, and we will be the better for it. The media has a deplorable habit of showcasing all the riots and killings and protests, and fails to give equal time to the efforts contributed by friends and neighbors and even strangers who come out of nowhere, just plain folks, when assistance is desperately needed. We WILL heal. We WILL survive. That is the Will and the Wave of our future of this ‘Home’ we inhabit. So let us dry our tears, continue our dreams, and watch the sun rise. It WILL rise. Trish and Rob, thank you for giving us the place where we may speak our individual Truths and remain friends when our Truths are different. Good night to all. Blessed Be.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I don’t know if you’re the oldest. But you’re certainly one of the wisest, CJ, and psychic to booth. So many thanks!

      • blah blah says:

        luv ya CJ,, even though not totally on point with your observances,, just a bit disappointed in our hosts censorship…. S L K O…..

        • Rob and Trish says:

          We’re not censoring, blah. A lot of times your comment go directly to trash and since we aren’t on the blog 24/7, we don’t find them right away.

  2. c.j. says:

    It is when we are in our lowest and most challenging space, when what we consider to be our core values are being sorely tested and even crushed, that we have no option but to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and become stronger. The election of Donald J. Trump to the highest position not only in America but in the world, is a powerful signal that we must gaze at our own reflections in a mirror and take a good hard look what is really happening. He is created in our image. Think about that. When we are able to do that, and to accept that as a species we have created a monster to represent us, it suggests to me that the widespread virus of complacency has corroded and infiltrated the Spirit of this very Planet. We have moved backward, not forward, and until we find the courage as a global family to recognize we are at fault, the downward spiral has no chance of reversing. I am not attempting to be a “PollyAnna”. But if we visualize a scale, putting evil on one side and good on the other side, we see the evil side rise and the good side drop…..lower and lower. This is not acceptable. Yes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but only by a very, very small margin which is still being counted, and that is extremely disturbing. Our choice was limited, because neither of these candidates, in my opinion, is decent. In my opinion, neither is moral. Their characteristics are different, no doubt, yet we can’t erase or ignore Hillary’s criminality any more than we can erase or ignore Trump’s nastiness. What does this tell us? For me, it says that we allowed two terribly flawed individuals to compete for rulership of the world. I weep not for Clinton’s loss and Trump’s victory, but for what this entire
    fiasco will bring to the future for my young grandsons, who are now only seven and eleven years old. They are inheriting OUR mistakes, OUR errors in judgment, and this is a travesty. We must find the higher ground, the higher path, and take it. We didn’t do that this time or for decades past. We must do better. We CAN do better.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I don’t like to hear people talking about Hillary’s ‘criminality’ when she has never been indicted, never charged with any crime in her 25 years of public service. So let’s move on past right wing talking points, which succeeded in suppressing the vote and putting a hatemonger who is now Twittering about ‘professional’ demonstrators. Watch First Amendment rights crumple under his administration. Maybe the problem is that Dems have been too kind with former GOP presidents. George W Bush lost (most likely deleted) 22 million emails that no doubt would’ve exposed a lot of wrong-doing. But there was hardly a peep about it. Hillary is gone…so let’s move on and look at what’s in front of us, not behind us.

  3. c.j. says:

    P.S. It is Thursday, 11-10-2016. Usually on Saturday mornings I click over to the Unknowncountry and read Whitley’s site. I didn’t do that this past weekend due to limited vision caused by an eye infection, which I still have. But, I just now clicked onto his site and was astonished by his journal entry of 11-1-2016. It is well worth the time to do that. I urge everyone to read that journal entry, as it is extremely relevant to the presidential election and to this conversation, and he wrote it PRIOR to the election. Take a deep breath before reading it, because Whitley doesn’t fool around and he always seems to be on the inside track of whatever is happening.

  4. c.j. says:

    If anyone is interested in the true (and corrupt) power makers, read any book by David Icke. The first time I did that, I got in my car and took the book to a dumpster and threw it in, unwilling to believe him. Then, time passed, I realized he was spot on, and I went and purchased another copy, in addition to his other texts. Yes, he is a conspiracy theorist. Funny thing is, his “conspiracies” have a strange way of being right. This “election” is more proof in the pudding of his incredibly well-researched work. I’ve learned that conspiracies are frequently not conspiracies at all, but are instead the Truth.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      This will be seen as a shameful time in American history when racism and hate was rampant and women were demeaned because it was the brand of the president. Meanwhile, on FB people are putting up nudes of the First Lady. That’s another first.

  5. lauren raine says:

    Today is the anniversary of Kristallnacht. I guess God has finally recognized that most humans are so bad at pattern recognition that She’s going to have to get even less subtle.

  6. lauren raine says:

    I feel like I’ve been out of my body all day. I so strongly had it in my mind, the image of Hillary waving to her following, and writing an article about the dreams of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton finally coming true. I know I’m kind of venting wherever I can today, but it’s that or cry. I just don’t know what it means to be an American anymore. But like it or not, millions, perhaps a small majority, of Americans must believe what Trump represents, want what he represents, and don’t give a damn that he is transparently dishonest, vulgar, a sexual predator, and unethical. They just don’t care.

    My friends are posting all kinds of beautiful essays about now is the time for us all to roll up our sleeves and get back to work, to shine the light, to realize that we were made for this moment. This may be true, but it is not what I feel right now. Right now I feel there is no hope, not only for America, but for humanity. That humanity cannot evolve out of violence, hatread, and greed.

    But of course, I will get up tomorrow, or the day after, and I’ll put my activist cap back on, and I’ll try to find my way to believing that what I do has value again. What else can you do?

  7. c.j. says:

    When I wrote that we choose love or hate, I was speaking NOT of all Americans, but instead, of those of us who regularly come together and contribute to spiritually-driven and spiritually-based blogs and sites such as this one. At this era in time, our country is being drowned in hate, our children are no longer safe even in their schools, public arenas are protected by various militia, on and on and on, and I believe with all that I am that WE are here to make a combined effort to shift that hate to Love and thereby lift the oppression that is destroying us. It is undeniable that hate begets hate, and love begets love. As I am making the journey through this last chapter of my life in this incarnation, in retrospect I am able to observe , quite clearly, the increasing clouds of darkness that enshroud our country. But, Guys, I am also able to perceive that if we can manage to focus our minds and thoughts and souls on Light, and send that energy with Will and Intent in a web around the world, we, as a group of spiritual entities, have the power to bring about the Change. The combination of hate and anger creates malignancy in the Soul and in our bodies in one way or another. Remember the lyrics to the old popular song. “ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK A HEART, AND ONLY LOVE CAN MEND IT:? Yes.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Most of the world is in shock, CJ. It’s going to take time to heal that. The only world leader who isn’t in shock is Putin.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Here was Michael Moore’s tweet after trump won:
      “The next wave of fascism will come not with cattle cars and camps. It will come with a friendly face.” – Bertram Gross, “Friendly Fascism”
      3:08 AM – 9 Nov 2016

  8. Sheila Joshi says:

    I’m so miserable. I’ve been crying all morning. Did you see her concession speech? It was so beautiful, mature, kind. I feel the way I have felt when a loved one died. I want *that* back! I want her! I want to see her photo in the newspaper shaking hands with world leaders. I want it to be yesterday again, before the loss happened. Just grief-stricken.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      As soon as trump won florida last night, I became hysterical. Now I feel deeply bereft. I couldn’t bring myself to watch her speech.

      • Sheila Joshi says:

        Aww, Trish. It’s so hard. MoveOn is being a clearinghouse for spontaneous get-togethers all over the country tonight. High School students in Berkeley and Oakland marched out of classes this morning to protest. I’m getting emails from all sorts of organizations telling their members to not be afraid, that they are not alone, and that we will continue to work together for the wholesome world we dream of. MoveOn pointed out that he won about 59 million votes, but there are about 325 million Americans, so we have a lot of company. Sending a big hug….

  9. c.j. says:

    All night last night I sat up in bed and watched as, state by state, the period on the sentence of an eight-year leadership of a president who has become increasingly disappointing was obvious. We MUST recognize that when the voting ended, our friends and neighbors, those we know and MILLIONS we don’t know, expressed their hopes and their feelings. Those voices belong to people of virtually every color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation. As spiritual Beings seeking the best and highest good, I suddenly realized that in spite of our individual ideologies, we have an obligation, a responsibility, to honor and respect those millions of us who contributed, in One unexpected Voice, a stunning and surprising changing of the guard. This wasn’t done by a few folks here and there. By the ending of the count, by the closing of the polls, the map of the United States was completely RED…indicating, in my opinion, whether we agree or disagree with the choice made by a vast majority of our American family, that we cannot be at war between ourselves. Because, as evidenced by the election outcome, the vast majority of Americans are seeking Change that will lead to Peace, and Peace can only be birthed by Love. This enormous American family stepped up beside an Unknown Entity to represent us. I may not agree. I may not like him. But I WILL support him, just as I supported Obama, because Trump, as Obama, was chosen by my sisters and brothers who see in Trump something Good. I choose Love, not Hate. And I believe that the only way we will create the new paradigm we seek can ONLY rise from Love.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Clinton won the popular vote, just as gore did in 2000. What needs to go is the electoral college. And trump’s entire campaign platform was one of hate and divisiveness. So while it’s great to say we choose love or hate, that isn’t what happened last night.

  10. Dale Dassel says: