What’s Afoot


Recently, I’ve been inundated with email from friends, acquaintances, even strangers, who are experiencing synchronicity in a variety of ways, usually because they are in the midst of pivotal life events.

One friend lost her husband to cancer. Another friend’s husband has been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and after trying chemo, which nearly killed him, he decided to try alternative methods of treatment. And yet, I also hear from people who are experiencing exceptional good fortune and feel their lives are exactly where they should be. I suspect that most of us live between the extremes, where synchronicity hums along in the background, nudging us here, there, elsewhere.

There are days when I believe that synchronicity is a force of nature, some sort of underlying power like a hurricane or tornado that sweeps into your life and changes everything in a heartbeat. Other days, I see it as a far more subtle influence, something smooth and effortless, like eating Jell-O. Then there are the days when I actively seek out synchronicity, giving myself suggestions, stating my intentions aloud, typing out affirmations that I plaster on the fridge, the walls, my computer.

But all of this is testament to the fact that we don’t really understand the nature of reality or consciousness. We’re still in the infancy of learning, but our learning process is accelerating because of the Internet. In many ways, the Internet is a synchronicity machine. It generates the conditions, the connections, and all we have to do is create an inner climate where we’re receptive to whatever this phenomenon is.

Coincidence, Indra’s Net, God’s winks, or David Bohm’s enfolded or implicate order, or just a curiosity: call it whatever you want. Thing is, it’s happening more frequently and when you recognize it’s happening to you, you begin paying attention.

Honestly, in all these years of studying and researching synchros, of reading Jung – his bios, his autobiography, of steeping myself in all things Jungian- I’ve concluded that synchronicity may defy any ultimate definition. The deeper I dig, the more questions I find. When a skeptic experiences a synchro and acknowledges it as such to his peers, how does that revelation change his or her life? How would his or her life been different without that acknowledgement? Which paths open or close?

My musings about synchronicity tend to be spurred by whatever I’m writing. Rob and I are working on a recently sold book, Secrets of Spirit Communication, something we’ve discussed frequently on this blog. I’m also working on  a novel .We’re  doing radio shows for Sensing the Future,  and I’m preparing for a second workshop in mid April, on astrology that will be taught in Cassadaga,  a Spiritualist community where everyone talks to the dead.

I used to hide my interests – except when I wrote fiction – but I’ve reached that point many of us usually reach, and probably far earlier than I did. Think what you want, but this is who I am. I believe we live in a universe so mysterious and unknowable that when we catch glimmers of truth, we seize them. We are far more than our physical bodies and our consciousness interacts daily with this greater power – divinity, Source, synchronicity- give it whatever name that feels comfortable for you. These experiences provide guidance, confirmation, warning, reassurance, a sense that we are never alone, that our allies are the very experiences that lead us in this direction. These experiences blow open our perceptions of what is possible.

And that is no small thing.


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3 Responses to What’s Afoot

  1. Nancy says:

    You couldn’t be more right on. We are in an acceleration of whatever it is that we’re here to learn, experience, complete. I remember writing a heading for a chapter that I titled “I Need To Serve.” It was one of those musings on the fact that I was stalled, and not feeling as though I was completing what it was that I came here to do. The chapter had more to do with Law of One and the premise that we need to be at least 51% service to others in order to move on in the next big “harvest.” This harvest, in my book, may be a cyclic event that happens every 3600 years. At any rate, I was not of service 51%. I tried to go back and change the title of the chapter, but for some reason I could NOT change it no matter what I did. It WOULD NOT change.

    Forward six months and I am in service over 51% to a husband gravely ill with a sadistic brain cancer. Talk about service – he now takes up 100% of me.

    I think we need to pay attention to those times when our little voice tells we need to do something that involves a way to evolve our consciousness. If we don’t – then the Universe, God, Source, Higher Self, whatever you want to call it – will make sure you have the opportunity to do what you need to do. We came with a purpose, and things that need doing. Now is the time. Everything is accelerating – whether things are good, or bad, our shadow needs to be addressed, we need to fulfill our destiny, and we need to pay attention to the message when your computer takes control of what you type.

  2. c.j. says:

    When I was a little girl, I dreamed. Sleeping dreams. And in many of these dreams, I wasn’t a little girl, but was older, yet was in this current lifetime. I didn’t understand the dreams, but remembered them. And as they manifested in reality at some point usually several years later, I REALLY remembered them. I also had precognitive dreams, often of the imminent death of a loved one, and when I would go to the breakfast table in tears, tell my Mother, she would “shush” me and tell me “we don’t talk about these things!” Then when the dream would manifest in reality, my Mother….my Mother….began to become afraid of me, her own child, and distance…..and silence….grew between my Mother and me. I have spent most of the 75 years of this convoluted lifetime being so unspeakably grateful for my Dad, because HE understood. HE listened. HE explained, when he could, and when he couldn’t, he told me to not be afraid. The greatest loss for me in this incarnation was the death of my Dad to brain cancer when I was 18 and he was only 42. And yes, I had been forewarned of his death in sleeping dreams from the age of six. But I told no one. I didn’t believe it until it happened. With his loss, I was alone with who and what I was, and like Trish, I didn’t share who and what I was. But I studied, and I learned, and ultimately, synchronistic incidents led me to places and to people who had also been born on this spiritual path, and I had peers, and wonderful circles and groups and seminars and workshops. Yet I maintained silence within the wider world,especially my husband’s evangelical fundamental Baptist family, never allowing my true self out of the closet, until a very few years ago, when a synchro led me to one of Trish’s early books and I found the space where I BELONGED. Now, I don’t hide anymore. Now, I don’t fear anymore. I am who and what I am EVERYWHERE….quietly, gently, not broadcasting it, but I am no longer non-authentic. In retrospect, I recognized it was a series of connected synchronicities that brought me the courage to live and to breathe
    my Truth. I thank the MacGregors for my liberation, for unlocking the gate on my self-imposed prison, and for giving me my Voice. There is Wisdom and Knowledge and
    Power to be fund here. And so publicly, without reservation, knowing opportunities and time to express gratitude may be limited, I just must say THANK YOU for offering me the gift of finally being free to be ME. With Peace and with Love, I thank you.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Connie, You’ve had numerous fascinating and unusual experiences in your life – ranging from mediumship, Wiccan experiences, alien encounters, spirit contact, and more. And we’ve used many of these stories in our books. You’re a fountain of knowledge and experience in the world of mysteries of the unknown, mysticism, and worlds beyond.THANK YOU!