The Meter Man and Twinning



Mike Perry, our blogging friend from the U.K., recently emailed me about two synchronicities he experienced after a dry spell of no synchros. This first one strikes me as precognitive.

“We have planned a break away from September 23rd for a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d make sure that I paid any bills that might come within that period. One was the gas bill (we use gas for cooking and heating) so I read the meter, which is in our garage, so I could pay online.

“I jotted down the figures and was about to go upstairs when our doorbell rang. It was a man from the gas company! He wanted to read our meter (they do it roughly once a year to see that customers are using the right figures on the Internet). I said, “I’ve just read the meter” and gave the figures to him.

“He scratched his head and asked how I knew he was coming!

“I don’t know if I had a precognition he was coming or what.”

His second synchro involves “twinning,”  when two cities in different countries are paired up for some reason. This one really defies the odds!

“On our TV we have a few apps to watch things like YouTube. Last night I searched for ‘Hayes’ on YouTube – this is where I lived as a kid, it’s in the London Borough of Harlington. This one really defies the odds!

“The first one I viewed was a silent old film from 1960, which showed the twinning of Hayes with Schleswig in Germany. I never knew it ever had such a town twinning. The synchro is because Schleswig is where Karin (Mike’s wife) lived as a child!”







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2 Responses to The Meter Man and Twinning

  1. Jon says:

    Good one!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I like this one. A precognitive experience that drives home the point that sensing the future happens with the small – and the big events in our lives.