Jupiter Enters Libra


The planet Jupiter has fascinated me ever since I learned about it in elementary school. It’s the largest planet in the solar system, eleven times the size of Earth and was known to the Greeks as Zeus, the greatest of all the gods.

In mythology, he’s portrayed as a bearded, muscular dude on a throne, clutching a thunderbolt in one hand and a bolt of lightning in the other. He presided over the Olympian community and also over the human community, his larger family. As the god of weather, he was the one who made the rain fall and who, when he was ticked off, hurled lightning from the heavens. He was considered the father of both gods and men and was the founder of royal justice and the rule of law. He had it all – charisma, humanity, and power.

The planet has a diameter of nearly 89,000 miles, but in spite of its massive size, its density is only slightly greater than that of water. Its inner core is mostly hydrogen and helium and deep within its atmosphere, pressure and temperature increase and compress the hydrogen gas into a liquid. That means that Jupiter has the largest ocean in the solar system, but it consists of hydrogen instead of water. If Jupiter ignited and became a sun, it could become its own solar system because it has so many moons – at least 50 that have been confirmed. In astrology, this helps to explain why it always does things in a BIG way.

 It’s not that Jupiter or any other planet is a conscious entity. But its archetypal energy speaks to something within us that triggers that lucky break, that alternate path, that new idea, that aha! moment when we suddenly get it, when we understand how our talents can be tapped to pursue and achieve our dreams. In an archetypal sense, Jupiter is our spiritual benefactor, that part of our higher selves that made the journey with us into physical life and is eager to help us to achieve whatever we desire. Or, as one astrologer friend puts it, Jupiter has your back.

On  September 9, Jupiter enters air sign Libra, where it will be for the next 13 months – until October 10, 2017. So Libra individuals – or those of you with a Libra moon or rising – are in for a real treat. Your life is about to expand in unprecedented ways. You’ll be in the right place at the right time, luck with tag your heels, and wherever you set your sights, Jupiter will help you get there. This transit is also great for fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius because Jupiter will be forming a beautiful angle to your sun signs during this transit.

If you look back 12 years – from late September 2004 to late October 2005- what was going on in your life at that time? This period is when Jupiter last transited Libra and it’s likely you’ll have similar experiences. I asked my Gemini neighbor about this today. She said that in February 2005, she and her family moved next door to us, a pivotal move for them. For me, as a Gemini, my dad died during this transit, we had sufficient contracts to get our daughter through college debt free, our beloved dusky conure, Kali,  died in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma, we traveled to the Dominican Republic. Overall, life was good.

Take a look at your natal birth chart here.  

If you don’t know your exact time of birth, enter 12 noon. The rising and the sign of your moon won’t be accurate, but you can see which planets you may have in an air sign. That planet – the areas it represents – will be highlighted.

Fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, will also benefit tremendously from this transit. For Aries and Sagittarius, transiting Jupiter will be forming a great angle to your sun, bolstering your endeavors and relationships in a positive, dynamic way. For Aries people, Jupiter will be opposing your sun and placing emphasis on your partnerships – business and personal. Oppositions from other planets – like Saturn or Pluto, for instance, can be challenging. But the biggest drawback from a Jupiter opposition to your sun is that you may take on too much, you don’t know when to say no.

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – will also benefit from this transit. For Taurus, the daily work area of your chart will be highlighted. Opportunities drop in your lap, but you may suddenly find that you have so much work that you have to delegate. Virgos are likely to benefit financially. Capricorns will benefit professionally.

If your natal Jupiter is in Libra, then it means you’re in a Jupiter return year – which happens about every 12 years – and oh wow, buckle up! It’s going to be a marvelous 13 months! This is when doors fly open.

So take a look at your natal chart. See where this transit will occur for you. You can check here for the meanings of the planets and what their symbols (glyphs) are.

Even if you don’t have any planets in Libra or air signs, you’ll have Libra somewhere on the cusp of one of the 12 houses. That house – which represents a particular area of your life – will benefit. Check here for the meanings of the houses.

Embrace the transit and enjoy the ride!










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7 Responses to Jupiter Enters Libra

  1. blah says:

    so who watched Venus transit the sun?? few hours (welding glasses), from position 1:30 to position 11:30 right to left slight incline if memory serves… but what was so absolutely coincidental about the Timing…….

  2. DJan says:

    I have also always been fascinated by Jupiter. Did you see the pictures taken by the probe Juno from only 12,000 miles away? Amazing. And my Sagittarius sun sign is certainly welcome to enjoy Jupiter’s influence. I’m still holding my breath waiting for Mercury to go direct again. 🙂

  3. Hilary says:

    Looking forward to Jupiters good luck. But I’ve always wondered if Jupiter is made of flammable hydrogen and could turn into a mini star …why didn’t the Shoemaker Levy astroid ignite it when it slammed into it? Since it is the largest planet in our solar system it must’ve been hit millions of times by fiery astroids in the past 4 billion years, and still no flames. It’s a mystery.

  4. isabella says:

    House 3 in libra….. but.. I have venus in Aries so it will form aspect there and also natal Jupiter in Capricorn..
    Anyhow i can only say thqt whatever comes is good because the worse can only be behind me isn’t it

    • Rob and Trish says:

      The Jupiter transit begins in the 3rd house – communications, travel, siblings, conscious mind – and midway through the transit, enters your 4th house. So, you may move again, perhaps into a larger place. Your Venus and Jupiter are in late degrees, so I wouldn’t worry about them right now. A Jupiter opposition to Venus and square to your natal Jupiter shouldn’t be a big deal. Just be sure to pace yourself and don’t take on too much responsibility. The worst is behind you, for sure.

  5. natalie says:

    Sun, moon and I think, mercury in Libra in the first house. My natal Jupiter is in cancer in 10th house. Yay!