A Past Life OOBE


Recently, I reconnected with ‘Larry,’ a former police officer in central Texas who has had numerous alien encounters and also out-of-body experiences. He first wrote us about his experiences last year and his stories were quite compelling. We published them in five parts.

Some of you might remember the astral sex story he related, and I recall a couple of readers didn’t feel good about it, and suggested it was an encounter with a lower astral being.

So here’s a story that balance that one – an astral journey to a monastery! What I found particularly interesting about this tale is that Larry referred to it as a journey into a past life. I had never heard of an out-of-body experience linked to a past life. So I asked for more details.

Larry has both spontaneous and intentional OOBEs and this one was intentional, though he had no idea where it would take him. He found himself in either Mexico or Texas in the 1600s, and he was a Catholic brother.


“At this point in my life I had just ended my law enforcement career and was actually in-between jobs, so I was ‘Mr. Mom.’ I woke up around 6 AM and got my son off to school. Then on this particular morning, I went back to bed in a spare bedroom because my wife, who worked night , had just gotten to sleep and I didn’t want to disturb her.

“So I laid down and began my ritual to have an out-of-body experience. After only a few minutes of relaxing and forming my intention, I felt the familiar vibration and rushing sound in my head.

“At first, I just flew, but then found myself kneeling in a small room. It was very sparsely furnished, a small bed, and beside table and a single wooden chair. I was looking out a small, high window and could onlys see a square of pure blue sky.

“At one point, I saw the person, but then I was instantly ‘in’ the person, and in a split second I realized that I was a monk in a monastery or church compound somewhere in he Southwest. I somehow knew I was either in what would become Texas or Mexico near what would become the southern border of Texas. I also knew that I was happy in my situation and at that very moment was praying with gratitude for my position in life.

“I do not know how long in ‘real time’ this experience lasted, but I think it was probably ten minutes or so. I felt in that experience that I was a native of Spain and voluntarily came to this place and was content.”


He also told me about an OOBE to a topless bar in Texas, and it’s a good one. But we’ll hold that one for the book we’re working on: BEYOND STRANGE: True Tales of Alien Encounters, the Paranormal, Time Travel & More.


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8 Responses to A Past Life OOBE

  1. c.j. says:

    I tend to disagree with Larry”s comments that a person has the type of experience that the person expects: a fearful sense of negative foreboding, or a positive attitude. I’ve had two near-death-experiences, and I prefer to use the term “death experiences” because actually, the person IS dead for whatever period of time, and then returns to physical life and the physical body. Both of my death experiences were due to clinical hemorrhaging, and both were incredibly beautiful: one when I was 24, and the second, when I was 45. The recent incident during which I shared an experience with a “deceased” individual was so exquisite it defies description and is far beyond any kind of compartmentalization. I simply don’t know HOW it occurred, only that it DID. I DO know it wasn’t a dream or even a daydream, it wasn’t a fantasy, nor was it my imagination, and I don’t think it was an OOBE. If it was an OOBE, it was unique. I’ve never read, by any author in any text, so much as a single sentence approaching a description of my experience. It was absolutely spontaneous, and even though I am and was corporeal and tangible throughout, the person with whom I shared the experience is non-corporeal, as mentioned above. He transitioned in 2013, is residing in some dimension of Spirit, yet, during our magnificent sharing, HE was also corporeal and tangible. This is why I remarked that there is so much we just don’t know about the existence of worlds, and of entities, outside our current 3rd dimension. As a born medium, I don’t fear other-worldly entities, (certain aliens excluded), but nevertheless am discerning, exercise reasonable caution, and do not go “where angels fear to tread”. The singular encounter I had decades ago with the destructive entity taught me such discernment. Larry’s adventures are genuinely engrossing, and I eagerly anticipate hearing more!!

  2. Larry says:

    I see that there are some who feel very negative or apprehensive about out-of-body-experiences, who feel that all kinds of evil are lurking “out there. And maybe some believe that only a “qualified person” like Robert Monroe should intentionally travel out o f body. On the other hand, I see that there are people who embrace astral projection and other mysterious things without a lot of fear. I personally believe that one who is expecting negative, fearful things during an astral event may well encounter those things. Those who travel without a lot of foreboding may not have a negative experience.

    I did not ask for this gift nor did I in any way “practice” to gain this ability, it occurred spontaneously in my youth. Since then I have travelled both spontaneously and intentionally, and I have never had a truly negative experience. I have not been as scientifically methodical as has Monroe, but I have had insightful experiences as well as purely pleasurable ones. Some have speculated that I had an encounter with a lower form. I, on the other hand, believe that this person was a higher and more experienced being, one who had lived through many lives and had gone on to an existence as a guide on a higher plain. I could be wrong, but so could those who think this being was a miscreant of some kind.

    My astral travels have now spanned over four decades and I have yet to encounter anything other than persons just like me except who were more advanced as far as astral projection and their understanding of life as a never ending cycle.

  3. c.j. says:

    P.S. I’m feeling “pushed’, probably by my Invisible Helpers, to reiterate we mustn’t FEAR exploring and learning in metaphysical genres….just be discerning. Even Jesus instructed, “KNOW THY SPIRITS. BE DISCERNING IN THEIR PRESENCE”. He was speaking of communicating with those who are deceased. And, I want to add a much, much brighter note. In Florida, especially near the beaches, we have all kinds of critters: palmetto bugs, miscellaneous spiders, yellow flies, tiny German roaches, lizards, etc., just about every little critter that invades our homes, as well as air THAT IS filled with salt and sand that settles on furniture and floors. In my Egyptian Sanctuary, which has never been used for ANY purpose that isn’t spiritual, has NEVER had a single spider web, no other tiny critters, no dust of any nature on anything, while the rest of the house needs dusting constantly and STILL has the salty stuff on it, and the little critters roam around. But my Sanctuary….nothing. Never. And I must add that this certainly isn’t because MY personal frequency is high. I’m just ordinary. It’s because, apparently, the frequency of the space itself is always visited by amazing discarnates who have elevated the frequencies in there to such a degree that anyone walking across the threshold immediately FEELS the shift. I teasingly remark that there are marvelous Nature Beings who come in during the night and clean it!! I enjoy believing that to be true!! 🙂

  4. c.j. says:

    I totally agree with Lauren about “being very careful”. I had a terrifying experience in Georgia several decades ago, with a low, destructive, horrific astral entity, although it wasn’t relative to OBEs. The entity drew its massive energy from the excessive energy of my ADHD teenage son, and that entity literally destroyed PHYSICAL items. I don’t talk about the details, either, because I don’t want to risk giving it energy even after all these years. (I did tell Rob and Trish about some of it a few years ago, though.) Ultimately, the assistance of a German Hexemeister was required to remove the entity from our space, and like Lauren, I shut down psychically for more than TWO years…shuttered and locked every psychic window, door, thought, metaphysical book reading, everything…..for fear of getting near such energy again. Being married, I couldn’t shut down sexuality, but my experience didn’t involve sex, thank God. I do want to add this: Most folks who are regulars here on the blog are very knowledgeable about various phenomena. And most know protection techniques. However, through that experience, I realized that there exist things NONE of us know, regarding how to completely protect ourselves. There are dark, evil entities who are discarnate, just as there are dark, evil entities who are incarnate, and we aren’t always aware HOW we may have drawn them into our space. For this reason, it is the better part of wisdom to NEVER forget to invoke, and to accept with absolute conviction, the Presence of the Light and to immerse ourselves in it. Even then, we can be vulnerable. I do not share this to create fear, just to urge caution. For example, we would never walk down a street in East St. Louis, widely recognized as an area of both day and night heinous crimes, and we must be equally judicious with our metaphysical workings, being aware that just because a Soul isn’t in a body doesn’t make it “good”. I don’t mean to be long-winded here, but do want to add this: I do not support capital punishment, (am a pacifist anyway), but regarding capital punishment, when a criminal such as Ted Bundy, etc., is put to death, it FREES that criminal’s spirit to roam the astral planes and continue to do terrible acts upon the living, many who are innocent of any wrong-doing, to whom it may be drawn in one way or another. I never want to frighten ANYONE away from exploring the spiritual realms…just to urge the same caution as we use it when we are embodied. Keep in mind that each of us has Spiritual Helpers who are ready and willing and very able to surround us with invisible protective shields
    that prevent intrusion from “baddies”. I tend to think my own experience came as a lesson to teach me about these matters, and I learned it well.

  5. lauren raine says:

    I read this, and read the earlier link to his post about “astral sex”, and I have to say, I feel this man should be careful. I say this because of experiences I had that continued for more than three years, and only eventually ceased when I completely “grounded”, stopped questioning the experiences or giving them any attention/energy, and also shut down my sexuality. I don’t talk about it, although I would in a private coorespondance with you. I admired Bob Monroe, “Journeys Out of the Body”, and his brave explorations that became the Monroe Institute – but……….I have come to feel that for most of us being “embodied” is what we came here for, the blessing and the experience, and there are boundaries for a reason.

  6. c.j. says:

    The concept of TIME seems to be something we simply don’t comprehend. There are myriad opinions regarding its complexities. Having recently experienced a profound, inexplicable ….fully awake….or was I?….daytime encounter with a beloved “deceased” individual, I have become totally open-minded about OBEs, time travel, and other relative subjects, and have so very many unanswerable questions.

    I am not, however, able to embrace the concept of “everything happening NOW”, meaning there is really no such thing as past and future, just NOW, simultaneous aspects of all that is. For me, Larry’s experiences run the gamut across and through space and time, and what a marvelous gift he has, to be able to travel at will! My own mind meanders frequently
    around questions involving sleeping dreams, because I am blessed with such a rich, busy, amazing life while my physical body sleeps. Can’t wait to read about Larry’s other experiences in your book!!

  7. Leah says:

    Wow! This is really amazing!!