49 Birds!



Jane Clifford of Wales first alerted me to this on Facebook, then I Googled it and found that CNN had covered it. It’s certainly a powerful synchronicity and illustrates how mass events – global events – nearly always have synchronicities associated with them.

Back on June 14, a memorial was held in Orlando for the 49 victims in the Pulse nightclub shooting. As the names were being called, 49 birds appeared in the air above the memorial. These birds weren’t released; they simply appeared. What does this tell us about the nature of reality and the way everything and everyone are interconnected?





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12 Responses to 49 Birds!

  1. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    I hadn’t heard about this. Beautiful.

  2. c.j. says:

    “Bird stuff”, yes. My Mother collected porcelain and ceramic bird figurines of all kinds, and I inherited them. They are exquisite, and are displayed in this room the family calls “Grandma’s Bird room”, because they occupy shelves on all the walls in here. And there was the tiny bluebird that Mom wrote about after Dad died….she entitled her writing “My Fine-Feathered Friend”, and in it she wrote that the bluebird sat outside Dad’s hospital room on the windowsill at Emory on the Sunday he died, singing happily, and Mom wrote about how she had talked to the little creature as if it could hear and understand her, and I believe it did. Even thru a thunderstorm, the bluebird stayed and sang, leaving the moment he died, which was at 9:50pm. It’s unusual for day-birds to remain after dark, but this one did, and it brought comfort to my Mom.
    In her letter to the bluebird, she also wrote that she had said, “You came to take him with you, didn’t you?” as he sang and sang, and indeed, as said, he left the moment Daddy died. I embrace a true conviction that birds are “messengers” of and from Spirit. So beautiful. And who knows, perhaps departing Souls often leave on their wings………..

  3. lauren raine says:

    BEautiful poetics……..beautiful memorial.

  4. Jane Clifford says:

    One bird for each soul of the dead. I had another bird synchro moments after sending this to Trish a friend rang to ask me the significance of pigeons she had seen because birds have been messengers for me for years, sometimes warning of a loss or challenge ahead, but the enquiry came just after I sent this !

  5. c.j. says:

    P.S. Forgot to mention that in Graham’s novel, the raven’s name was “POE”. Love it!!

  6. c.j. says:

    As most know, I am Wiccan, not Christian, although I was born into and raised in a Southern Baptist home. Fortunately my parents were very balanced and not evangelical. But, over the many years of my extensive research for a non-fiction book I’ve penned, I have accumulated eleven different Bibles. including the Llamsa Bible, the Jerusalem Bible, the King James Bible, etc. Each of these offers variations and interpretations of the original Hebrew/Aramaic translations into English. But all of them, without exception, have the verse which states “the birds of the air shall carry the message, and that which hath wings shall tell the tale”. There are so very many instances in my life that seem to hold this as a Truth. These 49 birds bring tears to my eyes, as they seem to offer the grief-stricken mourners a message of the Peace and Freedom found by their loved ones who perished or were heinously injured. A beautiful synchronicity! Yesterday as I was immersed in reading a “pleasure” novel by author Heather Graham, who writes paranormal/suspense novels, the protagonist in the story had a raven for a pet, and the raven played a constant role in the storyline.
    As I was reading, a single blackbird, or crow, began to “caw” outside my backdoor all day long. Not a flock. Just one. It was such a rare incident that it kept attracting my attention, and I finally looked, and saw the big black bird sitting on the fence just outside the door. It didn’t fly away, just turned and looked at me and “cawed” when I gazed at it. Crows are not indigenous to the beach, and when they DO come, they always come in small flocks. This was a single bird, and it remained all day as I continued to read the book. I recognized it as a synchronicity, and have no idea why it joined me, but it somehow made me experience a sense of wonder and appreciation. Love this post and photo of the birds!!

  7. DJan says:

    Yes, we are all connected in ways that defy logic. Thank you for this. I hadn’t heard about it before. 🙂