Leah and Aboo


Recently, we posted a spirit contact story from Leah Jenkins of West Virginia that involved shooting stars, one of the most unusual I’d ever heard. This story is also from Leah, and involved contact with her deceased grandfather, whom she called Aboo. The nickname came about because when she was very young, he played peek-a-boo with her and would jump around and holler, “Ah-boo!” So that’s who Leah thought he was.

The first synchro with Aboo happened a few months after he died.  Leah was sitting on the back porch of her grandparents’ farmhouse, where she was living and taking care of her grandmother.

“It was two or three a.m., and just as hot and still as could be. As I was sitting there, a cylindrical air vent on top of the garage started spinning, very slowly, in a clockwise direction. It was one of two air vents that Aboo and I had installed many years ago. There was absolutely no breeze and it was so hot and humid it was air you could wear.

“What really floored me was that only one of the vents was spinning; the other didn’t move at all. I got goose bumps and said, ‘Aboo, if you are making this vent spin would you please give me a sign?’ I waited a moment to see what would happen.  The vent completely stopped, and then very, very slowly it started spinning again.  Knowing he was there, I must have talked to him for at least 10 minutes, and the entire time the vent moved at a snail’s pace.  Then, just as suddenly as it began, it stopped.  I was so gobsmacked I just sat there and cried and thanked him for coming to see me!!”

A few weeks later, Leah was sitting in the kitchen with her grandmother and her friend, Linda, when an owl chime suddenly started chiming like crazy. “Owls were gram’s favorite animal, which is why I think my grandfather chose that one. It rang like mad for a few minutes, INSIDE the kitchen, and Linda said, ‘Hi Mr. Mitchell.’ And that was it.  I was blown away once again and so grateful he stopped by.”

Over a period of four years, Leah lost three grandparents and her dad. “The loss has been overwhelming for us. But these occurrences help that feeling of emptiness and the synchronicities assure me they are still around me.”



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3 Responses to Leah and Aboo

  1. Shadow says:

    This is so heartwarming to read, comfort from unexpected sources, if we notice them…

  2. c.j. says:

    Such a beautiful confirmation that our loved ones not only are around us, but that they also HEAR us and communicate with us! Such a comfort for Leah! One of my final Hospice patients, Barbara, age only 45, had metastatic liver cancer and was deeply comatose as her vital organs were shutting down. In the moment of her last breath, and although deeply comatose, Barbara smiled a radiant smile and reached her arms up and open and out, and clearly and with enormous joy said “MAMA!” It was one of the most magnificent Crossings I ever witnessed, and there were many. Barbara’s husband instructed the mortuary folks who arrived to take her, to not do ANYTHING to his wife’s face that would erase her expression when her Mama came for her. Love doesn’t end when the Soul departs. I believe it grows beyond anything we can imagine when we are here. I’m so happy that Leah received the undeniable messages from her loved ones! And for sharing it with us!

  3. Rachel says:

    A lovely story and wonderful example of spirit contact.