Two Roswells?


The Mountain Astrologer has been running some unusual articles in the last several issues, a series called Astrology of the Weird by author and astrologer Ray Grasse. The first in this three-part series was on the Phoenix lights, which happened in 1997, the second was on Big Foot, and the final article in the August/September 2016 issue is on the Roswell Incident in 1947.

His approach to astrology is Jungian. He writes in terms of archetypes and the human psyche and attributes some of these “weird” events to the transits of the planet Uranus and the sign of Aquarius, which rules that sign. Uranus symbolizes revolution, innovation, sudden breakthroughs in the collective consciousness, disruption, unexpected change, a thrust for personal freedom.

The planet was discovered on March 13 , 1781, when it was at 24 degrees Gemini. As Grasse notes, the discovery of a major celestial body symbolizes a breakthrough in the collective consciousness, and innovative discoveries are part of that picture.

It takes Uranus about 84 years to circumnavigate the zodiac, so its first return to that degree was in 1863, another period of radical change and innovation, and its second return was during the summer of 1947.

As Grasse notes in the article on Roswell, “the appearance of an extraterrestrial spacecraft suggests a ‘breaking through’ into consciousness of something new and powerful in the collective psyche, a rupture in the prevailing zeitgeist.” On June 24, 1947, a few weeks before Roswell, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported flying discs in Washington state. Several days prior, seaman Harold Dahl witnessed six UFOS near Puget Sound in Washington states. Then, during the first week in July, Roswell happened.

“…the reported appearance of an extraterrestrial spacecraft suggests a ‘breaking through’ into consciousness of something new and powerful in the collective psyche, a rupture in the prevailing zeitgeist,” writes Grasse. He lists a number of events that occurred around this time: The U.S. Air Force became an independent agency just weeks after Roswell; the CIA was established two months after Roswell; India won its independence from Britain.

What was most fascinating to me was a sidebar that accompanied this article. In the early 1990s, Grasse had an opportunity to interview a man who had been a young paramedic at the Roswell military base in 1947. “…he claimed to have retrieved pieces of alien bodies from the New Mexico desert under orders of his commanding officer. His name was Irwin ‘Tiny’ Fortman.”

The twist in this story, is that Fortman claimed the event he was involved in happened in late 1947, between Christmas and the new year. In one of the interviews he gave to Grasse, he was emphatic about the timing of the event because he had arrived at Roswell after July of that year. Also, he was Jewish, so he was one of the few men on the base during the holidays, and it was cold that night on the desert when he was instructed to head out to the crash scene.

Grasse’s interviews with Fortman can be found here, on Daily Grail. It’s intriguing and suggests there may have been “two Roswells,” a possibility we first heard about from remote viewer Joe McMoneagle.


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5 Responses to Two Roswells?

  1. lauren raine says:

    Having lived in the general area for a summer (Carrizozo), and attending several of the Roswell UFO Conferences with Stan Friedman and company………I became fascinated with it all, and enjoyed hearing from many locals when I was there about what they thought, stories of relatives who “had stories”, etc. It seems pretty clear from what I’ve understood that a crash, with debris and probably bodies, occured near Corona, New Mexico, the first week of July. At this time not too far away they were developing the atom bomb, a momentuous event in human history and probably being monitored by extraterrestrials. July is “monsoon” season, with violent storms………….which might account for some kind of electrical activity that could possibly have caused a crash.

    Corona itself is a nothing town, a little speck of cattle and sheep ranchers in the vast N.M. landscape. Roswell is about 100 miles away, and still is the home of a military school and military base……….hence the reason for local sheriffs contacting authorities in Roswell. What happened after the military got there and dragged whatever they found back to Roswell is the stuff of legend at this point, but there is pretty good evidence that many locals, including nurses and a Roswell funeral home, were called in, forced into secrecy, and it all had something to do with decomposing bodies. Found it all fascinating………..

  2. Dale Dassel says:

    I recently bought a copy of McMoneagle’s book The Ultimate Time Machine and I’m eager to start reading it once I finish the current book on my list.

  3. Dale Dassel says:

    The account of a second crash makes sense if you consider that the craft may have been sent in as a rescue mission in the aftermath of the first Roswell crash (in July), the delay perhaps being the duration of time necessary to travel to earth from their homeworld elsewhere in the universe. And the rescue ship was also unfortunate enough to crash due to a magnetic anomaly in that particular area has an effect on the UFO’s navigation or flight equipment (rather like the disappearance of the rescue plane sent to find the missing Flight 19 squadron in December 1945).

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Remote viewer Joe McMoneagle said that the actual Roswell crash took place in a nearby town. Your analogy with Flight 19 is intriguing, Dale!