Synchronicity – and Mud Pies!


We had a fantastic conversation with Whitley Strieber today, on his radio show Dreamland. We covered a vast spectrum of topics – from Anne Strieber’s death and continued presence in Whitley’s life to synchronicity and precognition, dreams, aliens/visitors, and the nature of time, space, reality. Heady stuff. The show will air sometimes in the spring.

Minutes before the show began, I got a call from our neighbor, Annette. “Girl,” she says in her slight, rolling southern voice, “ever since you and Rob started writing about this synchronicity stuff, it doesn’t get outta my head. You wanna hear what happened to me today?”

Annette drops by several times a week to share her synchronicities – and there have been a number of them. Today, I explained that we were about to start a radio show and I would call her back when it was finished. I realized, too, that I hadn’t written up the ones she had shared last week. So here we go.

Big knock at the door. Noah starts his ferocious barking. He knows it’s Annette out there and as long as she’s standing up – she’s nearly six feet tall – he keeps barking. Once she sits down and starts talking doggy talk to him, he comes over to her, wagging his tail, all friendly and accepting, and keeps looking around for her dog Fergie, with whom he enjoys playing.

Annette is a beautiful woman. When I look at her, I think of models on magazine covers, movie stars, women whose faces are so structurally perfect that it’s as if the universe is saying, Here’s my idea of a mythological goddess. Or something to that effect. But it’s her personality that captures you, her ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. She’s the grapevine. Knows everyone. Knows what this or that house sold for and to whom. She’s the neighborhood welcoming committee, arriving with some freshly baked dish that says, Welcome to our corner of the world.

But her childhood sucked and was largely defined by her mother’s fibromyalgia, a condition that in those days was thought to be “in your imagination” – i.e., not real. She and her identical twin, Janette, discovered their mother’s body after she committed suicide.

So, the synchro. Annette’s young daughter, Maddie, rides horses and the family recently leased a horse for her. Every afternoon when school is out, Annette and Maddie head over to the barn. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and on this particular day, while Maddie was getting the horse ready for riding, she kept tapping the tip of her boot in the mud. As she displaced the mud, more water would rise to the surface, a detail Annette noticed.

“I used to do this as a kid, Trish. The same thing, but I did it with my friend, Sally, in preparation for making mud pies.” Sally lived on Annette’s street in Lakeland and whenever they were together, Annette forgot about how her mother’s ailments hung like a dark cloud over the family. “Sally and I had great fun with those silly mud pies!”

A little while after she and Maddie returned home from the barn, Annette received a Facebook friend request from – Sally! Annette called her and they spoke for several hours. To me, this story was really about precognition concerning her reconnection with Sally.

“So what’s it mean?” Annette asked. She noted that she and Janette, have experienced these kinds of coincidences frequently in the past, but that they never had a name for them until she read our synchro books. “What am I supposed to get from these things?”

I wasn’t sure about the meaning until she related the synchro that happened to her shortly before the Dreamland show started. In this one, Annette connected with another childhood friend who had been on her mind, who had lived on the same street as she and Sally, and with whom she had shared fun times.

“I think these two incidents are meant to remind you that in spite of whatever was going on in your family, there were bright, joyful spots in your childhood, Annette.”

The thing with synchronicity is that you never know what vehicle it will use. Anything is fair game – even mud pies!

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12 Responses to Synchronicity – and Mud Pies!

  1. Nancy says:

    This feels very much like tapping into the collective unconscious. She thinks of Sally and Sally feels the tug on Indra’s Net and responds by looking up her old friend on Facebook. But she wasn’t actually going to look her up before she got the “tug.” I always think of precognition as a feeling or knowing of what is already in the works. Am I wrong about this? Just curious.

  2. Shadow says:

    You are so correct. The thread is there in all of them, all we must do is touch it. Wonderful read.

  3. c.j. says:

    Wondering if any other planetary empaths had symptoms prior to the Belgium attacks? I mentioned to the Macs in an email a few days ago that I have been in bed from symptoms. I do have Parkinson’s, yes, but can easily tell the difference now between PE symptoms and Parkinson’s symptoms, altho they can be similar. The medications for PD do not have any effect on the PE symptoms. I just wish we could somehow know ENOUGH from these PE symptoms to recognize who, what, where, when, and how. That wouldn’t do much good with events that are caused by weather, etc, but certainly might help when terror attacks such as these in Belgium are in the works. I understand this is not relevant to the post here….I woke up to the news and realized it is the manifestation that has been causing my symptoms. So many killed today; so many injured. It just goes on and on.

  4. Lawrence says:

    A little off topic but not really…

    Synchronicities are not always pleasant but can also reflect on life’s tragedies. Such as a bizarre one that hit me about ten minutes ago relating to this morning’s Belgian terrorist attack. I have been reading a book about the history of virology, Peter Radetsky’s Invisible Invaders. So last night about twelve hours before the attacks, I put the book down (I’m not yet a quarter of the way through) and go to bed. So only now do I pick up the book again and start reading…

    So this is the very last sentence I read last night before going to bed:
    “Researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Brussels not only found fault with d’Herelle’s 1917 announcement that the attacking agents were viruses, they also dropped an unexpected bombshell.”

    !!! The author is referring of course to a figurative bombshell. For what it’s worth, it’s from a chapter on viruses that destroy bacteria from the inside.

  5. That’s a lovely descriptive post. I think your interpretation of Annette’s synchros are spot on. Sometimes we do overlook the good times. This reminded me of that Shakespeare quote: “The evil that men do lives after them while the good is oft interred with their bones.”

  6. natalie says:

    Absolutely! I agree with your take on it, Trish.
    I’d also say to Annette : Look out Annette, there will be plenty more for you! I feel lots of love, healing and growth energy around you from the Spirit world. 🙂

  7. gypsy says:

    love the mud pie synchro – reminds me of the fig synchros i had when i lived in delaware – and, like you, i’m sure i would love knowing annette – i can imagine the three of us sitting around sippin’ sweet iced tea, exchanging mud pie and fig and whatever else stories – 🙂

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Well, your mentioning the fig story is something of a synchro for me. I just used it in a new proposal on communication with the other side! Good to see you, Gypsy!!