City of Light Attack & Planetary Empaths


PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 13:  A medic tends to a man November 13, 2013 in Paris, France. Gunfire and explosions in multiple locations erupted in the French capital with early casualty reports indicating at least 60 dead. (Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)

PARIS, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 13: A medic tends to a man November 13, 2013 in Paris, France. Gunfire and explosions in multiple locations erupted in the French capital with early casualty reports indicating at least 60 dead. (Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)

We’re greatly saddened by the events in Paris Friday. It’s a terrible tragedy. At this time Friday evening the situation is still unfolding.

The reason we’re writing now is that we suspected by early Wednesday afternoon that something big was coming. We didn’t know what or where, but one of the planetary empaths we’ve written about contacted us, certain that it was coming soon. Planetary empaths are people who have severe physical symptoms that they can identify as related to upcoming mass tragic events – terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

Here’s what we were told:

“Am wondering if any of the other planetary empaths are reporting in? About forty minutes ago, I began to have really awful symptoms. I feel very “sick” (stomach), feel as if I have a fever….I don’t. Temp is actually low: 97.2 degrees. Also am crying for no reason….feel an intense overwhelming sense of great sadness enveloping me that has no basis in my life. I can’t be still. Am walking, pacing the floor, want to wring my hands (wringing my hands is totally foreign to me)…..extreme nervous energy, and I am the least “nervous energy” person I’ve ever known.

“I’ve checked the usual worldwide geographical sites for any kinds of earth events. So far, whatever it is has apparently not yet happened. Based on the strength of these symptoms, whatever is imminent is huge and probably will be accompanied by untenable grief and/or loss. It may not be a “planetary event.” It may be some type of human-action….massive school shooting or something on that order. God I hope not!! But I do sense many people involved. I hate this. Absolutely hate it. When it manifests, the symptoms will dissipate.”

Wednesday evening, the source wrote by and gave us the number 242. It could be the total deaths. Right now as we are writing Friday evening, we’ve heard the latest estimated number of death put at 153. We hope it doesn’t keep rising.

As a precaution, we’re not using the name of the planetary empath who provided this information. If she would like to  identify herself in a comment and expand on what we’ve said, that’s fine. We may follow up later with a fuller report from other planetary empaths. It’s unfortunate that the empaths undergo these debilitating experiences, but so far are unable to pinpoint the location or specific type of tragedy. Yet, even if the location and type of tragedy was identified and the authorities alerted, it would have been difficult to stop these kind of sneak attacks on civilians.

We hope the bombings and shootings in Paris are over and send our prayers to victims and survivors, and all the French people.

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25 Responses to City of Light Attack & Planetary Empaths

  1. lauren raine says:

    My studies have been mythology and archetype, and so obscure that I am used to people not being interested in the things I “see”. But I have dedicated my life to women’s spirituality, to “the return of the Goddess”, which means to me ultimately restoring balance to the profoundly fractured spirit of the human race.

    When half the human race is disenfranchised, enslaved, disregarded, that means that half of the mind of humanity is split off. Whenever we pray to “Him”, whether Christian, Muslim or Jew, we are reflecting that split, right there in what we believe is Holy and, by omission, what is not. The disenfranchisement of the Feminine and corresponding feminine values, taken to its greatest extreme, results in violent cultures that worship war, have warrior gods without compassion, and women and children are profoundly abused. There is a deep relationship between respect for nature and the “wounded feminine” as well. Every single faschist and genocidal culture, from Nazi Germany to the Taliban has from its inception enslaved women, every single one.

    When the Dalai Lama said that “the western woman will save the world”, to me that meant his understanding the empowerment of women, and life-serving female values, is profoundly important to peace in our time.

  2. C. J. Cannon says:

    Thank you for your comments, Lauren. I, too, am Pagan. ( Traditional Wiccan for
    more than four decades, initiated through the degrees at The House Of Ravenwood, Church of Wicca, in Atlanta, which is one of the very few remaining ancient traditional Wicca churches in America.) Your insights are truly valuable and appreciated. And Sheila, thanks to you as well. Yes, as this temporary physical vehicle my soul inhabits becomes more and more restricted by the neurological disease and my already keen psi gifts become more and more sensitive, I have indeed asked that I be somehow guided to understand how I may use these increasing abilities for the best and highest good, toward whatever purpose with which they may be endowed. Prior to sleeping each night, I have a “conversation” with my individual comprehension of Universal Consciousness, requesting such guidance. My dreams, always clear, are becoming even more lucid, and I am having frequent OBEs although I cannot travel out of this body precisely at will. Also, I use music as a very splendid access to the highest realms possible for me at this stage of my soul’s journey, although I sincerely feel I have an extremely long way to go before my soul is nearly as evolved as I wish it to be. But I am grateful for assistance, and never fail to express that gratitude, accepting it as it comes. I feel inadequate to the work at hand, but am striving to do better. Rob and Trish, you commented that this horrific series of killing events may likely be the precursor to WWIII, and interestingly, the French president said those exact words yesterday more than once. Perhaps as a global community we must hit rock bottom before we, the human species, is able to climb out of the black abyss of hate and move into an era of Love and Peace. (I apologize for being so long-winded here!)

  3. lauren raine says:

    Here’s a link about Paris being named after Isis:

  4. lauren raine says:

    Here’s kind of syncro that is obscure, unless you happen to be a Pagan like me.

    Many of my friends from the Fellowship of Isis have been disturbed that ISIS has taken the name of the great Mother Goddess of ancient Egypt – the great nurturing Mother who some suggest was the origin of the Black Madonnas of Europe. At the end of the Roman Empire Isis had been imported from Egypt, and had many, many temples, including an outpost in Gaul named after Her – Par Isis, Paris. Many people do not know that Paris meant “city of Isis”.

    The attack on Paris by patriarchal extremists who advocate the complete subjegation of women (and everyone else as well) , and have taken on the name of a great Goddess of the ancient world, is, symbolically, very interesting. The Divine Feminine throughout world cultures is about serving life, new life. These men are about co-opting those powers to serve death.

  5. Jane says:

    My heart goes out to the families and they say London is next, my adult children live and work there, so I hope not.
    I do not,trust mainstream media at all as to who really did this, we may be led to think isis (funded and trained by USA) but it cd be Mossad since recently the Israeli prime minister said France wd pay for declaring Palestine a state. We will never really know who was behind this.
    The result is more surveillance, more military deployed on the streets, neither of which keeps us safe from such attacks

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Everything is so interwoven it’s difficult to know who is behind any of this. I just wish this country would stop playing world cop.

      • Jane says:

        I can understand that Trish and I don’t hold with any government policies here either.
        For got to say, last night was hell for me I barely slept and my whole body hurt like hell, all of it! Usually my signal for something big coming. I didn’t know what or where, but felt something big was planned for this month and they chose Friday 13th!

        • Rob and Trish says:

          I meant to ask you if you’d had symptoms. My question is how can these talents be honed to what, where, who, when, and how? Do you think such a thing is possible?

  6. lauren raine says:

    I am so very sorry to hear about this tragedy, and the ongoing destruction of these fanatics and their insane “god”. I can’t even begin to understand the way murders can justify killing innocent people and children and call it “religious”. Paris is one of the most beautiful places on earth, which is probably why they target it – these people seem to especially hate beauty and joy in any form.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      This will probably turn into WWIII.

      • Dale Dassel says:

        That’s absolutely the LAST thing we need right now. This is a horrific tragedy, and the media is milking the WW3 angle for sensationalistic value like a cheap reality show. It’s just sickening.

        • Rob and Trish says:

          You’re right, Dale. People overlook the fact that the allies have millions of soldiers and ISIS, according to the CIA, has about 31,500 soldiers. No comparison. This is not WWIII.

          • blah blah says:

            so 31,500 not 32,000 or 31,000 but 31,5 half way between 30 and 33… hmmmmm… so the world leaders getting together, got to find out how to defeat a force of less then 50K… interesting accounting (again) or maybe what it needs to defeat is a Meme…. A depressed and angry feeling, (limited group??) hmm how 2 Do Dat….

  7. C. J. Cannon says:

    It’s the almost unendurable restlessness that simply will not abate, and the other symptoms continue but with a little less intensity. Restlessness is made more difficult for me due to the ambulatory restrictions caused by Parkinson’s. I’m having such a hard time being still; the type of feeling we experience when we are overcome by traumatic anxiety. I understand what Nat is saying about being restless. My innate nature is calm. But I can’t find the calmness now. I’ve never taken any type of anti-depressants mentioned by Sheila. My body resists virtually all medications. It’s a rare condition called MCSD: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder, so medications are pretty much off the table for me, and nor have I ever been able to drink alcohol or smoke, even in tiny bits. In any case, I’ll try to keep you posted if anything else emerges. I just wish it was over, and know that it isn’t. America’s DOD needs to raise our terror threat alert to its highest range, altho that may not do any good unless the general public is less lethargic. The bad guys are already here. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. I FEEL the presence of the terrorists, and they are among us. We cannot live in fear. Contrarily, we MUST remain alert and watchful. In my opinion, our politicians need to cease their petty arguments and somehow create a joint effort to protect THIS country, as well as assisting stricken allies.

  8. C. J. Cannon says:

    I have a theory that I would like to share. I have advancing (now Stage 4) Parkinson’s Disease. It seems that the worse the Parkinson’s becomes, with more and more disabling symptoms, the greater and more detailed the planetary symptoms escalate. I think it might be comparable, for example, to when a person who loses his or her hearing and becomes stone deaf, the other senses of smelling, touching, seeing, tasting become much more acute. Due to Parkinson’s I am losing my physical sensory systems…..yet when a planetary event is pending, whether it is man-made or earth-originating, the PE symptoms are becoming much, much more powerful. It’s as if I’m trading (definitely NOT voluntarily!) the “normal” five physical senses for those of a planetary empath. There must be a reason for this exchange. As a born medium, I’m accustomed to perceiving various energies from various dimensions, and it is this “perception” that causes me to wonder if the losses of my physical senses are being replaced by the heightened(and unwanted) planetary empath symptoms, which in turn indicates a more integrated Consciousness with the planet. Does any of this seem logical? I would appreciate any and all ideas on this complex situation.

    • Sheila Joshi says:

      Your theory makes sense to me. There is a long anecdotal tradition, as I’m sure you know, of neurological injury / disorder leading to psychic openings. You were already very psychically open, but what you’re hypothesizing is that you are becoming yet more open in response to neurological changes that are happening with you.

      The inner restlessness, in particular, seems like a Planetary Empath symptom — waiting for the other shoe to drop. Since you can’t use physical exercise to manage and burn off some of it, have you tried singing, shouting, humming, rocking, or trying to direct the energy into some sort of PK as an outlet? Have you asked the planet what it wants you to do with this new ability?

  9. C. J. Cannon says:

    Oh MY GOD! It is Saturday morning, EST, here in Florida. Yesterday I did not turn on the TV at all so have just learned about the attacks . I was the PE who reported the symptoms to you early this last week. I am stunned. I was actually GIVEN more information about these attacks that I’ve ever been given in the past prior to planetary events. I always work numbers for various earth events such as earthquakes, etc., trying to get more information, but not man-made events. My symptoms worsened to the point that yesterday I was incapacitated. I had worked the numbers for planet activity but nothing matched my symptoms or the symbols . This is important: PARIS IS 9, FRANCE IS 11. The number 242 that I was repeatedly hearing: TERRORIST is 24, ATTACK is 2. TERRORIST ATTACK was the 242. Day before yesterday my mind kept repeating the single word “CIRCUS. ” I couldn’t connect that dot. Now I can. CIRQUE du SOLEIL is a world-famous circus originating in Quebec, Canada….a French-speaking country and a French name for the CIRCUS. The bottom line is that I was receiving MORE information about this horrific event than from any I have ever rec’d in the past, yet I wasn’t able to bring it together. What good does it do for us to have such a keen awareness of a coming catastrophe when we can do nothing to prevent it?? My symptoms today have lessened just a bit but remain, which indicates this situation is far from over. I don’t know what to do with myself. You have no idea how I hate saying this….but it seems the worst is yet to come….and there is truly no way to prevent it or know with precision WHAT and WHERE. I sense AMERICA is involved, God forbid. My heart breaks, and still, I weep and pace and am overwhelmed with grief.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Interesting about the 242. We were trying to figure it out, but got nowhere with it. Keep us posted, CJ.

  10. Sheila Joshi says:

    As you know, I’m recovering from neurological damage from antidepressants. One of the most common symptoms of post-antidepressant damage that people suffer from is severe anxiety — even if they never had anxiety before — and akathisia (a physical inner agitation than can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening). Clearly, something has happened to us physically, and slowly it usually repairs itself.

    But, several years ago, it came to me out of the blue that this anxiety was also “the psychic signal distorted” and that, in our destabilized state post-antidepressants, we were picking up on the population’s main affect, which, unfortunately lately, is very anxious.

    I still feel very uncertain about this theory. I think it’s a complicated situation and that we also get triggered by our own psychological histories interweaving with the neuro damage. But, this week, on Thursday, I got very anxious in a way that I haven’t in awhile, and then, Friday, I had a horrible day, with crying, and feeling insanely unsafe and desolated. And, I did feel more grounded and secure once I heard about the Paris situation.

    I feel a little guilty for being so much more affected by the Paris attacks than by the comparable ones in Beirut the day before. But, I have spent time in Paris, and not in Beirut, and I have a cultural affinity for France that I don’t for Lebanon.

    So, although I don’t think of myself as a Planetary Empath, I wonder if I might tune in to global events that are personally meaningful to me.

    And I wonder about how these medications, as well as the toxins that contribute to the flood of autism, are changing the brains of large numbers of people in a way that Gaia might enlist to help connect us and save the planet.

  11. DJan says:

    I am in total shock over the events in Paris. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I had no inkling it was coming, but I’ve never been empathic on this scale. My heart is heavy this morning, however, and I fear the aftermath from this horrible event. My prayers go out to all who are suffering over this, and that number is in the millions. 🙁

  12. natalie Thomas says:

    Horrible, Horrible, horrible. I only experienced restlessness , not being able to sit for a few days, but no dizziness or dread or tears this time. Prayers and healing sent to the empath and all the poor souls involved. <3