To Believe or Not to Believe

This video of a non-believer getting a reading is really impressive. The reader knew nothing about the man who sat in the chair. It’s clear from the 14-minute reading that the man was deeply touched by what he heard about his dead friend…or from his dead friend, who doesn’t seem so dead at all.

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, director of Metaphysics Research ( conducted a series of non-believer experiments under controlled conditions. In this particular video, the sitter (Chad) experiences a life changing moment.

The study’s findings with 88 sitters (clients) and 10 mediums and a review of  up to date literature on the afterlife can be found in the book: Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions, Donna Smith-Moncrieffe.

If we can rule out fraud, this reading can only be one of two things: a case of true mediumship or a case of very impressive telepathy. Or possibly, a combination of the two.

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9 Responses to To Believe or Not to Believe

  1. lauren raine says:

    Having spent so much time at Lilydale and Camp Chesterfield, this reading is similar to many readings I’ve seen mediums, some personal friends of mine, do, and I’ve also been in development circles myself and am somewhat familiar with the “reception” process myself. In my limited experience (I’m not a medium, although I have some sensitivity) spirit communicates in all kinds of ways, mostly symbolic – with colors, images, smells, noises, pictures of places or things……….and he sounds like a good reader.

    This summer I went to Camp Chesterfield, mostly by accident, and became friends with a medium named Normandi Ellis, and lived there for a while helping her with her book (she needed some illustrations). My brother and mother died this year, and so I had a reading with a medium in her 80’s, Patricia Kennedy. Patricia has never had a computer (before her time, she says, and it can stay that way, she also says), and knew nothing about me. In the course of giving me some very good advice about myself, she looked up at me and said “Florence and Glenn say hello!”.

    I did not tell her the names of my mother and brother………and what she told me about them was true to who they were as well, Glenn having been a musician and my mother a gardener. That was all I needed to heal my heart and get on with my life…..knowing that they are happy, and together in some way.

  2. natalie Thomas says:

    Oh Man! I’ll have to come back to it, my computer wont load.

  3. Darren B says:

    You should put this follow up video up as well –