The Boss


We posted this synchro about Bruce Springsteen when our blog was about a year old. And because it was fun, we’re posting it again!


On Saturday, March 27, 2010, we posted a synchronicity involving Bruce Springsteen, where Rob was hoping to materialize The Boss in the gym while a Springsteen song was playing. (He does belong to the gym). However, as the song ended, Rob materialized his boss for his yoga classes, the owner of the gym – a bit of a trickster.

Today (three days later) we were at the gym and I noticed a bunch of kids and women congregating in one area. Then a man in workout clothes gathered a couple of kids in front of him while the women whipped out their cell phones and snapped pictures.

It’s The Boss, I thought. Now how do I take a picture without being really tacky?

I paused on the rowing machine and snapped a photo of him working on a bicep machine. I was too far away and the photo just looked like a bunch of machines in a gym.

At the time, Rob had run home to get his pay sheet for his yoga classes for the week and I kept hoping Springsteen wouldn’t leave before he returned. I moved to a different area in the gym, hoping to snap a better photo. But people kept walking between us and I was still too far away.

Rob returned and I said, “You just walked right past Springsteen.”

“What? Where?”

I tilted my head toward him. “I’m going over to ask him if I can take his photo. For the blog.”

“Naw, don’t do that. He’s working out.”

I thought about it for about five seconds, then went over. “Excuse me. May I intrude on your workout for a moment?”


Soulful eyes, I’m thinking. “You’re the topic of a synchronicity,” I said.

“Synchronicity,” he repeats, looking amused.

“You know, meaningful coincidence?” And then I tell him about Rob’s experience and mention our book, 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. “May I take your photo for our blog?”

“Let me put on my shirt.”

I’m thinking, No, don’t do that. A friend of mine wants pictures of your biceps!And he got up from his machine, shrugged on his shirt, and I snapped the photo with my BlackBerry.


“So now I’m going to be on a synchronicity blog?” he asks.

“You are. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.”

So, three days after Rob’s post on whether he could materialize the boss, The Boss appeared.


We no longer belong to that gym. Too bad. It was fun seeing him and feeling the energy whenever The Boss stopped by to work out.

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3 Responses to The Boss

  1. That one has always stuck in my mind!

  2. DJan says:

    Wow, that is so cool! I would not have had the courage to approach him myself, since I think these guys must get tired of it. But he seemed quite amenable. Well, he’s the Boss, after all. I hope you guys had (are having) a great holiday! 🙂