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It’s always good to hear from readers who find our books helpful, especially when synchronicities are involved. Here’s an interesting correspondence from Daniel, and it happens to involve a mysterious sighting in his backyard.

“I have enjoyed reading the excellent books you and Trish wrote. I have an interesting story to share. In the summer of 2013, I was reading Whitley Streiber’s The Greys.
In it, he discusses synchronicities, then I listened to the latest Open Minds podcast and Rob and Trish were on discussing Aliens in the Backyard, so I read that and learned quite a bit more about the subject.

“On a clear night in mid July I decided to sit under the stars and listen to a podcast. I chose the latest of Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland.  The guests turned out again to be Rob and Trish.  About ten (eleven?) minutes into the show a bright light flashed in the sky. Fifteen seconds after, it flashed again, in the exact same spot! Chills ran down my spine like electricity . . .”

That was an interesting comment to hear from Daniel. I wanted to know more, so I asked him to expand on his thoughts about UFOs or synchronicity…or both. Which he did.

“There is much we don’t understand about our reality. I believe that synchronicity is a fundamental part of that reality, the order from chaos. And like any other force in the universe, it can be manipulated by technology.

“The powerful synchronicities I experienced that summer were that kind. They were a message that I began to understand intuitively. Like smoke signals. Much more happened in the following year. Stranger things.

“I’ve been seeing things and experiencing things my whole life. I’ve personally researched the subject extensively, searching for answers. Answers to events in my life that I now understand were purposefully obfuscated. When I was seven years old in 1979, I remember seeing a silver disc with multicolored lights spinning right outside the window of our playroom.

“My grandfather was a full bird Air Force colonel who admitted to me when I was 19 that he had seen close up, craft that were “not of this Earth.” That was all he ever said on the subject. He used to work at Norton AFB nearby here in San Bernardino. In 1976, he then moved to Homestead, FL. He had taken a very early retirement and in retrospect, I believe he was still working at Homestead AFB.”

Daniel went on to say that he thinks he is part of a program involving children and grandchildren of high ranking Air Force officers. “There are too many coincidences in my circle of friends and schoolmates. Some of these friends have also recently come to a similar conclusion.”

He added: “I have memory gaps and strange dreams. Unexplained injuries. Now there is a ‘third party’ involved. It might sound crazy, but I believe they have been guiding me to the truth mentally and through synchronicities. They are helping me and my friends.”

There was more, but I’ll stop here. Needless to say, it’s not surprising the Daniel stumbled upon Aliens in the Backyard. We’re glad he found it helpful.

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4 Responses to More from the backyard

  1. Interesting stuff from Daniel, and probably much unsaid within the post.

  2. CJ Cannon says:

    This, of course, is why the debunkers have such a field day with the various phenomena of UFOs. The experiences and the photos are just so difficult to definitively be explained outside the norm. However, there are now so very many undeniably credible persons coming out of the closet to report their experiences, including military and NASA personnel, not simply the average man-on-the-street, that the nay-sayers are losing ground.

  3. CJ Cannon says:

    I notice there is a very vague, translucent, aura-appearing ‘light’ below the entire bottom of the craft. Also, The craft seems to be not-quite completely round: more like the left side visible to us is straight across as opposed to being round, and seems to have a center all the way across it between its top and bottom. Window? I’ve looked at it with a high-powered magnifying glass to enlarge it. Seeing these craft in the daytime is startling. Regarding that ‘straight edge’….I would compare its appearance to a round cracker with an edge cut off of it, leaving it semi-round. Does Daniel hear any sounds, or are they silent? Regarding a program involving children of military personnel, I believe he is correct, altho that program probably includes children who have very close relatives in the military and not just immediate, as in parents. Two of my Dad’s brothers were submarine commanders, one of his sisters was in the Air Force, and my Mother’s younger brother, who died at the age of 37 from cancer, had been a gunner in the army. This photo would be impossible to dismiss, imo, as anything except a UFO. Very convincing.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      That’s an interesting photo, but it’s not from Daniel. It’s something I pulled off the Internet, so I can’t vouch for its authenticity.