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Our e-mail often brings astonishing news and contacts. On Saturday, November 15, we received the following email through the contact form on this blog. The subject heading read: Travis Walton UFO Encounter. The email was from Ken Peterson:

I was sitting next to Travis Walton when he got out of the truck and approached the UFO. 18 years and 18 days later, in 1993, I experienced another UFO incident. I was with a woman whose birth was on the exact same day as my birth. I have noticed many, many incredible synchronicities since then. They have let me know that the UFO encounter in 1975 was, most likely, an intentional display of the death and birth symbolism of the mythical Phoenix. There were many connections to Phoenix, Arizona. Travis Walton’s birth was in Phoenix. The latest synchronicities have led me to you. Would you be interested in hearing about them? Ken

If you’re unfamiliar with the Travis Walton UFO encounter/abduction story, read an excerpt from Walton’s book Fire in the Sky, which also became a movie. It’s one of the most famous abduction cases and there were collaborative witnesses to the sighting and the events that led up to Walton’s abduction.

In a nutshell, on November 5, 1975, loggers Walton, Peterson, John Goulette, Steve Pierce, Allen Dallis and Dwayne Smith were clearing brush in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Around 6 p.m. they knocked off and piled into Rogers’ truck for the drive back to Snowflake, where the men lived. Shortly after they started home, they saw a bright yellowish light from behind a hill. They drove closer and saw a large golden disc hovering above a clearing, shining brightly.

From Walton’s book: “We rolled past the intervening evergreen thicket to where we could have an unobstructed view of the source of the strange radiance. Suddenly we were electrified by the most awesome, incredible sight we had seen in our entire lives. There, a mere twenty feet above the ground, a strange, golden disc hovered silently.”

The stationary craft was less than thirty yards away and didn’t make a sound. “I was suddenly seized with the urgency to see the craft at close range,” Walton wrote, and got out of the truck. “I entered the dim circular halo of light softly reflecting onto the ground under the craft. I was about six feet from being directly beneath the machine. Bathed in the yellow aura, I stared up at the unbelievably smooth, unblemished surface of the curving hull. I was filled with a tremendous sense of awe and curiosity as I pondered the incomprehensible mysteries possible within it.”

While his companions shouted at him to get back to the truck, Walton became aware of barely audible sounds coming from the craft. “Suddenly I was startled by a powerful, thunderous swell in the volume of the vibrations from the craft. I jumped at the sound, like that of a multitude of turbine generators starting up. I saw the saucer start wobbling on its axis with a quickening motion, in a pattern like the erratic spin of an unstabilized top.”

Then a bright, blue-green ray shot from the bottom of the craft and struck Walton. “All I felt was the numbing force of a blow that felt like a high-voltage electrocution. The intense bolt made a sharp cracking, or popping, sound. The stunning concussion of the foot-wide beam struck me full in the head and chest. My mind sank quickly into unfeeling blackness. I didn’t even see what hit me; but from the instant I felt that paralyzing blow, I did not see, hear, or feel anything more.”

The force lifted Walton off the ground and he was hurled backward through the air and slammed to the ground. The men in the truck freaked out and fled. When they returned to the area fifteen minutes later, the craft – and Travis – were gone. Peterson called the police around 7:30 p.m.

Walton was missing for five days. The other members of the crew were subjected to polygraph tests, intense interrogation by the police, and media scrutiny by researchers and skeptics. It was suspected that they had murdered Walton.


I asked Ken Peterson about that night and how the encounter changed his life:

When I saw the flying saucer, it was levitating, not making a move or a sound. I just looked at it with a feeling of awe. Of course, that changed to fear (but mostly shock) when it wobbled, made the noise and the flash of light came out. After we fled and returned to the site 15 minutes later, and after seeing that the UFO and Travis were gone, I had a feeling that nothing would be normal, after what had just happened. It was a positive feeling.

I sensed that they had been waiting for us, allowed us and Travis to get close, did what they were going to do with him, and that they would be bringing him back.  It changed my life in that it led me to a belief in the Ancient Astronaut theory, and that the human-looking beings Travis said he interacted with were somehow connected to ETs that had lived here on Earth at one time.

It appears that the things with the ETs and synchros linked to them, are all about a preparation for an eventual transfer of knowledge. I believe that a group of people will be brought together, through their similar experiences and synchros, to receive that knowledge. They will understand that it is all predestined, and that the information will be an important part of our transition into a new age (golden age?).

The second sighting that Ken referred to in his initial email occurred in Tucson, on November 23, 1993- 18 years and 18 days after the Walton encounter, at 1800 hours. He was with three other people, including Andrea, the woman born on the same day and year as Ken. That in itself struck me as a remarkable synchro and all those 18s seized my attention.

He described this sighting as a “Phoenix lights” type of encounter that introduced him to the concept of synchronicity. Andrea said that the sighting for her was spiritual and felt like a “Christ consciousness.”

Ken notes that a number of synchros involving Walton related to “phoenix.” Walton was born in that city; the rebirth concept of phoenix is related to these encounters; and that River and Joaquin Phoenix have figured into the larger picture, as illustrated in this example:

“In 39 years, I have done only 6 interviews connected with both Travis and our 1975 encounter. The first interview I did, along with him, was in 2002, 27 years after the encounter. It was for an ABC special hosted by M. Night Shymalan, done in connection with the movie Signs, which co-starred Joaquin Phoenix.”

Since Ken doesn’t have a computer, he walks to his local library to use the computer there. As a result, our email exchanges aren’t instantaneous and it’s sometimes challenging to sift through them, looking for the pertinent material! That said, here’s the synchro that eventually led him to our blog.

“In August 2008, Travis and I and some of his family members did a TV show in L.A Right after the show, we took the shuttle to Universal Studios City Walk. Almost immediately, we all saw Edward James Olmos and a woman sitting down at a table, in the patio of a restaurant.    He may have been at Disney Studios nearby, working on the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which came out 2 months after we saw him.  In that movie, Drew Barrymore did the voice of the Chihuahua dog. Of course, she became famous as Gertie, in Spielberg’s ET. Henry Thomas, her co-star in ET, played the role of one of the crew members in Fire in the Sky, the 1993 Paramount movie about our encounter. Seeing Olmos led to a big connection related to Linda Ronstadt, who was engaged to George Lucas at one time. Of course, that connected up with River Phoenix, who was the young Indy, in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” 

And Rob wrote the novelization for Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.


We’ll be posting a follow-up with Ken, where he answers some questions we sent him. And about all those 18s…?

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26 Responses to Ken Peterson & Travis Walton

  1. Darren B says:

    I was checking up on Edward James Olmos’ movie/TV career at IMDB and found that he starred in very “six degree of separation” type shows in relation to people in your inner circle Rob and Trish.
    For instance EJO played Eddie Holt in Whitley Strieber’s film version of his book “Wolfen”
    He also played Lieutenant Martin Castillo in the Miami Vice TV show
    and Prof. James Gellar in the TV show “Dexter”.
    Not only that,but he voiced the part of the shaman in a game called The Crystal Skull
    “The place is ancient Mexico and the fate of the Aztec empire rests with you. Your quest is to find a magical crystal skull which holds the key to the future of the empire. But beware – the journey is long and treacherous and unknown dangers lie in wait. Survive the threat of mythic monsters, evil spirits and deadly traps and you may live to discover the secret of the crystal skull. Three CD’s filled with hundreds of live action scenes, dozens of interactive puzzles, and 50 unique characters based on Aztec and Mayan mythology. Edward James Olmos, star of Miami Vice, Blade Runner, and Stand and Deliver, is your Shaman, as spirit guide who offers you help throughout your quest. “

  2. natalie says:

    I am just a bit gobsmacked and intrigued by this particular one… it really resonates. Particularly the part where all these people will come together. I am ‘meeting’ a lady in a phone reading tomorrow night, and I just know it will be huge. It will be 12/12. Just sayin’. 🙂 My verification above is 6×2 . 🙂

    Daz, you are a legend!

  3. It’s certainly one of the more interesting UFO tales out there!

  4. Great stuff – and Darren’s comments, can’t ‘compete’ with any of that! Look forward to the follow-up post.

  5. lauren raine says:

    I saw Travis speak at the UFO Conference in Roswell in 2010, fascinating. I like Ken’s optimism, his sense that the encounter was positive and spiritual for him.

    I never seem to see UFO’s……..I was in Phoenix when the Phoenix lights occured, and slept through them. There have been all kinds of sightings in my home town of Tucson, but not for me.

    Reading this post, of all things, in a motel room in Phoenix!

  6. Darren B says:

    Whoa !
    This post blew me away on a sync level.
    I saw “Fire in the Sky” when it first came out at the movies and liked it,but never knew just how true it was.
    I’ve never seen a UFO
    (that I recall anyway;-) but I’m open minded about the subject.
    The only thing I was going to tell you (at first) was a sync friend of mine,
    Joe Alexander (Yes,the ex NBA Chicago Bulls,Minnesota Bucks,etc…don’t ask me about basketball,as I’m not into it) who makes synchromystic films under the You Tube name of barelyHuman11,is obsessed with the movie,”Back to the Future” and aliens / JFK. Of course in BTTF the date Marty travels back to is November 5th,1955,which is exactly 20 years before Travis was taken by a UFO.
    You can see his You Tube videos by clicking on this link –
    But you might want to watch this one –
    “Back to the Future (Conspiracy of Grey Aliens) ”

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Thanks for the link, daz. We watched fire in the sky the other night for the 2nd time. I realized ken ain’t in it. I asked hi why and he said he didn’t sign the agreement contract. But he went to the opening with Travis. He may rival you for complex synchros!

      • Darren B says:

        Re:” He may rival you for complex synchros!”.
        I don’t know about that,it might be a draw.
        Because I’m watching the Joaquin Phoenix movie
        “Walk the Line” right now as I was reading this post,because I hired it out on Thursday,along with “Patch Adams”
        (who I may be meeting on Friday,fingers crossed),
        “Forrest Gump”,”Veronica Decides to Die”,and
        “A Winter’s Tale”.
        I’m watching “Patch Adams” next,but I’m watching
        “Walk the Line”now because I saw a live stage show by
        Tex Perkins called “The Man In Black” about Johnny Cash last weekend,so I made a mental note then to hire the movie
        “Walk the Line” starring Joaquin Phoenix,to learn more about Cash’s life and career.
        And don’t forget I won a “Signs”watch in a national magazine competition in Australia,that has the logo across the watch face,and I wear it any time I’m expecting a synchy day out,which is often….and it is yet to disappoint me.
        Also another sync friend/blogger (Andras Jones) starred in a movie with Drew and gave her the first on screen kiss of her career (Far from Home).
        Not only that,but my latest post is all about spending the night in a small hall listening to “The Church”‘s music.
        They played the song “Under the Milky Way”
        (My Fav song of theirs) which was used in Drew Barrymore’s movie “Donnie Darko”.
        And those syncs are just the tip of the proverbial ice-burg as far as the syncs go.

    • Darren B says:

      Try this link for the Grey Aliens / Back to the Future You Tube.
      If the above link doesn’t work.