Revisiting Planetary Empaths

We’ve been receiving email today from several planetary empaths whose current symptoms are quite specific and debilitating. They believe that something big is brewing. On March 11, 2010 and on March 11, 2011, we did posts on this topic and since it’s now March again, we’re reposting the piece on planetary empaths from two years ago, which coincided with the triple disasters in Japan. If anyone else is feeling any of these symptoms, please leave us a comment with your email address and we’ll get in touch with you.

From March 11, 2011

Exactly a year ago today, on March 11, 2010 we published our first post on planetary empaths. That in itself could be  a synchro, given  the devastation in Japan and that we’ve been hearing from these empaths for the last four or five days about the symptoms they’ve been experiencing.

These individuals we call planetary empaths are so attuned to the planet that they experience physical, emotional and psychic symptoms days and sometimes weeks before a natural disaster. These recent symptoms people were describing suggested that something huge was about to occur.

The symptoms varied from individual to individual:

–       ringing ears

–        heart palpitations

–        dizziness

–       nausea

–       extreme vertigo

–       insomnia

–       tingling or vibrating that runs up and down the arms and legs

–       strange, vivid and powerful dreams about natural disasters. Some of these    dreams are quite specific

–       migraine headaches

–       poltergeist phenomena – loud noises, for instance, with no apparent source

–       bleeding from the ears

–       abdominal pain or discomfort

–       extreme sadness for no apparent reason

Usually when we hear from these individuals, we take note  of it on the blog, as a post or comment. However, because of recent computer issues, we put the comments into a folder  to refer to later. We took a few days off to visit our daughter and awakened this morning to the news about Japan’s 8.9 quake and the subsequent tsunami. We just looked at each other, spooked that the empaths were right again, and deeply saddened as we watched the heartbreaking videos of the devastation in Japan.

On March 3, SW wrote: “I dreamed about 9/11 a month before it happened. Interestingly, it was in reverse, i.e. the people and building were upside down. Also, it was in black and white. Now I am feeling that something else equally big is about to happen.”

We wrote SW and asked her what kind of “big” she thought it might be. She said she didn’t know. “It’s elusive. But I did dream last night that Washington, D.C. had lost all power and people, myself included, were wandering round in the dark in masses.” She added that she was experiencing numerous synchronicities.

This was followed by reports over the next two days that people were exhibiting some or all of the symptoms listed above. For some of these individuals, the symptoms began several months ago. Gypsy Woman, for instance,  wrote about a horrifying tsunami dream she had where rivers of sludge swept across entire towns.

A week ago, a woman who comments as mathaddict reported feeling “radiation sickness.” Given that five of Japan’s nuclear reactors are now under emergency, she seems to have picked up on a radiation leak. In fact, on MSNBC this evening, it was reported that radioactivity in the area of one reactor is 1,000 times normal levels.

D page of mythic musing emailed us about five days ago about her symptoms, which were particularly severe. Spirit of Magenta, and several others reported feelings of deep sadness. Healing Mudras,  Jen at Fractal Times, mathaddict and others   work  with the signs and symbols in their dreams for deeper clarification. Some of these empaths are accomplished lucid dreamers, able to wake up within their dreams and changed them, manipulate them.

The challenge with this whole thing is that although some of these people are able to distinguish the type of disaster – quake versus volcanic eruption, for instance – they can’t pinpoint exact locations.

Yet, these empaths tune in to something big. Like most intuitive abilities, this one isn’t an exact science. It’s still evolving.



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20 Responses to Revisiting Planetary Empaths

  1. innervibe says:

    This phenomenon always seems to render my otherwise protective senses into an inadequate state, which compounds the symptom’s effects. I have been experiencing most of the above symptoms for about three weeks now, and because my sense of judgement is “off”, I didn’t make the connection between these symptoms and my empathic abilities until I checked in on your site. Fear, along with an overwhelming state of fatigue, are what seems to be the hallmark of this episode. My empathic reactions seem to be occuring much more frequently, and with much a greater physiological impact. I am relieved to consider that this may not be some sort of underlying medical problem.

    As an aside, I keep seeing white horses at every turn. This has been an almost-daily occurance for over a year. Not sure of the significance of this.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Innervibe – thanks for posting. You’ve just added to the knowledge/info about planetary empaths. Maybe someone else has been experiencing the white horses and can enlighten the rest of us!

      • JAG says:

        Re White Horse: I recently wrote a book (currently under the pen name John Caldwell) for a retired CEO called Mass Tort Fraud and the American Conscience. The CEO is a devout Mormon who told me of something they call the “White Horse Prophecy,” purportedly made by Joseph Smith, which claimed that a time would come when the U.S. Constitution would “hang by a thread” and someone “from Zion” (believed to represent a Mormon leader) would come to the rescue riding in on a White Horse. I don’t adhere to their beliefs, but were there to be a large scale devastation of some kind, it well may be the Mormons that save us, as they seem to have made survival preparations better than most of us. +J

  2. mathaddict2233 says:

    Mike, there really isn’t anything we can do about “whatever” is creating our symptoms, at least if there is, it hasn’t manifested. However, as time passes, most of us have become able to discern a specific TYPE of event in terms of natural disaster or possibly man-made, and in my own situation, I’ve been able to decipher my internal compass that seems to point in a particuloar direction relative to my present position in space. (North, South, East, or West of me.) But if we are sensing these events through these symptoms, the big question seems to be: Is it etched in stone already, or can it be prevented? That’s what I keep asking myself: If we can’t do anything to stop it or to warn others, WHY do have these pre-emptive experiences? No answer…..yet.

  3. mathaddict2233 says:

    Brandon, your comments seem to be dead on spot. This planet, (not just America), and its human inhabitants are in an increasing state of utter chaos. When I think of the word “chaos”, my mind sees a tangled mess of wires or ropes or even Christmas lights , (or a can of wiggling worms), that are so intertwined it’s impossible to separate the tangle and fix it. One of the worst contributions to this chaos, in my opinion, (and I’m not generally political), is the fight happening in Washington and the fiscal disaster that the battle has caused to evolve. Millions upon millions of people are being IMMEDIATELY impacted by the impasse between Democrats and Republicans and their childish refusal to work together as a team for the better and higher good of all. They simply walked off and allowed the guillotine ax to fall. It reminds me of A TALE OF TWO CITIES, and I can imagine that the fall-out from all these things you mentioned, which constitute the chaos, will ultimately lead us into just such a revolution as in that book, if somthing really positive doesn’t occur, and quickly. I sense a terrible event of some type on the near horizon that is going to remove countless souls from their physical vehicles in one fell swoop. I don’t WANT to sense this catastrophe, whatever it is, but I can’t deny that intuitive feeling and and trying to move away from it. Your insights are valuable. Thank you.

  4. Brandon Alexander says:

    I apologize now if I end up on a rant. I haven’t gone through your website yet because the first paragraph on it grabbed my attention immediately. I’m on the web right now conciously seeking out information on this subject because I see synchronicity so much now that I worry about my mental stability sometimes.

    In my opinion, I am both open minded & highly skeptical as a person which is why I question even my own conclusions before presenting an idea to someone. So when I hear from everyone that I “Read too much into things”, even when I’m convinced I put forth plausible ideas, It begs a questioning of my sanity…Again… I just had an entire week of synchronicities which started on Super Bowl Sunday and ended that Saturday, the day after my birthday at my party. I didnt include Superbowl Sunday as a synchronistic sign posts until the week ended & I got some perspective on my experience.

    It was tallied with all the wierdness of the week that is pointing to something happening to people personally and globally. What it is I can only hypthosize, and only the global trend because the personal ones are, well, personal…The global synchronicities I believe are just the culmination and coming together of years of planning from individuals who want more power but also the reactions to every action, or lack thereof, by every person on the planet. We set the stage for certain events to transpire unconsciously and then become unwitting participants in the event themselves often leaving one feeling manipulated by some unknown powerful source….

    The Super Bowl this year programmed a “Brother against brother” theme into our subconscious & the game itself was one of the more violent Super Bowls ive ever seen. The winning team acted like thugs and strutted around arrogantly like school children, like Joe Flacco refusing to warm up after a mysterious blackout stopped the game. Weird that the forty niners would almost come back after that. A once suspected murderer is on the winning team, then after the game a niners player lost both his parents in a car crash. Hollywood got into the mix by having the Blind Side movie guy on the team and not to mention Beyonces triangle crap. All that says to me that the game was a cosmic channel for archetypes acting out a symbolic or allegorical prelude to something big. To sum it up lets look at some of the signs and portends…

    The DHS is preparing for civil unrest in America by purchasing millions of rounds of ammo insinuating a potential civil war is brewing (Brother against Brother & a theme of death setting the backround and context of the SuperBowl), Unmanned Drones over our skies, gun confiscation, NDAA bill, Cybersecurity Bill, Economic crises, FEMA camps, global revolutions, pre war propaganda preparing us for a war with Iran which connects us to the movie Argo. This is where it gets scary. Argo is about the Iranian hostage situation which sheds a bad light on Iran but with the added twist of referencing Argo which just so happens to be the ship Jason sailed on with his “Argo-nauts” looking for the golden fleece. The Argo can be traced to the Eta Carina star which is going supernova but that would require too much detail.

    To top it all off I will leave with the scariest sign of coming change…The resignition of the Pope. St. Malachy predicted this 900 years ago saying the “Olivae” Pope would step down and that the nest pope would be the last signaling the “End of Days”. Some Christian sects believe it will be Satan himself and his title would be “Petrus Romanus” or “Peter the Roman”, and he would be French. So let’s wait and see. But I do beleive it’s not too late to prevent horrible atrocities if we keep our spirits high and actively change the world by actively changing oneself. Sorry for ranting. I look forward to any feedback anyone has. Thank you

  5. A big responsibility for true empaths – what do they do about what they sense, if anything. As you say an evolving science and hopefully empaths will be able to develop and hone in on specifics about what they feel is about to happen.

  6. mathaddict2233 says:

    No more joking. That poor fellow who was sleeping in his bedroom was sucked to his death through that sinkhole. No one could get to him to save him. The peninsula of Florida has an extremely shallow land mass between the surface and the water underneath. It is essentially a “floating boat”, for all intents and purposes, and in many places, sinkholes occur because the land mass is even more shallow and for one reason or another, implodes. There are those of us who can actually perceive the infinitesimal rocking under our feet from time to time. Blessings to that family of the young man. I think he was only 37, if I heard the entire newscast correctly. His brother tried in vain to rescue him, to no avail. Really shocking and sad.

  7. Darren B says:

    Watch out for those sinkholes,I just saw this news story about a Florida man who’s lost in one –
    How weird to fall into one through your bedroom floor.
    What a nightmare that would be.
    And of all the Bush’s in Florida,why not Jeb ?
    I think the Devil got the wrong man there.-)

    • Rob and Trish says:

      We read about it this morning! How bizarre, right? Apparently they haven’t been able to locate him. He’s presumed dead.

  8. Darren B says:

    Jake Kotze just made an amusing video about meteor coincidences in movies and music,
    so I hope this empathic feeling everyone has is not about another meteor strike on the planet,since the scientists didn’t pick up on the latest one until it hit Russia.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Good point, darren! It’s puzzling that they didn’t know that huge sucker was headed to russia. Off to see the video link!

  9. mathaddict2233 says:

    Debra, which of your ears is ringing? My ear is “thumping”, not ringing, and it’s my right ear, which for me generally indicates East of me. The symptoms are behaving in an unusual manner. They are coming and going, not entirely disappearing, and when I say coming and going, it’s as if they are waxing and waning in a kind of
    “elevator-type” activity. I want to say, “rising and falling”, and this seems very, very significant, this rising and falling. I’m extraordinarily sad, and that’s not going away, either.

    • D. Page says:

      Mine is predominantly in the left ear, with the same “rising and falling” you are talking about. The symptoms aren’t going away completely, either

  10. D. Page says:

    My symptoms haven’t abated. Like mathaddict, I had hoped I would wake up and the symptoms would be gone. With the dizziness, spaciness, it’s hard to function. The ringing in the ear it louder and longer than usual. I have also had bouts of great grief, without knowing what it’s source is.
    I also have a feeling about something financial/political. Something is not what it appears to be, there is a huge manipulation happening. I don’t usually have these kind of “feelings”. It’s not been my “domain” traditionally.

  11. mathaddict2233 says:

    John Goodman’s comments certainly are aligned with my own mathematical processes.

  12. John Goodman says:

    Trish, I haven’t visited with you for a while, but actually was reaching out for you this morning because I wanted you to know of my huge worry for just this moment in time. There are two articulable pieces of it: the potential for a long-term top in the markets (which could be precipitated by an adverse world event), and a specific code sequence (with at least 3 triangulations) which I won’t write publicly about but you can glean by looking on page 117 of my book. So I am completely in accord with your concern about something big. Please contact me if you want to discuss further. All my best, +J

  13. Gulp. What do you recommend?

  14. mathaddict2233 says:

    I had hoped that when I awakened this morning. my symptoms would have disappeared; that they may have been relative to the large magnitude earthquake in Russia. But they are still with me. For me, one of the distressing symptoms is the emotional meltdowns that accompany the physical stuff. Yesterday, for no reason whatsoever, in the midst of the physical symptoms as I was just sitting quietly in my chair with my eyes closed, “willing away” the extreme dizziness, I burst into heaving sobs. There was no apparent reason for me to be crying, especially such deep, agonizing, grief-filled racking sobs. But there we have it. During those sobs, a phrase went through my mind, “My life has been stolen”. I honestly don’t have any idea where that came from; certainly not from me. It was similar to the Voice in my mind 72 hours prior to the events of 9-11 when I had the severe, debilitating symptoms, and in the midst of them a woman’s voice in my mind clearly said’ “Now my work is over. Now my job is done. Now I can go home.” Just as yesterday, I had no clue then where that was originating. But when the plane hit the Tower, I suddenly KNEW, with no doubt, that I had perceived, in advance, the thoughts of a woman who died on one of those upper floors. It was apparently her Higher Self speaking, not her overt consciousness. The moment that first plane hit, all my physical symptoms vanished in the blast. Yesterday’s tears continue to be on the edge, and I’m fighting them to keep them under control. Whatever is coming, will be terribly sad. I don’t know what it is.

  15. Momwithwings says:

    I’ve been trying to ignore recent symptoms as I’m going on vacation and whatever happens happens.
    I’ve been suffering from severe migraines for weeks now and ringing in my ears and like last year I’ve recently had 2 incidents of losing my balance in the way you would on a boat.
    Last year we were on vacation and I remember feeling very strange and having vertigo and then I had to grab my husbands arm and my daughters arm because the floor beneath me was undulating. I remarked “wow, that was different!” It didn’t last too long but I was a bit “off” all day.
    You have my email and my FB where you can message me.
    I am very interested to see what others are feeling.