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After Trish did the Dreamland interview with Anne Strieber, Anne sent her several emails from listeners who had experienced synchronicities while listening to the show. Anne suggested Trish get in touch with them if she was interested in using the material. This is the first one, from Matt, who goes by the name Madd Matt on the Dreamland message board. He’s an abductee and intimately familiar with synchros. A Jungian mandala from The Red Book seems to be a fitting illustration for this story.


Hello all!

I’m Matthew, although most people know me by my online handle over at as Madd Matt. I’m a lifetime abductee and
experience synchronicities quite regularly. Recently I sent an email
to Anne Strieber regarding Trish’s recent interview with her on
Dreamland, about a synchronicity I had while listening to the
interview itself. Anne forwarded my email to Trish, since there were a
number of synchronicities that I described in it that Anne thought
Trish might find interesting.

The number 42 has been a personal prompt for myself for about thirteen
years now, and has come to indicate my life path, so it tends to pop
up when I need to either pay attention to something, or as an
affirmation for a thought or decision. While I was listening to the
interview, at the portion where Trish and Anne were discussing free
will and life path choices set up before our births, I thought about
where my life path was at the moment, basically being a wide-open path
with lots of choices, but with only one path I would choose.
Immediately after this thought, Trish mentions that she had her
daughter at the age of 42. Yup, a synchronicity while discussing

The night before, I had been listening to Anne’s husband Whitley as he
hosted Coast-to-Coast AM, with Anne co-hosting. One caller discussed
being woken on a regular basis by his visitors at 03:14 each morning,
of which Anne provided analysis for, regarding abductees being woken
up at particular time prompts, usually at 03:00, furthering the
trinity motif they tend to use. In my email to Anne, I also pointed
out that 3.14 is pi, and 3×14=42.

In my own case, back in my late teens when I was coming to the
realization that I was an abductee, my visitors tended to wake me up
at 04:17. The significance of this had me baffled for years, until one
day I realized that where I live is seventeen minutes off of the
centre of the time zone I live in. This means that I was waking up at
04:00 sharp, but at solar time, rather than standard time.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember what time of year this took place at,
since if it was during daylight savings time, then the solar time at
04:17 where I live is actually 03:00.

For me, synchronicities are pretty much a daily thing, and they’ve
been getting more and more acute since the current major energy shift
began around the turn of the year. Just today, For instance, just
before I sat down to reply to Trish’s email, I had the urge to go to
the store. I went, bought some pop, and before I left the store I had
a Highlander (movie) reference come to mind. I turn the corner, and
there emblazoned across the back of a parked Toyota SUV was
“HIGHLANDER”, the name of that particular SUV model. And that was just
#3 for that day. A few hours later I watched a Japanese movie called
“Battle Royale”, of which, despite being in my (Canada’s
Netflix) queue for months, was shipped to me on March 11th, the day of
the Sendai tsunami. The movie itself contained a number of events in
it that are directly related to similar events that I remember from my
most previous past life. Oh, and the number of kids in the class that
are central to the movie’s plot is… you guessed it: FORTY-TWO! Yup,
it just keeps going…

And as I finish this email, the clock now reads 12:34… Take care, all!



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21 Responses to From Matt

  1. Natalie says:

    Very interesting post. I had my very psychic daughter Haylie at 42, and went into instantaneous menopause as well. Two major life events.

  2. simon says:

    heck darn it,,, that ones spelt out,,,, his Dad’s,, but question what’s so “””””significant””””” about the date……

    • rob and trish says:

      have to go back and re-read before I can answer the astro question, Simon.

      • simon says:

        don’t dout’s ya’s can (whether this is R or T),, question though is how completely (not that I can complete) can you (considering todays post) and whether or not it’s thought I already threw you guy’s way… Understand if the boy sounds abit ,, whatever,, it’s you guys who “can’t” commnet on the comment form 9/14/09,, and me I can’t even tell ya’s about “360” later……. could,, but not here….

  3. simon says:

    and “this one” is NOT just an O pin yun……

  4. simon says:

    ex-sister in law’s birthday same as Daz’s Dad,,, do any of the astrologers out there know what’s significant about that DATE…….

  5. Darren B says:

    I don’t recall any significant synchros for me involving the number 42,but an incident that sort of creeped me out,when I got home from the bookshop on Sunday with two rather random purchases was the fact that I bought the book “Dharma Road” because it was about a ‘short cab ride to self discovery’ in what appears to be a yellow cab with the number 4 the only number appearing on the cab(although as part of the number-plate).
    The reason this book appealed to me was because my father use to be an owner/cab driver (he had a yellow cab,number 424) and when it was time to retire the cab off the road he gave it to me to use for my own private car,which was great for a young guy who didn’t have the cash to buy a car himself.Plus I like Buddhism,and while I was flicking through the book I saw the last chapter was titled ; “CONCLUSION – FARTHER DOWN THE ROAD ” ( my thought was father down the road?) So all of that swayed me to get it.
    The other book I got was a book called “Soul Survivor- The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot”.It was a book I had read a review of in “Nexus” magazine,and had discussed with a guy at work,who had lost his father a while back.The book was not on sale,but it was cheep compared to every other bookshop I had seen it in recently.So I Bought that one as well.
    When I flicking through the book at home,I noticed on the front cover of “Soul Survivor” was a picture of a plane with the number 24 on wing and tail fin,so it kind of appeared like 24/24,and the number424 was contained in the number2424.
    My father is 81 on April the 8th,and although in seemingly good health,I just couldn’t stop thinking ,’I hope this isn’t some kind of dark message about my father’s journey’s end’ 🙁

    • rob and trish says:

      That soul survivor book is probably the most convincing story about reincarnation in the western world. The book doesn’t do the story justice, though.

      I know that feeling about parents’ mortalities, Daz. But I doubt if your sequence there means anything that dark!

  6. mathaddict3322 says:

    For ethical, (conscientious), reasons I’m unable to explain the significance here on the blog of the frequency 42 in my material, Guys. It’s one of the separate studies I perform when researching common denominators among specific aspects in The Death Factor criteria. What I CAN say, with absolute certainty, is that 42 is a critical frequency and that it appears as one of several critical frequencies in this particular area of my work. As you know, 26 and 44, which are essentially interchangeable, are very critical frequencies and are also obviously esoteric numerical archetypes although they are not relative to age but rather to specific (karmic) experiences. This specific study of 42 seems to indicate that when it appears as an age timeline, it is one of four such archetypal age timelines, which are age one, age twenty-one, age fortytwo, and age fifty. The complete study is divided into four parts which apparently end at age fifty. More than that I’m not comfortable discussing in an open forum, and am not attempting to be coy or mysterious. You’re familiar with my work and understand the origin of this. Suffice it to say that I have accumulated in excess of seven thousand case studies that support the hypothesis underlying the study, and that 42 is one of my baselines and appears as a mathematical constant in that particular context.

  7. mathaddict3322 says:

    There’s a very specific, separate study in my work with math that has the frequency 42 as its common denominator. It’s a strange frequency and seems to be an esoteric archetype.

  8. simon says:

    but the question is, like with the “book” “movie” Hitch Hiker’s Guide,, what’s the significance of 42,, who knows,,, BOZO does…. course maybe it’s just an O pin yine….

  9. simon says:

    yeah I know a guy by the name of Matt,, big name in a certain “well financed sub culture” strange thing is he and my pop got the same b.d…. first table and the biggest and this ain’t no a. joke

  10. friend of nica says:

    great story – i always love the numerical synchros!

  11. I went to bed early last night and woke in the early hours at 12:34.

  12. Nancy says:

    Uh oh, I wake up at that time every morning.