Planetary Empaths and Japan’s Quake, Tsunami and…

Exactly a year ago today, on March 11, 2010, we published our first post on planetary empaths. That in itself could be  a synchro, given  the devastation in Japan and that we’ve been hearing from these empaths for the last four or five days about the symptoms they’ve been experiencing.

These individuals we call planetary empaths are so attuned to the planet that they experience physical, emotional and psychic symptoms days and sometimes weeks before a natural disaster. These recent symptoms people were describing suggested that something huge was about to occur.

The symptoms varied from individual to individual:

–       ringing ears

–        heart palpitations

–       nausea

–       extreme vertigo

–       insomnia

–       tingling or vibrating that runs up and down the arms and legs

–       strange, vivid and powerful dreams about natural disasters. Some of these dreams are quite specific

–       migraine headaches

–       poltergeist phenomena – loud noises, for instance, with no apparent source

–       bleeding from the ears

–       abdominal pain or discomfort

–       extreme sadness for no apparent reason

Usually when we hear from these individuals, we take note  of it on the blog, as a post or comment. However, because of recent computer issues – being hacked – we put the comments into a folder  to refer to later. We took a few days off to visit our daughter and awakened this morning to the news about Japan’s 8.9 quake and the subsequent tsunami. We just looked at each other, spooked that the empaths were right again, and deeply saddened as we watched the heartbreaking videos of the devastation in Japan.

On March 3, SW wrote: “I dreamed about 9/11 a month before it happened. Interestingly, it was in reverse, i.e. the people and building were upside down. Also, it was in black and white. Now I am feeling that something else equally big is about to happen.”

We wrote SW and asked her what kind of “big” she thought it might be. She said she didn’t know. “It’s elusive. But I did dream last night that Washington, D.C. had lost all power and people, myself included, were wandering round in the dark in masses.” She added that she was experiencing numerous synchronicities.

This was followed by reports over the next two days that people were exhibiting some or all of the symptoms listed above. For some of these individuals, the symptoms began several months ago. Gypsy Woman, for instance,  wrote about a horrifying tsunami dream she had where rivers of sludge swept across entire towns.

A week ago, a woman who comments as mathaddict reported feeling “radiation sickness.” Given that five of Japan’s nuclear reactors are now under emergency, she seems to have picked up on a radiation leak. In fact, on MSNBC this evening, it was reported that radioactivity in the area of one reactor is 1,000 times normal levels.

D page of mythic musing emailed us about five days ago about her symptoms, which were particularly severe. Spirit of Magenta, and several others reported feelings of deep sadness. Healing Mudras,  Jen at Fractal Times, mathaddict and others   work  with the signs and symbols in their dreams for deeper clarification. Some of these empaths are accomplished lucid dreamers, able to wake up within their dreams and changed them, manipulate them.

The challenge with this whole thing is that although some of these people are able to distinguish the type of disaster – quake versus volcanic eruption, for instance – they can’t pinpoint exact locations.

Yet, these empaths tune in to something big. Like most intuitive abilities, this one isn’t an exact science. It’s still evolving.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, particularly before the Japan quake occurred, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us  a comment. We’re certain there are  many more planetary empaths out there who may be reluctant to speak up.







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54 Responses to Planetary Empaths and Japan’s Quake, Tsunami and…

  1. Paul says:

    Hi, a strange thing happened when I was sleeping the day of the disaster in Japan. I woke up startled by an unearthly scream of a woman. And then profound silence. A bit later I realised what had happened in JApan bit didn’t link the two together till a couple of days later. What does it mean? When I was young I was always having premonitions of things happening then it happened! One time I was walking up my street and had a premonition of two lads coming around the corner who wanted to fight me. I had overwhelming urge. To jump over a wall and hide. I didn’t and within 10 seconds I saw exactly what I had ” seen” . I have an open mind and there is more to nature than the “physical” for example animals that run from forest fires that are miles away etc. Im not sure how to develop my ” gift” but would welcome any suggestions please.

    • rob and trish says:

      UK Paul – keep paying attention, that’s the first thing. It sounds as if your gifts are considerable!
      There are a number of plentary empaths who drop by this blog and I’m sure one of them will give you some strong pointers. In the next few days, we have an updated post on the empaths coming up.

  2. Susan says:

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon this website. I too had several dreams of escaping water and fearing drowning in February. I woke up in one dream yelling “help me, help me” as I was stuck and could not move near a large body of water and the water was rising fast up to my chin. The other dreams were similar. I have never had dreams regarding a fear of drowing before. Normally if I am feeling stress in life I dream about airplanes and flying or tornadoes. This is a first for me.
    I too have not felt right for nearly 2 weeks. I have not been able to pinpoint why I feel so unsettled. I feel nauseated and a horrible pain in my chest. Feel on pins and needles and I have nothing stressful in my life now to account for these feelings. Also anxiety, sadness and anger. I know that I am an empath and just made the connection that this could all be related to the Japanese tsunami. I am so relieved to find that others are feeling this way. Prior I was wondering if I was repressing something or feeling that something bad was going to happen. Now, I have a reason for feeling this way as normally I am even keeled and emotionally stable. I went from feeling that all is well with the world to a feeling of Fear. I do not like feeling this way. I believe in Law of Attraction and so I keep myself positive most of the time. It has been impossible to feel this way for nearly 2 weeks now. All we can do is pray and keep fear at bay. Best wishes to you all.

    • rob and trish says:

      Susan, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of planetary empaths who drop by here. Your symptoms sound eerily similar to theirs.

  3. Tracy says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know anything about this stuff. It sure blew me away, a couple of months ago I began feeling extremely dizzy and later concluded that I had vertigo. I don’t know if I’ve had any dreams in the past about natural disaster but I do know for sure that about a week or two ago I started have these insane heart palpitations. It was driving me nuts. I’ve been having ringing in the ears for a while now so no big deal there. As for vibrations I just had some a couple of nights ago. It was scary. Most of those symptoms has happened in the last couple of months. I thought it was a sign that it was time for my awakening. My dad is also experiencing a lot of these symptoms. It’s kind of scary.

  4. Just want to make an off-subject comment. The mass consciousness of the peoples in the world is in a state of heightened apprehension, agitation, anxiety, and fear, whether these emotions are stemming from the events in japan, in Libya, or wherever. Yet the global consciousness “DOT” has remained in green during almost all of these on-going and escalating events. No longer am putting much faith in The Dot!! That’s just me, however. We may not fully understand how The Dot operates, and in the days preceding the Japanese triple-disasters, the Dot often went into deep red. So who knows.

  5. Mikeu says:

    In the early hours of the Monday before the Japanese earthquake I had a very vivid dream about a huge storm and an earthquake. I awoke feeling very cold and trembling; my first thought was that there had been an earthquake and I had ‘incorporated’ into my dream. So vivid was the sensation that I told my wife and made a note of it in my diary.
    When I realised that we hadn’t had a quake I knew (as this has happened to me before) that there would be one of some significance in the following days.
    Sadly this proved to be true.

    • rob and trish says:

      have you ever been able to determine where the quake will be?

      • Mikeu says:

        Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you.
        The answer to your question is no. What happens with me is akin to that described in JW Dunne’s ‘An Experiment with Time’.
        I have vivid dreams that would make sense if the event had already occurred. These dreams usually have powerful images – images that would have lodged in my (sub)conscious had I already witnessed them. It’s just the dream comes before the event and it’s only after that I can link the two – however I usually know when I have had such a dream and quite often will tell someone in order to verify my experience.

        • rob and trish says:

          Thanks for the clarification, Mikeu. We would be delighted if you shared any of those dreams here. Two women who post here, who have never met, had very similar tsunami dreams on the same night. Only later were they able to connect it to events in Japan.

  6. JP, I feel obligated to add a post-script. Make sure your body itself is healthy and that you aren’t experiencing some kind of illness yourself that is bringing on these symptoms. Just as a precaution, until you become familiar with your planetary symptoms sufficiently to recognize them for what they are, (and that usually happens very quickly!), if you begin to have heart palpitations and haven’t had them in the past, at least make sure you haven’t developed a physical disorder of some kind. Then you can rule out illness within your body and will know that your feelings are attached to events in the world. Plain ole common sense in this regard, and better safe than sorry, right? Almost all of us empaths, virtually without exception, DO have planet-related heart issues of one kind or another with perfectly healthy hearts. I happen to have electrical cardiac disease, and I very quickly learned what symptoms are related to the planet and what is my own heart acting up. Pay attention to your body’s signals and become familiar with them. And one last remark: don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you that you are crazy. You’re not. You’re intuitively sensitive to this living planet upon which you are experiencing life.

    • JP says:

      Thanks! I really appreciate your input. I will tract these symptoms going forward as I do feel, and have felt in the past, that I am somehow connected to ‘Big’ events. I appreciate your post regarding verifying my own personal health. I have been to the Dr. in my past for similar symptoms and they never find a cause. No doubt as a female who is 43 years old they will chock it up to menopause – LOL. For the record I am an extremely healthy and health conscious person who is extremely in tune with her own body – probably too much so sometimes. The one thing that sticks out in my mind are my dream experiences. I will record them going forward. Thanks again!

      • Debra says:

        CJ (mathaddict) is giving you the best advice…
        I have a chronic illness (ME/CFS) as well as the empathy phenomena. There is a definite difference in the way the symptoms happen.
        Keep a journal, so you can start to see the patterns in both your dreams & symptoms.

        It is sad that we can be viewed as crazy, or eccentric. I was fortunate to have verification for my experiences. I was also given some meditations and mantras (prayers) to do.

        Like CJ, I have not had relief w/ the Japan 9.0 quake/tsunami, and feel there is more to come. My symptoms have reached a whole new level of intense, so I believe we are about to enter an unprecedented historical happening. I do often wish that the dreams could be more specific, but it happens the way it happens.

  7. JP, my initial response to your cry for help is to assure you that you are not alone! You are apparently experiencing what is loosely termed, “Planetary Enpathy”. There seem to be many, many more of us emerging, as the inhabitants of planet Earth speed faster and faster towards what may be a frequency shift of some nature. Another term for these folks is “Planetary Sensitives”. Certain individuals are born with the sensitivity already intact and experience the “symptoms” from birth. Certain individuals, for reasons we do not understand, develop these sensitivities later in their lives, and the symptoms begin to manifest then. The symptoms vary from person to person and also from event to event , although there are often similarities within the patterns of symptoms that seem to be relative to whatever is brewing towards a “release”: earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, floods, hurricanes, massive storms, and many of us are also pre-emptively sensitive to man-made catastrophes as well as natural disasters, such as the events of 9-11. Your overwhelming sadness is universal among planetary empaths before, during, and after major events. We “feel”, in our deepest levels, the emotional stresses and anguish of the people who are immediately impacted by whatever occurs. Some earth sensitives have an almost instantaneous relief from symptoms when the event itself occurs. Others, and I am among these others, continue to have symptoms. This tells me that there is more to come, and this brings a sense of “waiting”; of edginess; of being on an emotional roller-coaster; of physical symptoms that may wax and wane. I have recognized that when a person has had a relevant past-life-experience in a specific place where a disaster happens, the empath feels especially disturbing symptoms even if the person isn’t aware of the past-life connection to that place. Unfortunately, few of us can pinpoint the exact time and location when our symptoms flare, but we are beginning to be able to isolate that a particular symptom is indicative of a particular event. And, many of us have sleeping dreams that give profound information in this regard. How to make it stop? It becomes necessary for planetary empaths to comprehend that this third rock from the Sun is a Living Entity. It isn’t an inanimate object spinning in space. When the Earth is in upheaval, when she is in pain, when she is preparing to express herself in a natural event….much as our bodies will have flu, viruses, colds, pneumonia, etc, to a greater or lesser degree….those of us who are for whatever reasons more “attached” to the planet will “feel” her illnesses. That is what they are. When a volcano spews, earth is sick to her stomach. When she floods, she has diarrhea. When she erupts from the very depths of her being and the inner tectonic plates begin to slip and slide and create quakes, her bones are shattering. And when humans are damaging the planet, she screams when she perceives the blow coming…again, as on 9-11….and those of us who are joined to her in this strange way have her symptoms. Because I’m an RN, I use medical terminology to explain the manifestations fo these phenomena, because it seems appropriate. Knowledge is power, JP, and the more you allow yourself to learn about these experiences you are having, the less fearful they will be for you. You will eventually allow yourself to simply move with the flow, knowing that you are NOT alone, and that ultimately the symptoms will diminish and dissipate. Don’t be afraid. You have more friends than you realize who are sharing your experiences!

  8. JP says:

    About 2 months ago I started to have very vivid ‘end of world’, I called them, dreams. I did not write any of them down but I remember having about 4 – 5 of them. One I do remember was so strange to me because of the location. I was in a rural area, somehow in a loose wood type structure, it makes me think of a fruit stand. And water started to come in fast. I really wish I had written this down. On Monday the week of the Tsunami I felt very very sad for no apparent reason. I cried all day. It was odd for me, at that time of the month, to fee so emotional. I have not been the same since the Tsunami. I am very sad, angry and overemotional and I cannot seem to control it. I remember having similar feelings before Haiti which has led me to start searching and trying to find out what is going on with me. How do I control this? It’s a horrible feeling.

    • rob and trish says:

      I’ll bring your post forward so that the other empaths who hve experienced these things can advise you. It’s difficult to control these feelings, but they may have some tips. Thank you for sharing your experience!

      • JP says:

        Thank you. I forgot to mention that I feel as ‘bad’ today, as I did on Monday before the Tsunami. Also wanted to mention I had a period of about 2 weeks of strange heart palpitations occurring every evening around 8pm, weeks ago. Also I have been very fatigued. After the Tsunami hit I had an overwhelming feeling of relief. I was so happy and energized that day. I feel today things are going downhill again, so to speak. It started yesterday and seems to be peaking today and includes some stomach discomfort, fatigue and overwhelming feelings of sadness.

        • rob and trish says:

          The heart palpitations have been experienced by some planetary empaths. math addict is going to respond to you. She knows a lot about these symptoms.

  9. sophera says:

    I had very unusual come and go(waves of intense head pressure w/dizzinees)for a week preceeding. I have been getting bigger/global(readings/messages) on many levels and sometimes its difficult when your not sure…”what’s my part? Why would I get the info?”
    Its meant to help others become aware…the need is great and much is to come. I ask for all to be reminded that we are all one.
    Sending Love, Light and hope to all during this difficult time of change.

  10. eleni stamataki says:

    hi, i am 32 from Greece and have dreamt of the tsunami disaster too. about 9-10 months ago. i have had these ‘seing future’ dreams before too…in my dream i was not myself but still a woman, safe with the survivors of the tsunami some days after it hit, running on foot with a child in my arms and headed straight for the airport. i remember it was Japan, i remember the buildings around me, i was paniced and kept trying to find a flight out to any destination but was not successful, too many people. i knew smthing worse was going to happen. yes smthing worse like a war or smthing similar. kept hagging tight the child on my arms.. try to remember anything else but can’t.too long ago.
    i usually see non important mandane things of my life, aprox. two-three moths in future so de ja vu happens often to me.. my husbant laphs and tells me to see the lotto numbers every time so i dismiss these dreams quite happilly, like it is in my head, (kind of always hoped it was not true for my sanity sake).
    when i saw the tsunami on the news i knew i was there and that smthing else would happen.. and then the reactors husbant said not to tell anyone or they will come and take me away to some weird goverment facility like in the movies..but could not help myself so there.. i got it of my chest.. next time i will trust me more.. hope no one comes for me.. :).

    • rob and trish says:

      A number of people apparently had these tsunami dreams, but you’re the first I heard of who dreamed of the place. Definitey trust your dreams! And if you have any more of these precognitive dreams, please let us know!

      • friend of nica says:

        while it wasn’t a “dream” as such, my four year old grandson, the night of my own very intense dream of the japanese tsunami came to me with a “gift” – a bottle of “cherry blossom” hand wash with a beautiful image of japanese cherry blossoms on it – and when i asked him why/how he came about getting cherry blossoms of all things he said they reminded him of me [he’s never seen cherry blossoms before] – when i asked his mother about how it had come about that he wanted to give me cherry blossom hand wash, she said it was really weird – they were in the shop and he saw from across the way, a display of the pink bottles with the cherry blossoms and made a bee-line for them, telling her he “had to get it for nonon [me]” – that night i had the vivid dream of a tsunami – and within 2-1/2 weeks the EQ/tsunami in japan happened

  11. Darren B says:

    Even my country is starting to rattle…and it’s a rare thing to get tremors like this one around here.

    A small offshore earthquake has rattled far north Queensland, sending a tremor through Cairns and surrounding areas.
    Geoscience Australia confirmed a magnitude 4.0 earthquake took place about 30km off Innisfail, south of Cairns, at 4.08pm (AEST) on Tuesday.


  12. Vicki D. says:

    I have been away, but 2days prior I was off balance, the floor looked as if it was moving. The night and day of Japans earthquake I got quite I’ll and had a severe headache.
    I agree with others I don t think it’s over yet.

    • rob and trish says:

      I don’t know how this comment got lost, but here it is, from stephanie:
      Fascinating that the original post on this went up one year before the Japanese quake, exactly to the day. That’s just freaky.

      My symptoms: over the past few weeks, severe anxiety and heart palpitations, odd and random pains in my body. Then on Wednesday, about 30 hours before the quake, severe fatigue that was totally unrelated to anything going on in my life — felt like I’d been roofied and mentioned this to a friend in San Fran — she was feeling similarly exhausted. I’m in New York, btw. And night of the quake, I awoke in a cold sweat at 1:30 am EST with a case of severe itching and thought “WTF is wrong with me?” It felt like something was very, very wrong but I couldn’t place it. Woke up to the news at 8:30 am when a friend called to tell me. Symptoms calmed on Friday but ramped back up on Saturday, and today, although I’ve only been up for a few hours, I think I’m feeling somewhat normal.

  13. Healing says:

    Ok so you got me on the dot eh.. I dont want to repeat what you know already but you can imagine how bad I was feeling now and including the morning of the EQ (which was my Bday’s next day) I started to feel weak and breathless although I was trying to do some work out at the gym…yesterday Saturday again i was feeling with no blood pressure.
    But as i am now used to my symptoms I knew the worse was behind me!.
    here a link with some non-mainstream astrology explanations. Obviously Uranus gate crashed its entrance in Aries quite significantly –

    Ciao for now.

    • rob and trish says:

      Nat, healing, Inot only did Uranus crash through the Aries gate, but Jupiter is also in aries, so things become truly excessive, huge. Jupiter is one of the good guys, but in this scenario, it’s just amplifying the disaster.

  14. Natalie says:

    Check out Ken Ring at predictweather .com. I did a blog post on him last week or fortnight ago re: moon stuff.

  15. karena says:

    My sister had a dream on Monday night where she saw a lot of rushing water going through my yard, and there were animals floating in the water. She also saw the side of a house fall into the water as well.
    I’m feeling so sad for the people of Japan, and worried about the full moon we’re supposed to have on March 19th…I’ve heard the full moon will be close to the Earth, closer than it has been in 18 years.

  16. Edyn toussainte says:

    I’ve been having such symptoms about 3 months now- it started with a sorta vertigo like trying to walk on a boat that’s on really rocky water and then progressed and got worse and progressed and changed and well it’s been scary.I don’t use the “P” word -psychic i mean- cause i think it implies a degree of control or understanding that just doesn’t apply to me- so i just use hyper-sensitive to describe myself and people like me.Beyond Intuitive but more close to burdoned than gifted with being different.I like in upstate ny way near canada- high elevation and not near any major fault lines.It scares me but I worry about my parents in florida- being florida is flat- I pray everything gets better.But the “poltergiest” phenomena as it was called-are increasing.Nice to know i’m not the only one feeling this stuff.

    • rob and trish says:

      I think there are more people than we realize with these kinds of abiities. You’re definitely not alone!

      • Edyn toussainte says:

        is there anything I can do to ease the psionic backlash?I try and be tough but these physical manifestations-odd pains-headaches-shakiness-heart palpitations-all kinds of weird things- I went to my DR. just to double check and all tests came back normal with no explanation as to why I have been having such weird symptoms.Which leaves the spiritual/empathic explanation.Is there anything we can do to help minimize the effect on ourselves? Gemstones or such?I pray every night and try meditating but that seems to heighten or open the door for more “poltergeist” type phenomena -any suggestions?

  17. friend of nica says:

    i’ve not seen any news media coverage on the disaster in japan at all today so am not up to date at all on anything new – can only hope it is better and not worse – in terms of those of us about whom this post speaks, it is true, as others have said in other places, while i am thankful in many ways for these abilities, for me, anyway, one of the hardest things personally is that while i may dream of an incident and see very clearly the people in the dream upon whom disaster or tragedy is falling, the inability to know, at times, who/where specifically and to be able to interrupt the tragedy in some way is most difficult –

    to me, individually, one of the most interesting things of this event, in terms of those of us who had dreams, physical symptoms, etc., is that the most recent tsunami dream of mine occurred on the exact same night as the tsunami dream of another commenter here, jen – on february 14, we both had a dream of a tsunami – and both our separate dreams involved several identical other things as well –

    and jen, i cannot remember specifically what the other incident was, but didn’t you and i some time ago – a long while – share another “same dream” or something on the same date? seems i remember that –

    aside from the explicit dream of the tsunami, one of the physical symptoms i’d had of late was an unsteady gait/walk – enough so that my little grandson, when he saw me grabbing the walls as i walked down the hall, asked me what was wrong – i remember thinking that i felt as if i were on the big ferry going across the local bay – some of my “usual” such symptoms continue but to a lesser degree –

    but i digress – this terrible tragedy continues to unfold and unfold and i think it behooves us all to focus with positive energy upon the next moments days and weeks – for us and for our planet –

    • Jen says:

      I have also had a sea-sickness feeling- but that was yesterday, after the fact. Last night I felt as if my bed was literally floating on the sea and I was so nauseous I fell asleep clutching a bottle of Pepto, and hoping for the best, while trying to send out all the light energy I had to help to comfort and heal those in the midst of tragedy. I have never had sea-sickness in real life. Never. Not on a boat, cruise, ferry, never. Just in my bedroom, on dry land, after a tsunami.

      I am just beginning to make the correlation between what is going on with me internally and what is happening in the world at large. It is always shocking when some of my feelings/hunches/dreams turn out to be related in some way.

  18. Officials say “nuclear meltdown of second reactor is underway”. Japanese ambassador is dancing around the report and is saying their experts are on top of it..also trying unsuccessfully to deny it and says nuclear experts are on the way in from everywhere all over the world.

  19. It is 6:05pmEST on 3-12. CNN is announcing the second nuclear reactor is in process of a meltdown, which is a catastrophe of epic porportions. The Japanese government is attempting to cover it up. WATCH THE NEWS, guys. This is
    worst-case-scenario I’ve been feeling for almost two weeks.

  20. CNN: Japan has never had a nuclear emergency before. They have now declared a nuclear emergency at FIVE nuke plants

  21. Jen says:

    Yikes! Don’t like Darren’s ominous feeling… :-s

    I am just beginning to make the correlation between myself and my dreams and the reality as it plays out in the world. I woke up this morning thinking exactly what Debra already expressed, “What good is the ability to feel it coming when you can’t do anything about it?!” It’s a question that has yet to be answered… but perhaps these abilities will eventually evolve into something useful, who knows?

    • rob and trish says:

      Hmm, Darren.
      I just read that the quake moved the japanese coast 8 feet and tilted the world on its axis by more than 9 inches.

    • Darren B says:


      Re: “Yikes! Don’t like Darren’s ominous feeling”

      I don’t feel that it’s going to happen like tomorrow,but I do get the feeling it could happen in my potential lifetime (…like four score and ten.I’m 47,now) ,whether I live to see it,or not.
      In other words within 40 years,but I have a worrying feeling that seeing the Portland area as it is now,even 10 years into the future,is a bit optimistic.
      And I also get the feeling cj is right about the New Madrid fault.
      My subconscious feeling is that it may well happen before the Portland event.
      But I see headlines like “Lucky Elvis Left the Building” in my head,so I feel Memphis,would be the city taking the brunt,if that happened.
      But,I feel that incident would be small,compared to the feeling I have about Portland.I don’t like laying these dark cards on the table,but they have been shuffling around in my mental deck.Let’s hope they are just dark jokers,instead of trumps:-(

      • rob and trish says:

        Maybe by putting these dark cards on the table, we expose them and can then change things?!

      • Jen says:

        No worries Darren- I just happen to live in Portland so it was a comment near and dear to my place of residence, so to speak. I think most people that live in this area are well aware that we are more or less “overdue” for some kind of earthquake-type event.

        I don’t really plan on sticking around here for 40 more years- I do plan to relocate eventually, but it’s hard to even fathom whether or not there are any “safe places” when the world is going through times such as these.

        Haha- now who sounds dire??

  22. I just want to add that folks who don’t live on or near a beach don’t truly comprehend the damage that can be done by a tsunami of eight feet. That’s what hit our pacific coastline and did enormous damage. What isn’t understood is that a tsunami wave isn’t a “normal” tidal wave. A tsunami wave churns up from the depths of the ocean and brings with it, quite literally, tons of mud and debris. Also, a tsunami wave is traveling sometimes in excess of 500 miles per hours, as the one yeaterday was traveling when it hit Japan. As it is spawning, it creates an ever-increasing “whirlpool” out in the ocean, spinning faster and faster, picking up anything and everything that is on the ocean floor and carrying the debris with it as it flies at unspeakable speeds and impacts shorelines, going at such high speeds that it pushes itself across land. So when one thinks of an 8-foot tsunami wave, it doesn’t equate with an 8-foot ordinary wave that the surfer-dudes love. (I have three surfer-dude sons). The tsunami is a completely different creature and is deadly, specifically due more to the speed at which it is traveling combined with its height. When we consider that geophysicists measured yeaterday’s tsunami in Japan at 33 feet, the devastation is unimaginable unless a person lives at the ocean, as we do. Simply unimaginable. Picture a building that is three stories in height. That’s slightly less than 33 feet. A tsunami hit Japan yesterday that was higher than a three-story building, traveling at 500+mph. For those who watched the movie, DEEP IMPACT, and saw the ocean water recede deeply just before the tsunami hit, that is precisely what it does. It pulls the water OUT, sucks it into itself, then rises to great heights and at speeds faster than any jet can fly, comes ashore and takes out everything in its path. A horror, but one we need to know whether we live here on an island surrounded on four sides by water as my family does, or whether we live inland. A tsunami, like an earthquake, isn’t necessarily”location-specific”. It travels, and with killing speed. I’m not posting this comment as a means of creating fear. Just as a means of demonstrating what our minds must be able to perceive when we are faced with such devastation. It becomes much more real and we are then able to send much more active healing thoughts both to the people and to our planet when we truly recognize the magnitude of the power with which we are dealing.

  23. T & R, before coming to the blog just now I left you an email message about continuing symptoms, specifically the radiation sickness, but also that this is far from “done”; another quake under Japan accompanied by tsunami, or another massive one in Indonesia, possibly. I don’t know if you recall, but in an email message about ten days ago I mentioned to you that my symptoms felt something “closer to home”, and now I assume it was the impact of the tsunami on the west coast that did so much damage there to boats, etc., yesterday, on top of the huge release in Japan that all us PEs felt before it happened. But it could be that the plates are really slipping and sliding in the Pacific just off the CA coastline and the “big one” that the experts have talked about for years hitting CA may be brewing. The radiation symptoms are the worst and most prominant, and they hit me long before the quake, as you know. It’s also extremely disturbing that the geophysicicts have determined that the earth shift was 25cm, or 9.84 inches, not the 4 inches they had originally believed. This is an enormous tilt, all things considered. I have a sense that there will be a “tipping point”, quite literally, in the not-too-distant future, when the planet is going to do a HUGE tilt way beyond these “smaller (????) ones that these quakes are causing. I also feel that the magnitude 10 earthquake measurement on the Richter Scale will be raised, because earth is going to heave with splittings and tearings that are greater than the current scale of 10, much as a Cat 5 is the highest # on the hurricane scale. I do not cry easily. But can’t seem to stop, and continue to walk the floor unsteadily and with severe anxiety, with nothing in my personal life to account for this. I’m hearing loud sirens that are “not there”, loud and persistent, like our downtown sirens scream when we are on hurricane evacuation orders and a storm is within minutes of arriving. The burning in my throat continues like a blow torch, and my physical throat is fine. This “blowtorch in the throat” happened to me 72 hours prior to 9-11, and is a worst-case-scenario symptom. I know I sound like a doomsday prophet. Be that as it may, my sense is that things are only beginning to “heat up” and we’re far from seeing an end to these unprecedented catastrophes. One note I must add, reluctantly, is that my sister, her husband, and all their children and grandchildren live in suburbs outside St. Louis. They are sitting on top of the New Madrid faultline, which has little temblors daily in the 2.2 range or so. I have a horrific feeling that the New Madrid faultline is close to erupting in a major quake, because I feel my sister and all her family being impacted by an enormous natural disaster from which they can’t escape. This has been in my sleeping dreams, and in the dreams of my youngest son. Along with everyone else, our hearts go out to our fellow humans who are trying to survive in the midst of yesterday’s crisis and who may be in the midst of a nuclear meltdown as the clock ticks. Just unthinkable. If there were some way to turn these sensory radars off, I would do it in a nanosecond.

  24. ‘Something big’ does seem to be happening around the world and maybe dramatic change will come about. We have to hope that this will ultimately be for the good and that we don’t go the way of Atlantis, Lemuria et al.

  25. Darren B says:

    One area of the planet that gives me a fairly strong sense of foreboding,for some reason, is the Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver area,although mainly Portland.
    Does anybody else feel this way? It’s like whenever someone mentions Portland,I get this…oh,those poor people…kind of feeling,that sort of feeling I get when I see pictures of Christchurch N.Z ,or Japan after an earthquake. I’ve had this feeling for about 2 years now,but it’s slowly growing more ominous.Let’s just hope that it’s just a creepy figment of my imagination,and not a real premonition.

  26. Natalie says:

    Certainly something huge which makes me literally gobsmacked.
    Another friend of mine rang me first thing this morning and said he had unexplained, profound sadness just before the quake happened. (About 4 /5 hours before). This was new for him. He is a budding psychic medium of only one year standing.

  27. Debra says:

    I am deeply saddened by what is unfolding right now. The dead woke me up last night, wanting help. I truly wish that the empathy I experience was more specific. To “know” beforehand that there will immense suffering and not to be able to do something about it… it’s very hard to bear. Like Nancy, I believe there will be a domino effect. I have had specific dreams about coastline changes, water level changes, and changes in “life as we know it”.

  28. Nancy says:

    Great post. I have a feeling we are in for more big events in the coming months. It feels like a domino effect.