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Planetary Empath Page

For several weeks before the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent events, I was receiving a lot of email from planetary empaths. These individuals so attuned to the planet that they experience physical symptoms weeks, day, or hours before a natural … Continue reading

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Revisiting Planetary Empaths

We’ve been receiving email today from several planetary empaths whose current symptoms are quite specific and debilitating. They believe that something big is brewing. On March 11, 2010 and on March 11, 2011, we did posts on this topic and … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm, that’s what they’re calling it. On Twitter, someone referred to it as a “Stephen King” kind of storm. Hurricane Sandy is a trickster. As it left the Caribbean and was predicted to make a close swing toward Florida, the … Continue reading

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Solar Storm

  According to this article,your GPS, cell phone, air travel, and maybe your electricity may be impacted tomorrow morning by the largest solar radiation storm that the planet has encountered in seven years. According to NOAA – the National Oceanic … Continue reading

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Planetary Empaths and the New Zealand Quake

A 6.3 quake struck New Zealand’s South Island today. It’s depth was 5 kilometers, deaths and damage have been reported. The planetary empaths who frequent this blog have been reporting symptoms for at least a week. Take a look at … Continue reading

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Planetary Empaths, Redux

  On March 11, 2010, we did a post called Planetary Empaths, about  individuals who seems to exhibit physical symptoms before a catastrophe occurs. The sensitivity of animals to pending disasters is well-documented, but there isn’t much written about human … Continue reading

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A Planetary Empath in Bangkok

Our March 11 post on Planetary Empaths  was followed by several others on the same topic. Here’s another one, which I found on Healing Mudras’ blog. She’s a Reiki healer and has a unique take on mitigating the symptoms these … Continue reading

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Volcanic Eruptions and Empaths

The volcanic eruptions in Iceland are having an impact on several of the planetary empaths we have written about in previous posts. For several days,D page has been exhibiting some of the same symptoms that we wrote about in the … Continue reading

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Reindeer Woman

This story comes from d page, whose synchronicities we have posted several times before. Her blog,  Mythic Musings, is richly textured with detail and the psychic experiences she writes about always have deep, mythic levels to them. This story, which … Continue reading

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Are you a borderland personality?

We’ve written lately about people who detect earthquakes and other natural disasters ahead of time through physical symptoms and changes in their bodies.We’ve referred to these people as planetary empaths. Now D Page recommended  a book by Jerome S. Bernstein … Continue reading

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Empaths Among Us

  On March 11, we posted Planetary Empaths, about individuals who feel physical and emotional symptoms before an earthquake occurs. These symptoms are unpleasant, painful, and flat out disturbing. But they seem to indicate that these empaths are intimately connected to … Continue reading

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7.2 Quake Mexicali

This afternoon, there was a 7.2 quake in Mexicali, Mexico. When I was reading about the aftershocks felt in L.A, I wondered if some of the planetary empaths we wrote about in a March 11 post had felt anything. This … Continue reading

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Premonitions of Disaster?

Last week, we wrote a post called Planetary Empaths about people who apparently have the ability to detect changes in the earth, such as earthquakes, in advance of such events. Usually, the sensations are felt hours or days before such … Continue reading

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