Living in the Matrix – weird synchros!

Are we living in the matrix?

And who are you, cat out there?

alternate realities

burst of rainbows!

Coolant leak looks like Sherlock Holmes!

Twins or alternate self?

A friend sent me these images from Shareably –  proof that reality may be glitching!



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Door Prize synchros

Here’s an interesting synchronicity from Scott Colborn, who is a radio show host of “Exploring Unknown Phenomena.”  He also a musician and teaches guitar lessons. We’ve been on his show a number of times and he’s always a very mellow and knowledgeable host. Here’s what he writes:

“This afternoon I was invited to speak to a group of people who have been through the rehabilitation process at Lancaster Rehabilitation Center. Lunch was provided (very good turkey and dressing) and then I have a talk on “Stories from the Ghosts of Lincoln (Neb.) Tours” to an audience of about 30-35 people.

“After the talk the business director Darcee asked me to draw a name out of a wicker basket to give away a door prize. Before I did, I told the story of being at a conference years ago in Eureka Springs, AR. On the final day of the conference, my friend Julie and I were seated in the big ballroom with about 300 other folks. Lou Farrish was at the podium, drawing names out of a box and giving away door prizes.

“Suddenly and without warning, I was literally filled with joy. In that moment with absolute clarity, I turned to my friend Julie and said, “He’s going to pick your name next.” She gave me a good-natured elbow and said, ‘Yeah – sure Scott.’

“In slow motion I watched Lou reach into the box and pull a slip of paper out. He then announced my friend’s name and hometown. She turned to me incredulously and said, ‘How did you do that Scott?’

A version of that happened again today. I was asked to reach into the wicker basket and pull a name out. A woman up front who had been asking some good questions said with humor, “Are you going to pull my name out?’

I reached into the basket and pulled her name out ! She was a little flustered and said, ‘How did you do that?” The truth is, I can say equally that I don’t know how I did it, and, I DO KNOW how I did it. Thanks be to God!”

Thanks, Scott. Good one. We normally don’t link God to synchronicities – though it may be true. But it just complicates and confuses things, brings in religion, and the sense that some outside being is creating synchronicities. We prefer to think of these events as part of an underlying reality that we are all part of, and sometimes that hidden, larger reality that exists outside of time and space and occasionally peeks into our everyday world, reminding us of the bigger picture of reality. Call it God, if you will, the Universe, the Source.

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Whitley Strieber’s new book: A New World

amazon kindle, $7.99


In 1987, Rob and I walked into a Walden’s Bookstore in a Fort Lauderdale mall, and there, on the most prominent display, was a copy of Whitley Strieber’s groundbreaking book, Communion, with that iconic grey alien face on the cover. Something clicked for me when I saw it.

A year or so earlier, Rob and I had covered a UFO conference in Hollywood Florida for OMNI Magazine, and had spent some time with Budd Hopkins, who alluded to a book by a well-known fiction writer that was basically going to blow the socks off of the UFO community. He didn’t give us the writer’s name, but that day in Walden’s, when I saw that book cover, I knew.

In the many years since, I’ve followed Strieber’s career with great interest. In my astrology book Creative Stars, his chart and career are the focus for the chapter on Geminis, my sign as well. And at the time, I hoped I would get to meet him in person one day because I had a lot of questions. That meeting did come to pass in 2017, after our being guests several times on his popular podcast, Dreamland. And yes, many of my questions were answered in his newest book, A New World.

This book is his most personal, following his visitor experiences through the years and his own evolution of beliefs about who or what these visitors are. At some point in reading this, I realized that Strieber may be more than an author and explorer of the psychic realm. He may well be a mystic, one of those individuals who delves so deeply into a matrix the rest of us only glimpse – if we’re lucky! – that if we ignore what he says and believes – we do so at our own peril.

When the book he and radio host Art Bell co-wrote called The Coming Global Superstorm became the movie The Day After Tomorrow, I thought, Wow, there’s hope for the reality of climate change. But that isn’t going to happen under the trump admin.

Strieber lost his wife and creative partner, Anne, in August 2015. They have since written a book together, The Afterlife Revolution. Yes, he meditated and she responded. Think it’s too weird? Think again. This kind of weirdness is part of the terrain of A New World, a matrix of reality that many of us sense – and then dismiss.

Anyone with even an iota of interest in the realm of the unknown, the mysterious, should read this book. It’s dense with information that is cleverly woven within the context of Strieber’s experiences and ultimately proves to be a mind-bending read that alters your concept of what reality is.

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Jupiter isn’t just the largest planet in our solar system, it’s also the good guy in astrology. It rules luck, expansion, synchronicity, higher education, the law, spiritual beliefs and philosophy. Since November 2018, it’s been transiting fire sign Sagittarius. On December 2, it enters earth sign Capricorn, where it will be until December 20, 2020.


This transit will be especially good for Capricorns as Jupiter will expand opportunities in every facet of your life. Taurus and Virgo will also benefit because Jupiter will form a positive aspect to your sun sign, a trine, which facilitates the flow of energy. Water signs will also benefit – Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer. Even though Jupiter will be opposed to the Cancer sun, an opposition from Jupiter is rarely detrimental. If anything, you may take on too much.

Other signs will also benefit because most of us have air and fire sign planets in our charts.  Be sure to see which house in your chart will be impacted. At this site, you can get a free copy of your natal chart. If you don’t know the exact time of your birth, enter 12 noon. If you have questions about your chart, send me your birth info and I’ll take a look.

One hint with the impact of Jupiter. Look back 12 years – specifically to December 2007 to early January 2009, when Jupiter was also in Capricorn. What was going on in your life then? Some of the same patterns may unfold now.

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With Whitley Strieber on Dreamland

We spent a delightful hour talking with Whitley Strieber on his podcast, Dreamland, about our new book, Phenomena: Harnessing your Psychic Powers.  As always when we talk with Whitley, synchronicities don’t just happen, they flourish.  You don’t want to miss this riveting conversation.

This fun and exciting discussion with Trish and Rob MacGregor about pyschic empowerment is fun but also serious. We all have psychic power but we feel as if we don’t. The result of which is–well, we don’t. It isn’t a matter of just saying “I believe” and it happens. Most often, when we make that pronouncement inside ourselves what happens is exactly nothing. So, what does work? Whitley points out early in the show that the power of story is tremendously important. We need to know true stories about psychic power in order to find its place in our lives, and this show is filled with fascinating real-life stories that anybody can relate to and understand, that can encourage us to find our own psychic power.
We are all born with it, but as life intrudes and we get busier and busier, it slips away.
Listen, and you will find moments, almost certainly, that will take you back to your own truth, which is that you are a multidimensional being and loaded with psychic power.
You can visit Trish and Rob MacGregor on their website, To get Phenomena: Harnessing Your Psychic Powers, click here.
To Listen to Dreamland, click here.




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December Forecasts Are Posted

The December forecasts are posted! This month promised to be packed with surprises, most of them posted.

Look in the masthead for how this months transits impact you!




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Synchronicity & Gratitude

I (Rob) recently received an interesting email about how my Indiana Jones novels had not only influenced a reader, but also played into a series of synchronicities. I’ll let Josh Lane tell the story.


“In the process of moving, I recently came across my stack of Indiana Jones novels that I first acquired almost thirty years ago, and reread the entire series in short order. I was instantly transported back into the mystery… and I couldn’t believe the realization that hit me.

“Looking back, so many of the topics you wove into those books have also manifested as major themes in my life. Shamanism, Sufi mysticism, indigenous ways of knowing the world, and more have helped me arrive at my current location in consciousness.

“My own journey led me on a decade long apprenticeship in wildlife tracking and reading Nature’s language, and further deep explorations of meditative paths, Hermetic Qabala, and Qi Gong systems. Reading along with Indy’s adventures once again, I had to wonder at how much of my own journey was inspired by the esoteric topics you masterfully embedded in these books.

As I re-read the Interior World novel and the Kogi appeared, it was the final straw… as I  noticed myself wearing two bracelets that a Kogi Mama (shaman) had placed on my wrists earlier in the year during one of their visits to the Hudson River Valley. I knew I had to reach out to share my wonder and gratitude at this web of synchronicity.

So, thank you for the inspiration that you are sharing through your work. It’s positively impacted my life, for sure.

The power of the Storyteller upon an individual or culture’s destiny is absolutely amazing, and important. Thanks for sharing your gift. Glad I was able to find your website and contact, to share these reflections with you.

Also, as a fellow avid explorer of the inner and outer landscapes, you might be interested in my book, Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature. The book explores connecting with the Nature within and around us, and offers engaging practices that help us to do this while highlighting the actual healing changes in the brain and body that occur when we mindfully connect with Nature.

Thanks again, and may your journeys in Nature nourish you.


Josh has a fascinating story about the Kogis, mentioned above, on his blog called Conscious Nature.


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New Moon in Sagittarius

Today’s new moon in Sagittarius should be especially good for you fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and also benefits air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. but everyone benefits to some degree because Sagittarius is the sign of Let the Good Times Roll!  It’s ruled by Jupiter, which is now in the last degrees of Sagittarius, preparing for its December 3 transit into earth-sign Capricorn.

Check your forecast for November in the masthead to see what this new moon means specifically for you.


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The Challenge With Synchronicity

On the way home today from walking a friend’s two dogs, I saw something fluttering in the road ahead of me. At first, I thought it might be some large bizarre butterfly that had been hit by a car. But as I drew closer, I realized it was a small bird that had been hit recently by a car and that it was dying. Probably a  sparrow, nothing as large as blackbird.

I swerved around it and immediately thought I should turn around and rescue it. But I’ve done that before and because birds are so fragile, those that are rescued usually die. Then I considered turning around and running over it to put it out of its misery. In the end, I did neither. That in itself is a choice.

I knew it meant something. All too often, animals – especially birds – have been agents of synchronicity. But I didn’t have any idea what it might mean. Maybe I was making too much of it, I thought. Maybe it didn’t mean anything at all. But it gnawed at me.

That evening, Rob and I were were scheduled for a radio show and from the first moment to the last, it was a disaster. We were like the fluttering bird in the middle of the road. The host was completely disengaged, hadn’t read our book, and ended what was supposed to be a 90 minute show in half that time. In all these years of doing radio shows and podcasts, that has never happened.

Yes, it’s possible I’m making too much of a connection between that fluttering bird in the middle of the road to the radio show. They may not be connected at all. But synchronicity, at least for us, often works like this.

Years ago, we walked into our family room and found a frog, our totem, dead in the middle of the room and the next day, Rob’s mother called to tell him his father had had a stroke and was in hospice. The night before our dog, Noah, passed on, I found a dead frog in the hallway. I’ve also found live frogs in various rooms around the house and, according to the meaning of the room, we’ve landed projects, earned good advances, and won awards. Decisions have been confirmed, warnings have been issued, but always, there’s an awareness of something at work here, a feeling you have that whispers, Pay attention, this is important.

The challenge with synchronicity is that you can’t always decipher the message until after the event has occurred.

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Remembering Kali

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of pets – dogs, cats, a bird, a guinea pig, a hamster, fish- creatures big and small and everything in between. I’ve come to believe that all creatures, wild or domesticated, have a soul agenda.

They, like us, come into this life to experience certain things. Once their experiences are completed, they check out and leave us, their humans, bereaved and humbled. Today, in late October as I write this, I realized that our Dusky Conure, Kali, died 14 years ago this month, in 2005, st the age of 5, in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma.

Kali was a present for Megan’s 10th birthday.

We bought her at a wonderful pet store where many of the birds that are sold are hand-raised in the hatchery. We even knew her birthdate – 6/4/2000, a Gemini! We couldn’t adopt her until she was a certain number of weeks old, so every afternoon, Megan and I drove up to the store to spend time with Kali.

From the moment we brought her home, she got along famously with our golden retriever, Jessie. Our three cats didn’t seem to know what to make of her and never bothered her. My dad, who was living with us then and in a wheelchair, got a real kick out of her when she rode on the back of his wheelchair or on his shoulder and stroked the side of his face with her beak.

At first, she spent her days on our back porch, always out of her cage, where she could see other birds in the yard. Rob taught her to say a few words, which she eagerly used whenever one of us were within range.

As she got older, we would move her cage and its stand outside every morning, beneath a large schefflera tree. Her cage door was always open and it wasn’t long before she learned to climb onto the top of the cage and then into the tree. She would climb down only when the spirit moved her to splash around in the large bowl we kept on top of her cage. Every evening at dusk, we moved her and the cage inside again. She would crawl inside her little hammock, roll onto her back, and sleep the night away. Kali was the paragon of embrace the moment.

We took her and our dog with us on car trips – to my sister’s place in Atlanta, to Cedar Key, to Key West – and always, she traveled on top of her cage, vigilant, absorbing everything. Sometimes, she cuddled with Jessie

In 2004, she laid a couple of eggs and sat on them for a full straight month before we finally were able to dispose of them. They weren’t fertilized and were beginning to rot! Relieved of the need to sit on the eggs, she returned to her roost in the tree outside.

2004 was a bad year for hurricanes in South Florida. During two hurricanes that hit our area, Rob, Megan and I brought all the animals in with us, into the back bedroom. As rain and wind pounded the hurricane shutters, as the power went off, as the streets started to flood, Kali was perfectly happy on top of her cage or huddled into the little cloth cocoon where she slept at night.

But she was always delighted afterward to climb up into her tree in the back yard. And it was her tree. When other birds came around, she made it clear that although they were welcome, she was the boss of this tree.

The fall of 2005 was difficult. My dad died in September and a month later,  Hurricane Wilma roared into town. Fortunately, Wilma was traveling fast, but she was intense. The front part of the storm tore apart back yards, hurled fences away,  ripped down power lines, ripped off roofs. The eye of the storm passed right over our area and suddenly the sky turned blue, the air was balmy, the sun shone. We knew we had about 30 minutes to walk outside and access the damage before the back side of the storm hit us.

The first thing we noticed was that Kali’s tree had been split down the middle, the top of it lobbed off as if some monster had taken a huge bite out of it. In retrospect, I realize it freaked me out, which was why I didn’t take any photos of it. The tree had begun its life in my parents’ back yard and when we had moved, I’d dug it up and potted it and brought it with us.

There wasn’t much time to think about it. We cleaned up what we could and hurried inside as the back of the storm came at us.

Thirty minutes later, Wilma had moved on and a cold front swept in.  No one had electricity and all over the neighborhood, generators now chattered away. We put Kali outside near her tree,  but it was apparent that she wasn’t happy about its ruined condition. Then something spooked her – a generator, one of us moving too fast or something, and suddenly she took off into the dusk, squawking loudly. We ran after her, thought we saw her perched on a pole, but then it got dark and she stopped squawking. We kept walking around the area, calling for her, but she didn’t squawk back, didn’t appear.

It got down into the 40s that night and I worried about her out there, in the cold. The next morning, Rob found her across the street, burrowed under some wet leaves, shivering. Not a single vet office was open, we were helpless and just tried to keep her warm.  She died a day later, laying on my chest. In some way, the ruin of her tree presaged her death. And because that tree had been born in my parents’s back yard, it also closed a chapter in my own life.

An unwelcome synchronicity.

We buried her under the tree. About a year later, we noticed the tree was recovering. Where it had been split in half, leaves were sprouting on both sides of the split. Now, 14 years later, that tree is a powerful presence in our backyard. Its split trunk has spiraled off into two trees. I like to think of them as Kali on one side, my dad on the other.

Kali’s tree

Quite often, we humans don’t fully realize or appreciate the impact these animal buddies have on our lives until they’re gone. I like to think that Kali is zipping around outside somewhere, part of a wild  flock of parrots that often passes over our dog park at dusk. Or that she and my dad are playing chess somewhere in the afterlife. Ridiculous, right?

But maybe not. There’s so much we don’t know about the matrix of reality.

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But first: Good-bye Mercury retrograde!


Veneto regional council, which is located on Venice’s Grand Canal, was flooded for the first time in its history on Tuesday night — just after it rejected measures to combat climate change. The historic Italian city has been brought to its knees this week by the worst flooding there in more than 50 years. And the council chamber in Ferro Fini Palace started to take in water around 10 p.m. local time, as councilors were debating the 2020 regional budget, Democratic Party councilor Andrea Zanoni said in a long Facebook post.

“Ironically, the chamber was flooded two minutes after the majority League, Brothers of Italy, and Forza Italia parties rejected our amendments to tackle climate change,” Zanoni, who is deputy chairman of the environment committee, said in the post, which also has photographs of the room under water.”

This certainly sounds like a trickster synchro to me. The regional council rejects measures to combat climate change and that ole trickster cackles, “Really, dudes?” Moments later, the council chamber floods and Venice experiences the worst flooding in 50 years, and half the city is now underwater.

Again, who or what orchestrates this stuff??

At 2:12 PM, Mercury turns direct in Scorpio!  How was YOUR Mercury retro?




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Global Synchros – the impeachment hearings


Global synchronicities usually occur during times of heightened awareness and focus on  a particular event or series of events. In our book The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, The Global was secret 7: “When synchronicities manifest themselves through global events, the universe seems to be addressing us a  collective.”

This one was brought to our attention by Sheila Joshi. As Sheila pointed out, “The first synchro in particular seems to be the tag line for Yovanivich’s destiny – a woman anti-corruption reformer is targeted for reprisal.”

Until impeachment is resolved one way or another, there probably will be other global synchronicities. Sometimes they’re tricksters. Other times, they provide insight into what may be coming next. We’ll see how this one plays out.


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New Thought

I was editing a chapter of a new non-fiction book Trish and I are writing, tentatively called From the Heart: How Emotions Connect with Intuition & Synchronicity when I reached a sentence Trish had written that stopped me. It was this:

In other words, nothing is random.

That comment had followed several examples of stunning synchronicities related to our emotions. She then went on to mention that mainstream science still dismisses the concept that coincidences are meaningful. But that seems quite right. Mainstream scientists, who are skeptical of anything smelling of the paranormal, say that people see patterns and meaning where there really is none. And they have a couple of terms they use to explain their perspective. Pareidolia and apophenia.

I googled the terms to  refresh my memory. Briefly, pareidolia is about seeing recognizable objects or patterns in otherwise random or unrelated objects or patterns, ie. animal images in clouds. It’s a form of apophenia, which is a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

Notice the emphasis on random, which is associated with things that are meaningless. The idea is that the mind interprets what is random in an attempt to give it meaning. Here’s an example of both pareidolia and apophenia that occurred to me while I was looking up the terms. When I looked up pareidolia, the site I found showed the image above, a photo of a door in which you could make out an image that looked like the head of a dog. The definition included a link to apophenia. I clicked it and what did I see besides the definition, but an ad for t-shirts featuring large dog images—the image below. That of course immediately reminded me of the dog in the door.

For me, that was a synchronicity because I was searching for the skeptics explanation of meaningful coincidences and then experienced one in the process of reading their contrary definitions. In other words, they might say that I didn’t learn anything! I was still finding meaning in what they would consider a random combination of things.

So after my bit of research, I added the following to Trish’s comment that nothing is random.

In fact, randomness is an interpretation. It’s the opposite of finding meaning or patterns. It’s part of the old scientific paradigm, which is gradually being overtaken by a new mode, which some scholars call New Thought. While mainstream scientists tell us not to trust our own emotional experiences in the realm of the intuitive, New Thought suggests that when we experience something we intuitively feel is significant, important in a profound way, it’s best to embrace it.

And PS: the proposal is now called Heart IQ.



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