Acts of KIndness

This story  really underscores the fundamental kindness of human nature. It involvesd Celebrity Cruises and their 3,000 guests who helped  the cruise employees prepare 10,000 meals for delivery to the Bahamas. And they cut the cruise short to do it. The guests were fine with it.

Read it. Your heart will burst with gratitude.

And have you noticed how quickly the disaster and its aftermath in the Bahamas has dropped out of the news?

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Celebrity death synchros

The Trickster strikes.

In the 1982 film, Blade Runner, Dutch actor Rutgers Hauser played a replicant who dies in the year 2019. Thirty-seven years later, 75-year-old Hauser died on July 27, 2019.

Samuel Clemens, best known as Mark Twain, was born just after Haley’s Comet appeared in 1835. The comet only appears in our skies once every 76 years. In 1909, he wrote: “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.’”

Indeed, Clemens died one day after the comet appeared in the sky.

Will Rogers, humorist, actor, and writer, died in a plane crash with his aviator buddy, Wiley Post, shortly after taking off from a lagoon in Point Barrow, Alaska. Rogers’s typewriter was found in the debris, a piece of paper rolled into it, and the last word he typed was death. Even Rogers probably got a kick out of that one.

Hours after famed Trappist monk Thomas Merton proclaimed in an important meeting with religious leaders that the times ahead were electrifying, he died by electrocution while sitting in the bathtub.

The last movie that John Huston directed before his death was called The Dead.

The last book of poetry that Anne Sexton published before she committed suicide in 1974 was entitled The Death Notebooks.

At the time of his death, Philip K. Dick was working on a novel entitled The Owl in Daylight. In esoteric traditions, the owl is considered a messenger between the living and the dead.

The last song that Hank Williams wrote was Angel of Death. When he died, he had a hit single at the top of th charts: I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive.

This is the really weird part of synchronicity, the kind of stuff that makes your arms erupt in goose bumps.



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It seems like this book has been in the works for a long time. But it’s finally available!

As humanity’s collective consciousness evolves and expands, more of us are experiencing phenomena – voices no one else hears, visions no one else sees, intense intuitive feelings that presage the future or enable us to telepathically connect to loved ones. Some of us communicate with the dead,  see inter-dimensional beings,  claim to have been abducted by aliens. And some of us experience synchronicities that defy the odds.

Are we outliers? Or are we, as a growing number of psychiatrists, scientists,  and researchers now recognize, tapping into a matrix of reality far more vast and complex than what science currently recognizes?






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Today’s full moon in Aries is a beauty. It enjoys a beneficial angle to it from Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and that can only be a good thing regardless of your sun sign. Full moons are about culmination, completion, news. For more information on how this moon impacts you, read below:

Aries: The full moon in your sign on the 13th should be spectacular. Jupiter forms a beneficial angle to it and brings its expansiveness and good fortune to any news you hear.

Taurus: The full moon in Aries on the 13th highlights your personal unconscious. Your own motives become clearer to you, and thanks to a beneficial angle from Jupiter, your insights expand your inner life in a significant way.

Gemini: The full moon in Aries on the 13th should be spectacular. Any  news you hear will be positive, and you’ll feel enormously fortunate. Your social calendar is likely to get crowded on or around the time of this full moon.

Cancer: Positive news about your career. It could be anything—a promotion, raise, new clients or new projects. Jupiter  promises that any news you hear, whatever it is, \ expands your options.

Leo: This one lights up your trailblazing spirit and stirs the adventurer in you. You and a friend or partner may hit the road on a whim and take off with little more than your ATM cards and big dreams. Jupiter forms a beautiful angle to this full moon, too, an added bonus that suggests this trip will expand your horizons.

Virgo: This full moon highlights resources you share with others. Jupiter forms a terrific angle to it,  any news you hear should be positive and will expand your options in some way. Your partner may land a plump raise, or you might get an insurance refund or an unexpected royalty check. There’s a trailblazing quality to Aries, and you may feel some of it during this full moon. Think of it as the wild child within!

Libra: This moon highlights the partnership area of your chart. Any news you hear should be positive, thanks to the beautiful angle that Jupiter makes to this moon. Since Aries is a passionate and trailblazing sign, your emotions may be on fire on or around the time of this full moon.

Scorpio:  This full moon should be a beauty for you, firing up your passions and your entrepreneurial spirit. Since Jupiter is friendly to it, any news you hear should be positive and may concern your daily work life or a health matter.

Sagittarius:  This one brings news about a romantic relationship, a creative endeavor or one of your children. Jupiter is friendly to this full moon, so the news should be positive. Since Aries is a trailblazing sign, there may be a certain unpredictable wildness to the day’s energy.

Capricorn:  This full moon lights up your home and family life, and due to the fiery nature of Aries, things at home could be a little wild on or around this date. Any news you hear should be positive, thanks to a friendly beam from Jupiter.

Aquarius: The full moon in Aries on October 13 receives a friendly beam from Jupiter in Sagittarius and should bring good news in any area where you’ve been placing your focus and attention. Communication will play a major role in the day’s events.

Pisces: This one highlights your finances and values. With Jupiter so friendly to this moon, any news you hear will be positive and lead to growth and expansion. If you’ve been job hunting, this full moon could bring the job that pays you more for doing something you enjoy.




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Watch Out What you Wish For

In 1967, Dr John Barker, a British psychiatrist and member of the Britain’s Society for Psychical Research, created the London Premonitions Bureau to formally allow people to record their visions. Barker came up with the idea after he investigated numerous premonitions that were reported in the town of Aberfan, South Wales prior to a disastrous accident in which tons of coal waste slid down a hillside and buried a school, killing 116 children.

Barker and the Bureau were the subject of a New Yorker article earlier this year. I was led to this article by another article in The Guardian. It should be noted that both of these publications have a history of being suspicious and dismissive of anything bearing a whiff of the paranormal or mystical realms. But these articles, and others in the past couple of years, suggest that the long-awaited paradigm is finally starting to take hold at least in the mainstream media, if not quite yet in mainstream science. Though there are also more and more scientists making breakthroughs in these realms.

From the New Yorker article:
“In the hours that he spent in Aberfan, Barker was struck by ‘several strange and pathetic incidents’ connected with the coal slip. Bereaved families spoke of dreams and portents. On the eve of the disaster, an eight-year-old boy named Paul Davies had drawn massed figures digging in the hillside under the words ‘the end.’ Davies died in the school. Barker heard the story of Eryl Mai Jones, a ten-year-old girl, ‘not given to imagination,’ who had told her mother two weeks before the collapse that she was not afraid to die. Then, according to an account written by Glannant Jones, a local minister, signed by Eryl Mai’s parents and later published by Barker:

The day before the disaster she said to her mother, “Mummy, let me tell you about my dream last night.” Her mother answered gently, “Darling, I’ve no time. Tell me again later.” The child replied, “No Mummy, you must listen. I dreamt I went to school and there was no school there. Something black had come down all over it!”

The New Yorker article noted Baker collected many remarkable stories, including: shipwrecks, floods and tornadoes that people had predicted in advance. A year after launching the bureau, two people even predicted the doctor’s own death – he died of a brain hemorrhage in August 1968. Those two predictions could be called Trickster synchronicities: You want a prediction about the future, how about this one. That’s a case of, Watch out what you wish for.

Six decades after Barker set up the bureau, mainstream science continues to tell us that those of us who have premonitions and visions suffer from cognitive biases, retroactively seeking patterns to make sense of a senseless world. Or we’re mentally deranged. Many of us reject such explanations as being based on a long-standing anti-paranormal bias among scientists. However, as those aging scientists, who are committed to the old paradigm, die off, younger ones are gradually replacing them with more open-minded perspectives.

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The Spirit Dog – and Spirit Contact


Carol Libutti, whom I met through an astrology workshop I did at Moksha Yoga Studio here in town, sent me this video this morning. Her dog, Puka, her longtime companion and doggy buddy, passed away on October 7. That night,  this image appeared on her “nest,” a security footage, with the notice that “activity” had been detected at the entryway.

I think the image speaks for itself in terms of spirit contact. I was blown away not just by the video, but by the dramatic timing. Puka didn’t waste any time making her presence known.



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Drought reveals Spain’s ‘Stonehenge’

Receding water levels in Spain’s Valdecañas Reservoir has exposed a stone monument dating back to between 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. The ancient monument was once a tourist destination, but disappeared from sight when a reservoir was constructed in the 1960s. The article that follows originated with The Local, a multi-regional, European, English-language digital news publisher with local editions in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. We found it at

Unusually warm weather produced drought conditions across much of Europe this past summer, including Spain. The lack of rain, while a headache for farmers and gardeners, has resulted in the complete re-emergence of an ancient megalithic site known as the Dolmen of Guadalperal, as reported in The Local.

The site is located near the town of Peraleda de la Mata, and it’s normally submerged, either completely or partially, by the waters of the Valdecañas Reservoir. Originally constructed in Francoist Spain during the 1960s, the reservoir brought fresh water and hydroelectricity to underdeveloped regions in Spain, according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. At the same time, however, the reservoir required the flooding of some inhabited areas along the Tagus River—and also the Dolmen of Guadalperal.

For nearly 60 years, the site has largely remained underwater, though the tips of the rocks have poked up through the surface when water levels are low (see, for example, this photo taken in 2012). Photos of the Dolmen of Guadalperal taken this past July, however, show the entire megalithic site liberated from its aquatic confines. So rare is the sight that locals are flocking to the Dolmen of Guadalperal to see it for themselves, reports The Local.

The site dates to around 2,000 BCE to 3,000 BCE, and it presently consists of 144 stones, some reaching as high as 2 meters (6 feet). Some stones are etched with engravings of serpents. Like England’s Stonehenge, this megalithic monument is arranged in a circle-like pattern. Its purpose isn’t entirely clear, but Angel Castaño, a member of Raíces de Peralêda—a group dedicated to the preservation of the site—suspects it served a dual function, serving as both a religious site and a trading hub, reports The Local.

Castaño and his colleagues told The Local that now’s the time, when the water is exceptionally low and the monuments are fully exposed, to relocate the site. Not only will this relocation help to preserve the stones, which are already showing signs of degradation, but it will also establish a new tourist attraction for the region, where few come to visit, Castaño told The Local.

Removing and reinstalling the monuments would require some work, such as documenting the position, angle, and depth of each stone, but a task certainly within the realm of possibility. According to Repelando, ancient Romans looted the site, and some elements were removed by a German archaeologist in the 1920s. Aside from these disruptions, most of the stones are still resting in their original position, which will allow for a faithful reconstruction and ongoing scientific investigations of the site.

The excessive heat and drought experienced across much of this Europe this summer may or may not be linked to human-induced climate change (spoiler alert: it is), but the odd juxtaposition of a warming climate and its penchant to expose previously hidden archaeological sites is not without precedent. In 2010, for example, retreating ice exposed 3,400-year-old pre-Viking hunting gear in Norway, and it’s possible that retreating ice caps also exposed Ötzi the Iceman, whose well-preserved remains were found in 1991 in the mountains along the Italian-Austrian border.

These finds, along with the recent exposure of the Dolmen of Guadalperal, are certainly fortuitous, but climate change has the potential to inflict more evil than good as far as archaeology is concerned. Research from 2017 warned that sea-level rise could threaten as many as 32,000 prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in North America, depending on how high the waters rise. So yes, climate change still sucks.



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I’ve studied trump’s chart so many times since 2016 that it makes me almost physically ill. In 2016, I was on a radio show for an astrology book and the host asked me who would win the election. Even though I knew trump would be approaching a Jupiter return – like Obama when he won, like Bush Jr. when he won his second term – I said Clinton. My own bias blinded me. I just couldn’t understand how anyone could support a racist, mysoganistic, corrupt man like trump.

Now it’s three years later. It’s coming to light that he withheld funding for the Ukraine for “a favor,” to dig up dirt on his front runner’s son, Hunter Biden. He’s surrounded by complicit allies – Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence. But now there’s a whistleblower – or several – within the State Department and what we’re seeing being played out is a test of the constitution, the rule of law. Do we, as a people, want to live under an autocracy or under a democracy?

I was born in a foreign country to American parents, which meant I was automatically given a choice about citizenship when I turned 18. I could have chosen dual citizenship – Venezuela and the U.S. I chose the U.S. These days, when Venezuela is mentioned, it’s in terms of how socialism – the alleged Democratic Party agenda – destroyed that country. But that’s a Republican talking point and total bullshit. What destroyed Venezuela was the corruption and greed of Chavez, then Maduro, and farther back, every dictator before them.

Trump, like these dictators in Venezuela, like dictators around the world, doesn’t give a damn about you or me. He’s concerned about enriching himself and his family. Take a look at Ivanka’s China trademarks. At how the military stayed at trump’s Scotland resort. At how his hotel properties in D.C. have prospered during his presidency.

In his chart, I desperately want to see an impeachment conviction, where he ends up in solitary confinement tweeting to himself. But honestly, I don’t trust myself to see any of it objectively. And this is where all of us fail, all of us to try to see the future in one form or another. We are human. Fallible. Prejudiced in one way or another. Even if he’s removed from office, then Pence needs to go with him and so do Barr and Pompeo and all the others who have been complicit in this – Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell. I think that Pence, in particular, has been complicit since the beginning, perhaps hoping that for a little while, he might become Prez Pence and try to usher us into the world of The Handmaid’s Tale.

I fail to understand how anyone, particularly women, can support trump now. That aside, don’t take my word for any of it. I’m a huge fan of astrologer Alex Miller, who posts I’ve reposted before. Here’s his take on trump and the impeachment inquiry:

Trump & Karma

The bottom line, though, seems to be that that the man who promised to “drain the swamp,” became the swamp. Now, finally, he may be held accountable. Even if he isn’t convicted in the senate, because the republicans don’t appear to have a conscience, the censure of impeachment remains a permanent stain, something that would scream, This guy invited foreign governments to interfere in the 2020 election. His VP Pence, his attorney general Barr and his secretary of state Pompeo appear to be complicit in all this. Stay tuned. The revelations are practically hourly at this point. I’m hopeful.

And to all for you trump supporters who have gotten angry at us for posting our views on politics and said they won’t ever buy another one of our books, well, as Vonnegut used to say, So it goes.

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White Rabbit

Last night before going to bed Trish mentioned to me that we need  more blog posts. I’ve heard this before from her, because she’s the one who keeps track of the blog posts and always wants to have at least a couple of weeks worth of new ones ready to go. I didn’t respond aloud, but thought that I hadn’t come across anything of a synchro-nature recently, and I hadn’t had a personal synchronicity that I could remember for some time.

I went to bed to sleep on it, but didn’t consciously program myself to have a dream synchro or premonition or even suggest that a good synchro-tale would materialize in the morning. But apparently that wasn’t necessary because within the first hour after getting up I came up synchros for two blog posts. One is a synchronicity I experienced myself this morning, Oct. 1, and the other is a quite incredible one that I came across thanks to an article in The Guardian someone sent me that led to another article in The New Yorker. I’ll save that one for my next post, which I’ll call, “Watch Out What You Ask For,” and here I’ll just include my little personal synchro. This is one of those meaningful coincidences that’s quite startling at the time it happens, but upon re-telling it might seem sort of ho-hum to the reader, I guess because it didn’t happen to you. See what you think.


This morning after eating breakfast, I sat down at my computer and instead of going right into the file on the novel I’m writing,  I decided to play a game of Word with Friends on my phone. A digital distraction. Meanwhile, in the background, the television was on during a commercial break.

I went into the game and up popped a robot player named White Rabbit. The related image showed a comical illustration of a white rabbit wearing a red bow tie. The very instant that I touched the phone to start the game, a mattress ad came on the TV that featured the Jefferson Airplane song, White Rabbit. It was as if I’d triggered the song by tapping the phone.

Wow, I thought, a synchro about a magical rabbit. I take it as a good sign for the day.

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Nina and Simone

This synchronicity about two cats is from Adele Aldridge, an artist and expert on the I Ching.

I have been without a cat for two years — the longest time since I was five years old. On Saturday my daughter and I drove to a cat rescue place to check it out. I was eager, reluctant and scared all at once. We both agreed that we were just seeing what was there with no fixed plan. But Vicki made me take a cat carrier just in case. No wonder I got nervous. I was feeling the responsibility of all that. As I told a vet once when I was adopting my two favorite cats ever, Magic and Mystery, that you can divorce a man but a cat is forever.

When we got there, seeing all these kitties in cases and children milling around and the cats looking all so wonderful to me, just being with cats was as if I had been terribly deprived of some essential nutrient.

After a lot of discussions and looking and I Ching throwing I ended up taking two cats. One is a 3 month old black and white one with mini tuxedo markings. She looks like my last cat, Simon who was a tuxedo. The other cat is 3, all white except half the tail is black looking like it was dipped in jet black ink. She also has a black spot on her back and head. Strange but beautiful. I was told that the little one was extremely shy.

Nancy, the woman in charge, hesitated to let me have it. This was strange talk for a person who wants to find homes for these cats. But she is a true cat lover and knew this cat was dealing with “issues” and wanted to make sure I could handle her problems without returning her. Finally she said that if it didn’t work out I could bring the cat back.

I named the white cat Nina after Anaïs Nin who is one of my favorite people ever for umpteen reasons.  Nin,A – get it? I named the little black one, Simone. Nina Simone. I was naming them as well after the great jazz singer Nina Simone. Also Simone looks  like Simon, the cat I last had. And the name!

When I got them home Simone immediately disappeared. Two days have gone by and no sight of her. This is a small apartment and hard to get lost in. I guess tiny black cats can fit any where. I wondered if I would have to return her.
Meanwhile Nina very quickly made herself at home and has become insatiable about being petted. She found a spot on my bed where she posts herself as if she knew it was just for her. She politely keeps to her side of the bed. No shyness. I even saw her looking at herself in a mirror. I guess she needed just a few hours to adjust to all her trauma. She has been living in a cage for a long time. Still no sight of Simone with the exact opposite kind of behavior. Was she starving to death? If she didn’t know she was in cat paradise that is not my fault. I decided that I’ll just wait no matter how long it takes. I told the angel women at the cat rescue place, not to worry, that I would take the cat and let her work out her stress issues herself.

At the end of the second day with no sign of Simone, sitting with a glass of wine, I decided to see if I could find a Nina Simone album among a stash of hundreds of old music CD’s that need to be sorted out. Luckily, amazingly, I find one right away and put it on. After a few songs I said to myself, talking to Nina Simone, as she sang, “Please help me with this little Simone.” Then I sent a text message to Vicki that just said, “I’m playing Nina Simone’s songs and asking her for help.”

The instant I pushed the send button to Vicki, a black fur ball flew out from under something, shot across the room, reached the entry way, turned, looked me in the eyes for a few moments and ran into the bedroom. I was astounded! This sounds corny as hell but a jolt of energy went through my heart chakra. I KNEW everything was just fine and the fact that this cat showed up at that precise moment when I sent that text as I was pleading with Nina Simone, listening to her sing was such an emotional event for me I again texted my daughter and told her, “I’m having a religious experience.” She texted back and said, “Keep on smoking.” LOL.

I figured that Nina was responding to the voice of her name sake, Nina Simone, even if she didn’t know that she was also named after Anaïs Nin. So I played the album again and then again. But this is the final clincher of this strange syncho. Before sending off this email to you, I wanted to know what Nina’s Simone’s birthday was. Another jolt. Nina Simone was born on February 21, 1933, Anaïs Nin’s birthday. Is this crazy or what? It is also my father’s birthday.

I am happy that I have a cat again to help take care of me. That’s what they do.

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The October forecasts are posted in the masthead. One thing to remember about this month: Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on Halloween and doesn’t turn direct again until November 20. So, everything slows down. Don’t sign contracts during this period, don’t make submissions, buy expensive electronics (Unless your washing machine breaks down!). If you travel, there may be unexpected snafus.  But if you during a retro period, you may return to that place again.

Other than Mercury turning retro on the last day of the month, October should be pretty good for most of us.



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The new moon  on September 28 features the sun, moon, Mercury and Venus all in cardinal air sign Libra at 5 degrees. It’s a beauty in that all this Libra energy urges us to get along, avoid confrontation, and to be more diplomatic in all our relationships.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, and synchronicity, is at 17 degrees Sagittarius in the 12th house and forms a beautiful angle to Venus at 17 degrees Libra in the 10th house. This angle indicates an expansion of beauty, love, and friendship, and perhaps even of $/income!

The only thing I wonder about is Uranus down there in the 5th house, at 5 degrees Taurus. Uranus is the planet of sudden, unpredictable events and forms a 150 degree angle to the new moon – a quincunx. This aspect denotes a need for some type of adjustment – in attitude, understanding, or insight.

For a fuller understanding of how this new moon impacts your sign, take a look at the September forecasts in the masthead. And don’t forget to return in a couple of days for the October forecast!



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What the Asteroids Say about the Impeachment inquiry

One of my favorite astrologers, Alex Miller, has a unique take on the stars. He specializes in asteroids. I’ ve been following him since I read one of his articles in The Mountain Astrologer. Take a look and see what I mean.

What’s amazing is how many asteroids exist and their names!

Pelosi Pulls the Trigger



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For the last several days, Rob and I have talked about writing a book on luck, happiness and synchronicity. The discussion was the result of several books and articles we’ve read recently about luck and happiness and how both of these topics often have synchronicity woven into them. And, par for the course, the universe delivered material.

This morning I received an email from a friend, let’s call her Anne, who said her daughter, Lynn, had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. Her car had been totaled. This is not the kind of news I relish hearing on any given morning. But this story was particularly bizarre.

The man who struck Lynn’s’s car on September 8 was on the run from the police. He hit a cop, then struck Lynn’s car at an intersection, then a gas station and escaped on foot. But the cops caught him. Lynn was in pain because of the way her seat belt snapped back and the air bag hit her. But she has no broken bones, so internal injuries, and was released today with a script for pain killers.

“She has such bad luck,” Anne said.

Well, maybe. But maybe not. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Five years ago almost to the day, September 11, Lynn was hit on the driver’s side of her car, and this time, was struck on the passenger side. Both times her car was totaled,  she escaped without serious injuries, and the driver was fleeing from cops. That last detail is the most significant one in this pattern. Just contemplate the odds: two accidents, separated by nearly five years to the date, caused by a male driver fleeing from police. That alone qualifies the incident as a synchronicity. But what’s the message?

Given the nature of the accidents and the damage to her car, it’s incredible that Lynn wasn’t seriously injured or killed. To me, both events qualify as lucky. BUT…how can Lynn break what seems to be an emerging pattern?

Let’s look at the specifics. She’s driving along, seat belt on, comes to an intersection and stops. A driver  who is fleeing cops, slams into her on the driver’s side of the car. Direct. The second time, it’s the passenger side of the care. l  So, in a very real sense, does Lynn need to be paying attention to what is to either side of her?  In a metaphorical sense, should she try to rectify issues in her life that make her feel like a victim in that she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time? What is the repetitive event telling her? Is she running from something or toward something?

I realize that therapy helps many people and that there have been times in my life when I probably should have seen a therapist. But I believe an axiom I read long ago in a Seth book, channeled by mystic Jane Roberts: You get what you concentrate on…there is no other main rule. It seems to be the basis of the law of attraction. So if you and your therapist or you and your friends or support group focus on what has gone wrong in your life you may get more of it.  To break the pattern, it’s vital that your focus changes. Ask, instead: What is going right in my life?

Focus on that.

Years ago, my sister seemed to be locked into a pattern that involved the wrong men. Two marriages- an alcoholic and then a control freak – and this pattern was reflected in her work as a nurse in charge of an assisted living facility. Her boss was a jerk and had faulted her on things she hadn’t done. He threatened to fire her. So she went to his boss and enumerated what he’d done wrong and the upshot was that he got fired. She broke a pattern. Not long afterward she met the man who became her third husband, the absolute best guy of the three.

Breaking these patterns often involves nothing more than standing up for ourselves – who we are, who we wish to be, and who we hope to become. And synchronicity illuminates that path forward.

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