A spirit contact update


On February 12 of this year, we posted a story called The Traveling Shoes.

I’m reposting it here because we’ve gotten an update! This happens so rarely and this update may explain why this spirit was so irritated.

The repost, then look for the update at the end:

This story, from Sharon Catley, is one of the oddest I’ve heard. It’s ghostly, but so weirdly eerie it could fit into any number of categories.

I worked at the same company for 33 years. During that time I was moved into several different office locations within the same building. My department consisted of three offices – Mine, another coworkers and a large foyer that was used for storage. One of the things that were stored in that room were these special safety shoes. They were made of rubber and were kind of like galoshes with steel toes that you could put over your regular shoes to enter areas of our location that required additional safety.

There were about 10 pairs in various sizes and colors. We would laugh because they looked a bit like clown shoes. Anyway every morning when we came into work the shoes which had been stored on a two level shelf would be all over the floor. They stayed in place on the shelves all day but every morning they were off-the-shelf.

One morning I was just arriving and had not had a chance to pick up the shoes yet when the payroll lady came in to talk to me. She asked what the shoes were doing all over the floor? I told her the story. She was of Asian descent and said that in their culture this would be the sign of a ghost and that shoes in the house are considered bad luck. The shoes continued to be jumping off onto the floor for the next few years until it was decided to do a rearrangement of that storage foyer. The shelf with the shoes was placed at the opposite end of the room and for some reason the shoes suddenly ceased their night time wandering.

We had done quite a thorough investigation before to see what the cause for this movement might be (breezes or being moved by the night janitor but he did not come every night) We later learned that the ashes of a former employee had been stored in the shelves original spot. The urn had been brought to facilitate the scattering of the ashes at sea but had been forgotten there behind some boxes. It had been found and removed just before we and the shoes moved into those offices. The payroll lady and I concluded that the ghost of the person whose ashes had been there felt disrespected by us placing those stinky shoes in his area. The shoes have since been moved into a closet just outside these offices and are still behaving themselves. Just thought this was an interesting event and wanted to share.

Sharon later sent a postscript to this story, a bit of explanation:

The reason that the lady brought the urn to us was we are a marine transportation company and the employee whose ashes were in the urn had worked for us for many years. The urn was left in the storage room for a number of years as well. Perhaps another reason for the ghost’s displeasure was having to sit in the urn for so long, forgotten while he had been expected to be out floating freely in the Pacific Ocean. And maybe he was just expressing his displeasure by tossing the shoes around.

A bit of a trickster spirit, that one!


Sharon emailed me today, August 2, with this:

Just to let you know I found out some more information about those ashes.  I attended a lunch for retirees of the company where the event took place.  One of the attendees was the gentleman who was supposed to be responsible for dealing with the scattering of the ashes.  As he had left the company before the shoe incident I told him the story and he said.  “I know exactly the ashes you are talking about and I know what happened to them.”

Apparently once the ashes were unearthed after their time being lost he had called in a Skipper and asked that they be scattered on the next trip to Vancouver Island.  The Skipper took the container and left the room. Five minutes later the Skipper returned back into the office with the empty container and said. “There he is, on his way out to sea.”

Apparently he had dumped the ashes down the toilet. So no wonder the spirit was upset.



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trump presidency in 15 Blake Snyder Movie Beats

In Blake Snyder’s wonderful book on screenwriting, Save the Cat, there’s a break into act 2 that he describes as entering “the upside down world,” the antithesis of act 1. And since our lives, globally and personally, are stories, trump has brought us into that upside world, where the old world falls away.

None of the usual norms apply. Our president is a racist, misogynistic, homophobic idiot who breaks laws, protocol, alienates allies, doesn’t read or listen, and whose entire life seems to be about – well, himself and his adoration of autocrats. Act 2 challenges the hero (US, the people) to fix the problem.

At first, we go about it the wrong way. Snyder calls this the “fun and games section,” 30-55 minutes into a movie, TV show, script, the heart of the movie, the story. ” This section ideally answers the question: Why did I come to this movie?”

For the first years of his presidency, the media hoped trump would act more presidential, that he would shock everyone by becoming The President. They went soft on him, reporting on his antics like it was business as usual. Then we hit a lot of moments that led up to the midpoint of the trump movie. In Die Hard, it’s where Bruce Willis outwits the terrorist. In Bruce Almighty, it’s where Jim Carey gets to act like God. In the trump story it’s where he fired FBI director Jim Comey and the Mueller investigation was launched.

I would like to believe we have transitioned into Act 3, where the hero figures out the solution, the bad guys are done away with, and all the loose ends are tied up. But I think we’re still in the section of the story that Snyder calls All Is Lost. It occurs about 75 minutes into a movie – the rock bottom. In 1984, it’s where the totalitarian government arrests the hero. In The DaVinci Code, it’s where the hero is betrayed by someone he/she trusts. In our universe, it should be the point where trump supporters realize they’ve been conned.

Instead, we have the prez dude doing photo ops with an infant orphaned in the El Paso shootings because none of the survivors wanted to appear with him. Instead, we have a prez expressing an interest in buying Greenland, in weakening the endangered species list, in suing the supreme court to allow discrimination against transgenders. In our collective story we seem to be locked into the ALL IS LOST point.  It’s extending well beyond the 75 minutes of the movie.

Or maybe this is the dark night of the soul beat that happens between 75-85 minutes into a film. In a movie, Snyder says, it can last five seconds or five minutes. In real life, it may seem like forever. As Snyder puts it, it’s the “Oh Lord, why hast thou forsaken me? beat. It’s primal. We’ve all been there…And thank God, because by page 85, when the hero finally figures it out, we get to see him realize “the world of synthesis is at hand.”

And this is the break into Act 3.

We’re definitely not there yet with this trump story. Maybe we’ve made it to page 75, one minute past the All Is Lost beat, where the media  actively calls trump out on his lies, where some people are waking up to what is happening to democracy. I just hope our cut to Act 3 happens before the 2020  election.  That cut to the third act is supposed to be, according to Snyder:  “…the turning over of the old world and a creation of the new world order…” If he is re-elected, there may not be any Act 3 for the heroes.

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20-20 Vision


We’re closing in on the year 2020, now just four and a half months away. What kind of year will  it be? Perhaps one of vision. But what kind of vision? After all, 20-20 vision can mean looking back…hindsight has 20-20 vision. But 20-20 vision can also refer to looking ahead in a clear manner.

According to Bashar, a multidimensional being channeled by Darryl Anka, the coming year will be a pivot point in history, a splitting apart of different versions of Earth—parallel realities, different tracks of time.

Yet, according to quantum theory of physics, this splitting apart of reality happens all the time. The problem is that we never notice it because our reality appears seamless to us. Apparently, we all split off from the reality where Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. If so, many of us feel that we were dumped here. Was it really our choice to experience years of divisiveness, chaos, and uncertainty?

Maybe the lesson for all of us who find ourselves in Trump’s ultimate reality show is  that we can now more clearly see a dual reality within our everyday world, one divided between Trump’s loyal base of up to 40% of Americans who see the Trump train traveling smoothly ahead,  and everyone else who see that same train going off the rails over and over.

2020, of course, is election year, a time of vision, and as Bashar says, a pivotal point in history.


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The Happy Kitchen

Mercury retrograde certainly makes itself known. Here’s the background for this synchro: the frother for our Nespresso machine stopped working. So I ordered a handheld frother from Amazon that came from The Happy Kitchen.

It arrived within several days and coincided with a proposal I was writing called Cosmic Bliss: The Astrology of Happiness. My agent had informed me that books on happiness were selling and could I adapt astrology to that concept?

Well, sure. Astrology addresses many area of our lives and our capacity for happiness and joy is certainly one of them. So while I’m researching and writing this proposal, our new handheld frother arrives! Yay! Let’s make a couple of cappuccinos and see how this new frother works.

But it didn’t work. Rob and I inserted a bunch of different AA batteries, bought new batteries, but the frother didn’t work. A card inserted with the frother asked that we write directly to the company with any concerns. So on Sunday night, I wrote to support@zulay.net:


I ordered a handheld milk frother, inserted the batteries, and it doesn’t work. What now?

Thank you,
Trish MacGregor

The next morning, a Monday, I received this email:

Dear Trish,

Thank you so much for writing to us and letting us know about this issue. I’m so sorry that this has happened. We are a small family-owned business and we’d like to make this right.

I’m thinking you must have received a defective one because this is very unusual. We do have a LIFETIME warranty on ALL of our products so if you can provide me with your order number, I can get a new one sent out to you.

We always strive to give each of our customers “Kitchen Happiness” and I’m hoping I can make your experience with us a much better one.

All the best,
Kitchen Happiness Director

Kitchen Happiness?? Really? Now I was especially intrigued by the synchronicity. I’d gotten some feedback from my agent about the proposal on astrology and happiness, and was eager to get home and go to work on it.

As soon as I was home, I sent Whitney the order number and wrote:

Wow, Whitney, thanks so much! These two emails of yours actually became a synchronicity. I’ll write this up on our blog and hope it gives your company the attention it deserves!

Here’s the synchronicity: I’m a writer and have been writing a proposal called Cosmic Bliss: The Astrology of Happiness.

Love it when this happens. I’ll let you know when the post goes up. I also repost to Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks again!


Her response was:

Dear Trish,

Oh my! That’s so kind of you. It’s truly our pleasure to be of service and we’re always happy to help. Thank you for understanding. We look forward to your blog and wish you the best, and we can’t wait for you to receive the product! If there is anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

All the best,
Kitchen Happiness Director

What I find so interesting about this synchro is that it seems to confirm this idea of happiness as a theme for selling products – and a proposal. I mean, c’mon, how cool must it be to work at a place that calls itself Happiness Kitchen?

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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full moons are about harvest, completion, news, illumination of certain area of our lives. The full moon in Aquarius on August 15 – 8:29 AM EDT, 5:29 AM Pacific – is a beauty – particularly when you compare it to the last full moon – a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16.

This full moon enjoys a wide 60-degree and beneficial angle to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter also represents luck, synchronicity, higher education, the law, publishing, worldview, foreign travel, people, and countries. Any news you hear on or around this date is likely to be positive and may catch you by surprise.

The other things I love about this full moon is that the sun at 22 degrees Leo is exactly conjunct Venus, the planet that represents love, romance, beauty art, and $. When the sun and Venus are as friendly as these two on August 15, things tend to go your way according to the house in your birth chart where Leo falls and where the other fire signs – Aries and Sagittarius – are in your chart.

The other beauty of this full moon is that Jupiter in Sagittarius – which forms that beneficial angle to the full moon – also forms an even better angle to the sun and Venus in Leo. That 120-degree angle is called a trine and indicates a smooth flow of energy. Venus and Jupiter, I think, are passionate lovers. When they’re together like this and enjoy such a beneficial touch from Jupiter, hen it bodes well for everyone.

Instead of trying to figure out how all this applies to your birth chart, take a look at your August forecast in the masthead and read about what this full moon may bring about for you.  And then get ready to seize the opportunities and act on any news you receive.

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Bishop of the Moon


Recently, there was muted celebration on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. It was celebrated with a low key event in mid-July with several surviving astronauts who went to the moon and Vice President Mike Pence. Underlying the event was the odd notion that in a sense we were more advanced in space travel half a century ago than we are now. Fifty years ago, we figured by now we would have established communities on the moon and Mars, and back on Earth, we would have flying cars.

None of that has happened. Technology advanced through electronic communications and devices. We got the internet, Google, Amazon and iPhones. But no vacations on the moon.

One oddity from fifty years ago related to the moon shot that didn’t receive any notable attention on the recent anniversary involves the Catholic Church. Like other Christian missionaries, the Catholics have always looked for ways to expand their influence into distant primitive cultures. But the Catholic hierarchy took one giant step for Catholicism when in 1969 William Borders, the bishop of Orlando, Florida – the diocese that encompasses Cape Canaveral where the moon flights were launched—claimed that an archaic canon law still on the books designated him as the bishop of the moon.

Bishop Borders told Pope Paul VI that the then active 1917 Code of Canon Law placed newly explored territory under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the port of departure, hence making the Diocese of Orlando responsible for the moon following the flight of Apollo 11. That designation expanded the diocese’s total area to 14,657,051 square miles, making it the largest Catholic diocese in existence.

This designation wasn’t widely publicized as far as we know. Trish and I both grew up as Catholics and never knew that there was a bishop of the moon. But then by 1969, we were no longer among the faithful.

This story might sound like something tongue in cheek in the vein of articles in the Onion. But it’s actually true. However, the current bishop of Orlando, John Noonan, apparently wants nothing to do with the moon, probably because in fifty years since landing on the harsh landscape the population of potential Catholics remains the same. Zero.

Unless, of course, there’s aliens on the moon and that’s why we stopped short on our lunar adventure. But that’s another story.

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An I Ching Synchro


I have two friends whom I consider to be I Ching experts – Nancy Pickard and Adele Aldridge. Even though I’ve been using the I Ching for decades, these two women understand this Chinese divination system in the same way that Carl Jung probably did.

This morning, I received an email from Adele that she had a long dream where she was talking to someone, explaining things. “Most of the dream faded. I did remember the part where I was explaining what hexagram 30 was – Fire over Fire, etc.

“I forgot about it. I always do a morning I Ching reading for the day which I record in my desk calendar. This morning I got hexagram 1, The Creative, with  the second and fifth lines changing to #30.

“Isn’t that cool when a dream discusses the I Ching ahead of time? Double weirdo I am.”

It’s a solid synchro and precognitive as well.

Hexagram 30 is called The Clinging, Fire, and is a double sign. It looks like this:

___   ___
___   ____

In other words, the two trigrams are identical. The hexagram means: to cling to something, to be conditioned, to depend or rest on something, and also brightness. “The great man continues the work of nature in the human world. Through the clarity of his nature he causes the light to spread father and farther and to penetrate the nature of man ever more deeply.”

The meaning of this hexagram fits what Adele is doing: illustrating and defining every line in all 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, with additional illustrations for 8 trigrams and an image for each of the 64 hexagrams. That’s a grand total of 456 illustrations!


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Puerto Ricans took to the streets protesting against the corrupt governor – and he resigned. It’s time for us to do the same thing against trump and his entire administration.

He’s a corrupt, racist, misogynistic criminal who cozies up to dictaors and whose hateful rhetoric has stoked white supremacy by demeaning Mexicans, Latinos, Muslims, people of color. He is doing what authoritarian governments have done for centuries – identify an enemy, call the press fake news, repeat lies over and over again until the gullible believe them. The shootings in El Paso are the result of his rhetoric and racism. And now he’s planning to go there? For what? To offer comfort? The kind of comfort he offered to the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria when he tossed rolls of paper towels into the crowd?

And criminal trump has his enablers – notably attorney general William Barr and Mitch McConnell.

On the same day that Robert Mueller sat before congress testifying about his report – and stated that the Russians are still meddling in our elections – are doing it now, as Mueller put it, Mitch McConnell, trump’s enabler, refused to bring an election security bill to a vote in the senate. Moscow Mitch is what he’s being called now. He has also blocked legislation on gun control. As a result, his new nickname is Massacre Mitch. As of February 2018, McConnell had received $1.26 million in NRA donations. And that figure was from more than a year ago.

Day by day, trump and his enablers are destroying democracy by ignoring subpoenas, the law, and accountability. The DOJ policy that states a sitting president can’t be prosecuted puts him above the law. Like a king. An emperor. A dictator. The democrats need to start impeachment proceedings even if the senate refuses to convict. They need to do this because it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Trump must be held accountable. If he wins in 2020 – or the dems don’t win by a large enough margin and trump simply refuses to leave office and calls the results fake news – then we are at the door to fascism.

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Synchronicity in Action: the 7/Eleven Baby

Our blogging friend Nicholas Carroll alerted me to this one. J’Aime Brown was born on 7-11, at 7:11 PM, and weighed in at – you guessed it – 7 pounds and 11 ounces. Synchronicity in action! 7/Eleven, the national chain, heard about this and are contributing $7,111 to J’Aime’s college fund along with other gifts.

I was curious about J’Aime’s birth chart, so I Googled the story and found out that the boy was born in St. Louis. Our souls choose the circumstances of our births and, as Nicholas pointed out, it looks as if this soul “went above and beyond. Maybe this soul intends to wake us up to the reality that there is no such thing as coincidence.” So let’s take a look at what his chart tells us.

He has three notable clusters in his chart – in the 1st house, the 7th, and the 8th. In the 7th, we find his nurturing Cancer sun hugging his North Node in Cancer, with Venus widely conjunct. His focus this time around is on relationships, something he should embrace in this life to realize his full potential. He will attract money and opportunities through these relationships. It looks like he has already done that, considering 7/Eleven’s contribution to his college fund!) And, not to get too far ahead of ourselves, he will be attractive to women and would be happiest with a Cancer woman.

In the first house, he has Saturn, the South Node and Pluto, all conjunct in Capricorn, the builder. He also has Capricorn rising.  He’s going to be self-directed, Dad may be stricter than he would like, and he’s going to be a leader – that comes from the square from Pluto his Midheaven, the cusp of his 10th house. He’ll have a transformative impact on other people’s lives. With his Scorpio moon in 11th house, he’ll choose a career where he can really delve into things, and will always seek the absolute bottom line. This Scorpio moon also gives him intuitive ability and he’ll have a talent for  quickly sizing up people.

In the 8th house, he has Mars and Mercury conjunct in Leo – that’s ambition and physicality and communication. He’ll be a forceful speaker and an excellent communicator in general. The Vx – Vertex – in Leo also suggests that other’s share their resources with him (already happened with that college fund).

Jupiter in the 1st house is square Neptune in in Pisces in the 3rd house, so this boy came in with big dreams and has easy access to his personal unconscious, which is expansive.

Uranus in Taurus in the 4th house is conjunct the part of fortune, which suggests frequent and unexpected changes in his home life, which really is his pot of gold this time around. As an adult, his own home and home life will be unusual and unconventional.

He’s a builder of bridges with a solid understanding of paranormal concepts and the nature of consciousness. He’ll understand the synchronicity of the 7s and 11s. A little powerhouse!



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Behind the Scenes of Scary Movies


kindle, $3.99

Also available in print, $12.99

The following story comes from Bump in the Night.

During the filming of some of the scariest movies of all time – The Exorcist, The Omen, Poltergeist, and The Crow – it’s not surprising that uncanny incidents occurred behind the scenes. The real-life horrors took place during the filming and after it was over. Take The Omen.

This classic horror films about the devil’s offspring might be the most cursed film of the genre. Before and during the filing there were, well, many omens! A sequence of peculiar accidents plagued the cast, crew, and even people loosely connected to the film. The strange occurrences began with a series of unlikely lightning strikes.

Before filming began, the plane carrying novelist and screenwriter David Seltzer was struck by lightning. He was fortunate to survive. In another electrifying incident, a plane transporting the film’s star, Gregory Peck, was also struck by lightning. The pilot managed to land the plane safely and nobody was hurt. During filming in Rome, a bolt of lightning narrowly missed producer Harvey Bernhard.

Peck had anther close brush with death during the filming, when he cancelled a flight to Israel that crashed and killed everyone onboard. With all the strange happenings, it was a wonder Peck decided to continue on with the project. It’s also surprising that director Richard Donner didn’t walk away from The Omen when he was hit by a car and stayed at a hotel bombed by the IRA. I a separate vehicle-related incident, a number of crew members were nearly killed on the first day of shooting in a head-on car crash.

As another omen, the poster for the movie depicted the silhouette of a boy with a wolf-like shadow. The movie title was above the image and below it were the words: REMEMBER… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


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Door to Nowhere

This photo was taken of the building next door to Catch 27, where we ate one night in St. Augustine. When I first spotted this door to nowhere, I was struck by the incongruity of the thing, the strangeness of a door suspended in midair. It looked as if the building had been raised for some reason – maybe due to flooding or renovations.

I snapped a photo, but during dinner, kept glancing back at it and wondered, Suppose that door, when you open it from the inside and step out, leads elsewhere?

The building and the restaurant were in old town St. Augustine, where the cobbled streets are narrow and lined with old buildings, tourist shops, museums, restaurants, all the usual tourist traps. But here, the trappings seem different somehow, perhaps because the city is the oldest in the U.S. and across the street from Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest fort in the country.

San Marcos was built by the Spanish between 1672 and 1695. It was intended as a stronghold  against invaders that approached the city through Matanzas Bay, is built of coquina rock, its walls six feet thick, its psychic history embedded in stone. Surrounding the plaza inside the walls are numerous rooms that were used as storage area for food and weapons, a chapel, lodging for soldiers. All the rooms are pretty depressing, small and cramped, with appropriate exhibits that illustrate some facet of its history.

In the chapel, I was intrigued by the pews ( a modern addition), a large holder for candles, an kind of altar of flames, candles lit for the dead, and poster boards that detailed the history. I wondered if that door to nowhere might be a portal to the city’s past.

Let’s say it is and there’s some way to move into it and pass through it to, well, elsewhere. But suppose, just suppose, the way through this portal involves tensegrity, a series of magical passes – positions and movements of body and breath –  dreamed by men and women seers who had lived in ancient Mexico. They were taught to Carlos Castaneda and his band of female acolytes by don Juan Matus, his mentor, a Yaqui Indian from Yuma, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico.

And suppose these movements are executed by a young woman who does them in the chapel, witnessed by several dozen tourists? As she does them, the texture of the wall shifts and eddies, like a a wave, and she passes through it? At this point I’m thinking there may be an idea somewhere in here for a novel

But the big question is: if this door is a portal, where does it lead?

And now, more than two months after that trip, the logline for this door to nowhere is:

The island home of a reluctant psychic is invaded by people with terrifying powers from centuries in the future. She discovers that she is the descendant of their brilliant, misguided leader,   fleeing a world devastated by climate change, and that he and his team will seize the island unless she can defeat them – by joining him.


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Democracy: Is it okay to…

I would like to believe there’s something in trump’s natal chart and the transits to it that portends the end off his administration before the 2020 election. I would like to see some massive explosion to his chart, something that forever removes it – and him – from our collective awareness. I’ve looked for these indicators before and have pinpointed  dates and events that approached and passed without much impact to his chart or to him. He really is the teflon guy. Regardless off what outrageous thing he says or does, his  approval rating remains slightly above 40 percent.

This figure comes from 538, whose statistics I trust most of the time.  Today, July 28, they have his approval rating at 42.5 percent, an average based on various polls you can see at their website. As of 2018, the population of the U.S. was 327.2 million. That means that more than 140 million people in this country approve of trump. Granted, not all of them vote, but honestly, if that number is anywhere near right, what country do I live in?

Do these 140 million people think it’s okay for children to be held at the border in cages, without proper food, without a toothbrush or soap, some of them so young they have other children taking care of them? Do these people believe it’s fine to have a liar, racist and mysoginist for president? This man’s administration has raised the deficit to 3 TRILLION (so much for Republican fiscal conservatism), has trashed health care, denies that climate change is real, appointed every swamp monster to his cabinet, many of whom have been removed due to ethical violations and outright crimes, and has created chaos in world markets.

These 140 million plus Americans have been conned by the biggest con man of all times.

I used to think trump was just stupid. I still think that, but even stupid people have strengths and his are TV and Twitter. The Apprentice made You’re fired a kind of meme. His Twitter rants are daily news. He has his enablers, too, Mitch McConnell, who just blocked two bills in the senate concerning election security, and most of the Republicans in the senate. And of course he has his behind-the-scenes enablers – Putin, the Saudis.

I think what we’re seeing is the old paradigm rearing up and declaring that it won’t go out with a whimper, that white men must always rule, that women and their bodies must be commandeered by these white man, and that they’re jamming the courts at ever level with their brethren to make sure they’ve got the three branches of government in their pockets.

Democracy is headed toward an Apocalypse, a type of government that has horrifying parallels to Fascism, but which may be some new type of nightmare that surpasses anything adolf  envisioned. And the Democrats are dragging their collective feet about impeachment because they know the senate won’t convict.

But so what? At least get the process going so we can see everything that’s been hidden.

If internment camps like what we now have at the borders are in the future for the more than 157 million who disapprove of trump, then we deserve to know that so that we can make alternate plans for our own futures. In fact, many of us are already making those plans. What are yours?

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EXPEDITION UNKNOWN goes to the Bermuda Triangle



The image above shows a thunderstorm sweeping across the Atlantic toward Key Biscayne and the lighthouse where I was perched high above the water. I was there to be interviewed by Josh Gates of the Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown. The show was working on an episode about the Bermuda Triangle. Josh picked me (Rob) to open up the show with him from atop the lighthouse after a referral from Dave Shrader of Beyond the Darkness Radio.

The interview was pretty basic. Since I’d co-authored two Bermuda Triangle-related books,  he started out by asking me to define the B.T.—where it is and what it is. We talked some about the origins going back to 1492 and Colombus’s first voyage to the New World.  We also talked about the theories and I told him that I had been somewhat skeptical about the BT until I started researching stories and hearing some first-hand encounters, such as the ones by my co-author Bruce Gernon.

We did take after take with slightly different wordings or postures. At times, it was more like acting than being interviewed. But it was a lot of fun.

Josh’s last question to me prompted a startling synchronicity. He asked  if I’d ever had a Bermuda Triangle experience myself. In fact, I had. It was on a flight from Andros Island in the Bahamas to West Palm Beach with Trish and Bruce and his wife, Lynn. The flight had followed interviews Bruce and I had done for the History Channel’s UFO Hunters. We took off, flew out over the Tongue of the Ocean, the 6,500-foot trench on the west side of the island, after circling past the U.S. Navy base on the island, known as AUTEC, Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Center.

The GPS screen showed a string of Bahama Islands spreading out to the west toward Florida. Abruptly, the navigation system shut down. No more islands, no more GPS. Just as I said the system shut down, a booming peal of thunder startled us. Josh was amazed and quickly check with the sound guy to make sure he recorded the boom and he asked the two cameramen if they had turned and filmed the approaching storm.

I continued the story, explaining that fortunately Bruce is a very experienced pilot and was able to find the way back to Florida without getting confused or lost. Curiously, as we passed over the mainland, the GPS screen popped back up. The next day, Bruce had the system checked and it was found to be in perfect order.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Expedition Unknown, you probably know that Josh Gates likes to push it to the edge and he has found himself in some dangerous and precarious situations. So it wasn’t surprising when he continued the interview, repeating segments of it over and over—seeking the perfect combination of picture and sound—as the storm moved our way. By the end, the storm hit us as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled and we were still doing takes literally shouting above the storm. That’s just the way he likes it! It was fun, a little scary, and we were both very wet as we wrapped.

After the shoot was over, I told Robert Vanover, the chief producer, about the timing of the initial blast of thunder, and he responded: “Synchronicity!”

Josh Gates: Expedition Unknown

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New Moon in Leo


The new moon in Leo on July 31 occurs at 11:12 PM EDT, less than an hour before Mercury turns direct in Cancer. After this month’s two eclipses and a Mercury retro, this new moon should be a relief.

It forms a beautiful angle to Jupiter in Sagittarius and although Jupiter is retrograde, some of its expansive energy should affect all of us in a positive way. Compared to the rest of of July, this new moon should bring joy. I also like Venus’s position, conjunct within four degrees of the new moon. Venus softens things and rules romance, beauty, $, women, female sibling, art.

Also, the rising in this chart is fire sign Aries and it forms a great angle to Mars at 19 degrees Leo. I have a certain fondness for the number 22, the degree of this rising, because I associate it with Hexagram 22 in the I Ching – Grace.

Saturn and Pluto up there in the 10th house at 15 degrees and 21 degrees Capricorn forms an angle to Mars called a quincunx – 150 degrees. It usually indicates that an adjustment may be necessary. Saturn represents government and structure, Pluto represents profound transformation, and Mars symbolizes our forward momentum, our physicality, ambition. It’s also the god of war, so there may be news of some sort about rising international tensions.

For a look at how this new moon impacts your chart, check out the forecasts for July -‘ and August,  in the masthead. One thing is certain: fire signs are going to enjoy themselves!

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