Tripping on 3s

We drove five hours recently from here in Palm Beach County to Sugarloaf Key, located 17 miles from Key West. We had lunch with Trish’s literary agent and his wife, and two hours later we turned around and drove back. It’s pleasant driving through the Florida keys and seeing all that clear aqua blue water on either side of the road. However, we’re glad we don’t take that double trip very often. The drive was also accompanied with rain, buckets of it in the lower keys. That was unusual for us since back home we are in drought conditions. Very little rain for weeks and weeks.

Of course, we were watchful as ever for synchronicities on the journey and we found them through numbers. The #3 to be precise. As we drove toward our destination, I happened to look at the odometer and saw that it read: 3111. Okay, that’s 33 in numerology. I mentioned it to Trish. Then, on our return trip I looked again at the odometer and this time it read: 3333. I pointed it out and we were talking about it when we looked up to see a street sign hanging above the road, which was sort of odd in itself. Just before we passed under it, Trish said: “Look, it’s 33rd Street.”

So that was a bunch of threes – 8 in all. Since 33 is a master number, we took it as a good omen for things to come.


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Startling alien encounter story

We haven’t talked to these guys, but it’s hard to imagine that they are making up this story. They also present evidence, a hand print left on a car hood that was made into a cast.

However, it seems they are holding back part of the story. What happened after the initial encounter in the forest? Were they abducted? Did they experience missing time? Whatever it was they experienced was shocking enough that these two men, who had regularly camped in the forest, never went on another camping trip there, not since 2002.

Here’s a you tube about it:



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The Poop Bag Thief

The man at the top of the post is now known among the dog park people as a notorious poop bag thief. Weird, right?

Today at the dog park, several of us were standing around, chatting and tossing balls and Frisbees for our dogs, when I noticed a man at the poop bag dispensary pulling out reams of the yellow bags that are for picking up your dog’s waste. He didn’t have a dog with him and was stuffing the yellow bags into a larger paper bag. I kept watching him and thought that maybe he couldn’t figure out how to pull along the dotted lines that separate one bag from another. I turned to Sharon.

“Hey, look at that guy.”

She glanced around and laughed. “What the hell?”

He continued to do and must have stuffed hundreds of the yellow bags into his larger bag when Sharon and I started toward him. “Excuse me, sir,” Sharon said. “What’re you doing?”

“It’s none of your business,” he snapped, and kept jerking out more bags.

“That’s theft,” I said.

“Fuck off,” he replied. “I pay taxes.”

“Hey,” I said. “So do I, but that doesn’t entitled me to steal poop bags. Leave some for the dog owners.”

“Fuck off,” he said again.

Just then, Jaime came into the park with her two dogs, saw that something was going on. “This guy’s stealing poop bags,” I said.

She immediately raised her phone and snapped several photos of him. “These pictures are going to the city.”

With that, he hurried out the gate. Jaime followed him to his car, snapped a picture of his license plate. “I’ll have your name by tomorrow.”

“You fat c***,” he said.

She just laughed. And then he lunged at her. She stepped back, he got into his Audi, and drove off.

Bag dispensaries used to be outside the park, near the parking lot, but last year the city moved them all inside the park because someone kept emptying the dispensaries. We’re betting he’s the culprit.

What possesses someone to steal several hundred dog poop bags? Does he own packs of dogs? Does he sell these bags on ebay? Is he some demented old man who fills his closet with these things? He may be just another South Florida eccentric whose brain has been fried by the tropical sun.




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Going out of body from a dream…

OOBEs are not dreams

We get e-mails occasionally that are literally out of this world. In other words, they concern matters that are outside the realm of the everyday world. Such was the case recently when Wes Meeks from Texas wrote about a dream he had that led into an out-of-body experience. Here it is:

“During a dream, I realized I was dreaming, so I decided to fly. I felt the vibrations and instantly I was out.  I was so happy to just fly freely that I forgot about any real destination.  This is one of the hazards of OOBEs.  The ultimate joy and freedom of simply flying in the air or through space is so exhilarating that it causes one to forget about any other plans.”

I found something puzzling about Wes’ experience. How did he know that he was actually out of body and not having a lucid dream in which he directed his dreaming self to fly. So I asked him.

“I believe that this was an OOBE because I felt and saw the transition from the sort of grayish dream colors to blackness, then the feeling of air rushing by and then seeing an amazing number of stars.  I also felt the vibrations come on when I tried to move from the lucid dream to an OOBE.  And finally, when I had flown long enough, which this time was a few minutes, I felt the familiar vacuum and then I was back in my body, lying on my bed trembling and wide awake.  I have flown in dreams before, but did not get the vibrations nor was I able to fly for long, but settled down to the ground and the dream continued.  That is how I know this was a true OOBE.”

After reading the explanation, I was curious about the sensation of feeling the wind while out of body. If you don’t have a physical body, how do you feel the wind? Again, Wes responded.

“During an oobe, a person can still somehow feel the wind when flying in the atmosphere.  This is strange, yes, because if one is out of body, how would the person feel anything?  How does a body made of “energy” meet with resistance or friction of any kind?  Equally amazing is my own experience as well as other persons’ experiences of being able to touch things or people or move things while out of body.  My opinion is that the astral body, being totally an energy form, can somehow meld into the object to move it.

“But I also many times have traveled through walls or ceilings and actually seen the various materials that make up a house on a nearly molecular level.  When passing through a wall or ceiling there is somehow a feeling, I mean that I feel the plywood, the wires, the sheet rock, the wood and I pass through these on the way out of my house.”

Finally, since Wes has had experiences where he flies off into space, I had to ask if he felt anything in space—a vacuum.

“I did not feel the movement of air in outer space, only when I was flying in the atmosphere. When I would fly in the stars, it was similar to the beginning of the old Star Trek shows. I would fly infinitely fast and the stars would sometimes blur into nearly solid lines.  I am not sure how I am able to transition from star travel to being on some other plane.  I think I would just suddenly think of somewhere else and be there.”

Wes Meeks is featured in chapter one of our upcoming book, STRANGE THINGS: True Stories about Alien Encounters & Paranormal Mysteries. – Rob



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Mockingbirds As Messengers

This afternoon (April 16, Easter Sunday) as we entered the dog park, Nika and Noah made a beeline for an area shaded by three large trees where squirrels usually hide out. As Noah trotted over to the first tree and sniffed at the trunk, a mockingbird swooped down, chattering madly, and nearly hit him. Then a second mockingbird did the same thing when Nika and several other dogs arrived to do the squirrel sniff test. The dogs barely noticed the birds, but we humans did.

“They’ve got a nest somewhere in here,” remarked a man sitting at the picnic table.

I watched the birds for several minutes, swooping into another area of the park where other dogs were sniffing at the trees, trying to locate squirrels. I followed Nika and Noah to the path, lined with more trees, and a woman walking her dog – a really small dog – said one of the mockingbirds had struck her dog while they were walking near the fence. “And my dog is just inches above the ground, so that gives you an idea of how low that bird had to swoop.”

I didn’t think anymore about it until we left the park and I saw the woman with the small dog watching something at a tree near the park fence. She saw me and waved me over. “The baby those mockingbirds was protecting just fell out of the tree. I tried to pick it up to put it back into the branches, but it got scared and fluttered away from me.”

I went over to the tree and the little guy was huddled on the ground. I tried to distract it while the woman cupped her hands around it gently. Suddenly, its downy wings fluttered and it sort of flew, but mostly hopped away, through an opening in the fence and into the dog park. I was moving toward it when the mockingbird swept up behind me and struck me in the back of the head.

It didn’t hurt, but it startled me and the woman and I backed off. Then the bird swooped toward the baby and chased it back through the hole in the fence so it wasn’t inside the dog park.

When we got home, I did some research on mockingbirds. The northern mockingbird, common to North America, lays an average of four eggs that hatch 11 to 14 days after incubation. After 10 to 15 days, its  considered to be independent even though its ability to fly isn’t fully developed.

So this was the drama that had been unfolding at the dog park. The vigilant parents were trying to protect the little guy until it could actually fly. I thought about this as a message. I was struck by the bird, not injured in any way, but it startled me and certainly seized my attention. Mockingbirds sing joyfully. They’re communicators.

Right now, Rob and I – communicators – have four projects making the rounds, a novel and three non-fiction proposals, the number of eggs mockingbirds typically lay. If I look at the life cycle of these birds for timing, as I’ve done with these bird encounters in the past, then in 10-15 days, good news – joyful news – should arrive about one or all of these projects. Stay tuned!

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‘Quite a coincidence’

That was the assessment of an DeKalb County, Alabama coroner to the astonishing dual tragedies involving a mother and daughter. Both died in traffic accidents within  half an hour of one another. The mother, 39, and daughter, 8, were both killed on the same highway a few miles apart. The mother was in a head-on accident, the daughter was struck by a car a few minutes after getting a school bus. The coroner, Tom Wilson, said he’d never seen anything like it. “Quite a coincidence.”

A sad story, no doubt. You can just image how the survivors – father, grandparents, siblings would feel in the aftermath of such a tragedy. In spite of their youthful ages, it seems that on a deeper level, mother and daughter were ready to move on, and both wanted to leave this world together.

I’m sure many people reading such an assessment would be taken aback or angered by such a seemingly crass comment. On the contrary, we find the truly crass perspective the idea that these two deaths were simply random  incidents that happened without any deeper meaning

While in our everyday world, it certainly seems accidents happen, even strangely coincidental accidents. But, from the perspective of the bigger picture, or the higher self, there are no accidents. What transpires on the physical is a reflection of choices made at a deeper level of consciousness. That’s not to say there were no regrets. But there must’ve been a decision made by mother and daughter, possibly before either were born, to remain here for a particular number of years before moving on together.

We know nothing about their lives. But perhaps they came here to accomplish a certain goal together – possibly related to a past-life scenario – and then move on.

We’d be interested in hearing other assessments of this so-called coincidence, either in agreement or other perspectives.



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Drilling for Atlantis

When a couple of geologists turn their scientific know-how to a search for evidence of a lost continent off the coast of Florida, it’s not surprising that synchronicity would come into play. That was the case with a geological investigation conducted by William Hutton and Jonathan Eagle in March 2007 that took place beneath the water near Bimini.

Hutton and Eagle decided to take up the quest proposed by Edgar Cayce in a reading from 1932 in which he described Bimini as a location where evidence of Atlantis could be found. Here is Cayce’s reading:

…while the destruction of this [Atlantean] continent and the peoples are far beyond any of that as has been kept as an absolute record, that record in the rocks[emphasis added] still remains….

The position as the continent of Atlantis occupied, is that as between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand – and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco on the one hand, British Honduras, Yucatan and America upon the other. There are some protruding portions within this that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies or the Bahamas, and a portion of same that may be seen in the present – if the geological survey would be made in some of these – especially, or notably, in Bimini [emphasis added] and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined.

(364-3; February 16, 1932)

However, you can’t just go to Bimini and start drilling into the earth. You need a permit from the government of the Bahamas. That’s where the synchronicity came into play. Hutton and Eagle own a company that coincidentally already had received a drilling permit for unrelated research. That meant they didn’t have to approach the government and say they were looking for Atlantis and wanted start drilling. Instead, they were able to combine the two projects.

What they found was a missing rock strata that would have served as the surface of a land mass at least 13,000 years ago when the sea level was 130 feet lower.

Here is what they say in their conclusion:

“A reasonable implication of these missing rocks is that, during a period of time covering perhaps 800,000 years — or a minimum of 120,000 years at the least — an ancient land surface in the Bimini area could have been above sea-level during times of continental glaciations when ocean water levels were depressed due to the oceanic water mass locked up in ice sheets. That ancient land surface could have been the continent of Atlantis.”

You can find their complete story of their research, which involved underwater drilling near Bimini  here at Hutton Commentaries.  They’ve also written a book.

As I (Rob) was reading this article, I paused and wondered if I had lived during the time of Atlantis. I wondered what life was like, and I also wondered if there are people  I know now who lived at that time and place. That very instant the phone rang, not my cell phone, but our land line, which we mostly use for radio interviews when we’re not on Skype. If the phone rings, it’s usually a telemarketer. But not this time.

I answered it and to my surprise it was Connie Cannon, who comments on blog posts as mathmajik. In the decade that we’ve known Connie, this was only the second or third time that she has called us. Her call was about a computer problem she was having and wanted to find out if we had received a comment that she had sent. She said her e-mail wasn’t working and that was why she called. Since I like to look for messages in signs and symbols, her call seemed like an answer to the question that I had just posed. Also, my call was about ‘land’ – Atlantis – and as I said the call came on our rarely used land line!

I should also add that in the years we’ve known Connie, we’ve discussed a variety of esoteric/mystical topics with her through emails and the blog, but I don’t ever recall her mentioning anything about Atlantis. So I told later told her about the synchronicity of her call and asked about her thoughts on the possibility that she had lived in Atlantis.

Here is what she wrote:

“I agree that it is significant, in more ways than one. For most of my adult life I’ve had a sense of having been in Atlantis at the time of its destruction. Can’t explain it, but believe it’s true and that my incarnation there has impacted this current life in several ways, especially certain fears and phobias, but also my spiritual path.”

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How Adele Sensed the Future

In 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, the fifth secret is that creativity lies at the heart of synchronicity. It’s not uncommon for artists, writers, filmmakers, cartoonists and others who work in creative fields to experience synchronicity and precognition through their creativity. We have a chapter on this very thing in our book, Sensing the Future, that’s chocked full of stories like the one you’re about to read.

Adele Aldridge is a devotee  of the I Ching and has undertaken a huge project -– illustrating and defining every line in all of the I Ching’s 64 hexagrams. That’s a total of 384 illustrations! And given the exquisite detail and color in her illustrations, as you can see from the image at the top of the post, it’s a mind-blowing ambition.

In March, she was working on Hexagram 26, The Taming Power of the Great. That image at the top is for line 2. In the Richard Wilhelm translation of the I Ching, this line is defined as: The axletrees come off the wagon. Adele’s interpretation is that you are stopped by circumstances.

At the time she had been working on the illustration for the second line, she’d been sick with the flu and one particular day, she was too sick to even work. But she needed litter for her cat, so she decided to run to the market and, as she put it, “at least do something.”

What happened: “I crashed my ancient Honda Civic into a pole in the parking lot and totaled it.” While she sat in the parking lot waiting for AAA to come, she became disheartened that the I Ching hadn’t warned her about this in her morning reading. “In my misery and shock, I thought, So much for the I Ching. It doesn’t work. Maybe I should dump the I Ching. A most ridiculous thought but that was the state I was in.” So, not only had she totaled her car, but her worldview was in crisis.

“After I was home from the entire misery scenario with my car dragged away for junk I looked at the I Ching reading I had gotten for the day that morning. It was #49, Revolution, changing to #20, Contemplation. Revolution is what Wilhelm calls #49. But these days I also check Alfred Huangs, “The Complete I Ching” for his input which is always interesting. I was stunned to see that he calls hexagram 49 “Abolishing the Old.” Now, abolish is a strong word. My car is abolished. But my belief in the I Ching is restored.”

Several days later, Adele was able to return to her art work and was stunned to realize the scene she’d been painting at the time she crashed her car was not only a synchronicity, but a precognition. Through her art, she had sensed the future.

Her car’s tombstone:

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A Synchronicity with Biggest Book

A book about astrological predictions is tricky. Since you don’t know the birth time of every person reading the book, which sets up the natal chart, you have to put the sun sign as the ascendant or rising sign. Then the subsequent signs follow from there around the horoscope and you look at the angles or aspects that the various planets make to each other and interpret them.

When Rob and I wrote the Sydney Omarr daily prediction books for a decade, we used Omarr’s technique, where the daily predictions were based on what the moon was doing. Since this is the fastest moving point in the heavens, it has a great impact on us as individuals. We also brought in retrogrades, eclipses, and any challenging or sweet angles that planets were making to respective sun signs.

After NAL discontinued the 13 annual books in the Omarr series, we wrote Genie in the Stars, a daily predictive book for each sign, and published it through Crossroad. But considering the work and time involved, it wasn’t financially viable, so when a publisher suggested a three-year book of monthly predictions for each of the 12 signs, I bit.

The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever doesn’t suggest what you should eat or attempt on any given day between 2017-2019. Instead, it provides the larger picture of each month for those three years and offers advice on how to navigate and take advantage of the aspects. The reviews on this book have been interesting.

One guy who bought it was ticked off that on a radio show, I didn’t predict the correct outcome of the 2016 presidential election and was going to return the book to B&N. But no astrologer correctly predicted the correct outcome. One astrologer was so mortified by his prediction that he’s no longer writing an astrology column. And that’s sad.

The fact is that at every moment, in every day, we are gifted with the free will to make our own choices and when this is applied to the collective, it’s the wild west. Trump’s natal chart showed that he would be entering a Jupiter return year around the time of the election, typically a fortunate, lucky time. Obama won the 2008 election under this same aspect. But I discounted it, my bad.

Then today, a friend of Megan’s, Ashley, dropped by. She’s a Scorpio to whom I’d given a copy of Biggest Books. On March 6, a woman rear-ended her car on a busy intersection here in town. Traffic was bumper to bumper. In her rear view mirror, she saw as it was happening that that woman wasn’t going to top because she was distracted. There was not room for Ashley to get out of the line of traffic, so she took her foot off the brake and turned her steering wheel so that when the woman hit her, she didn’t hit the car in front of her.

Her car was totaled, she sustained some injuries for which she’s receiving physical therapy, a requirement by the insurance company before they will pay her the full value of her car – $8,000. But her car was nearly paid off, so this means she has to buy another car.

“So I got out that horoscope book you gave me, Trish, and it blew me away.” For March 2017, called “changeable,” the entry begins with: “This month promises to be somewhat wild and unpredictable with several planets changing signs and one planet turning retrograde. Buckle up!”

Fortunately, she was buckled up and knew to take evasive action before the woman hit her.



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Mercury retro alert

Today, April 9, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus and it lasts until May 3.  Retrograde means that a planet appears to be moving backward relative to our position here on Earth, and doesn’t function at full capacity. When that planet is Mercury, which rules communication, travel, contracts, the conscious mind, it’s smart to lay low. My recommendations for Mercury retro include a playbook of DO NOTS.


  • Do not sign contracts. You may regret it later.You may have to revisit the terms of the contract. In the past, we have signed under Mercury retro and regretted it. Things were screwed up from day one.
  • Don’t make travel plans. Ironically, we bought our tickets to Cuba during a Merc retro and it worried me. The only thing, though, that got messed up was about pet sitting. Our neighbor didn’t realize she had committed to other events during that time frame, so her daughter watched and took care of our cats. Things worked out fine. Go figure.
  • Check and re-check appointments.One snafu: I had to re-schedule a dentist appointment because I caught an airplane bug that persisted for two weeks.
  • Be really clear when you communicate with others. The capacity for misunderstandings is rampant during this period.
  • Be aware that old friends, lovers, ex-spouses may reappear during this period.
  • Revise, review, and reconsider are the buzzwords.
  • Pay attention to your dreams, to what’s happening under the surface.
  • And take heart. It doesn’t last forever!
  • Best advice: revise, review, reconsider.

On Saturday, April 15, I’ll be teaching an astrology workshop in Cassadaga, Florida, from 2-4 p.m. It will be at the Cassadaga Bookstore. Yeah, I know, it’s Mercury retrograde. But this was the only date they had open! Hope you’ll join me!

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Inside trump’s head


Scene 1:

 4:00 a.m.

 Really? Are you kidding me? They’re saying I lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million? Sorry, folks, sorry, not true. Not true. All those illegals voted…

4:01 a.m. tweet

Mexican thieves and rapist and murders who are sneaking across our border. Thieves, rapists, murderers, we gotta build that wall, America First!

4:03 a.m. tweet

Rigged, it was all rigged, had to be, sure. Got to 302 electoral no problem but not the popular? Rigged, I’m telling you, rigged. Seen the evidence.

4:04 a.m. tweet

Mexico’s paying for that wall, they sure are, they need to step up and pay their fair share just like NATO. Hello, Germany, you owe us.

Scene 2:

 4:07 a.m.

Ivanka: Dad, tone it down. Americans know you can’t force the Mexican gov’t to pay for the stupid wall. They know they’re going to get taken and it’s already pissing them off. Talk about something else. And Germany doesn’t have anything to do with that wall. At least keep your tweets focused, on one issue, okay?

Trump: Why? Why should I do that? I’m numero uno in the world, I can say and do whatever the hell I want. I’m wonderful at distraction, did you know that, hon? Ha. Just ask your mom. She’ll tell you how Melania and I met and…

Ivanka: Please turn your phone off, Dad. You can’t keep attacking a new country every night and you definitely can’t attack mom. Grow up, please just grow up.

4:32 a.m. tweet

 North Korea’s little shit of a dictator sadist, Syria’s little shit of a dictator… Let their people deal with these guys, not my problem, America first….

4:34 a.m.

 And China, are you kidding me? They dump their shit in our country and pay no tariffs. Forget it. America first. They’re going to be paying big tariffs. Huge.

4:35 a.m.

 It’s all fake news, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, CBC, ABC, FBI, CIA, NSA, fake, fake, fake.

Scene 3:

 Ivanka (storming into Mar de Lago office) C’mon, Dad. Stop, enough already! You can’t alienate the intelligence agencies, the press, and half a dozen foreign countries before breakfast. You just can’t. Go to sleep! Everything you’re tweeting hits me, okay? You know how many companies have discontinued carrying my stuff? So, please, c’mon, have a smoothie. Go to bed.

Trump: Stores stopped carrying your stuff? Which ones? Give me the names. I’ll blast the bastards, call them out, and my followers will boycott them. You know how many Twitter followers I have, hon? More than any other president in history. Seventeen zillion.

Ivanka: I’ll call the kitchen, order you a smoothie, a…

Trump: I want fried chicken.

Ivanka: Fine, I’ll ask for fried chicken.

Trump: And onions fried in that incredible batter that Jared created…

Ivanka: You eat too much fried food, Dad. It’s why you’re sixty pounds overweight.

Trump (shooting to his feet, tugging at his jacket, adjusting his tie) I’m fat? Is that what you’re saying, Ivanka? That I’m FAT?

Ivanka: I’m saying you’re overweight. Your smoothie is on the way, Dad. Good night. Good morning. Whatever.

(In the doorway, she turns, touches the edges of her blue silk robe. )

My newest addition. But Nordstrom and thirty-eight other stores discontinued it, Dad. Because they hate you. Nice, huh?

Scene 4:

 5:11 a.m. tweet

Black lists, they exist! Go to my website for a list of stores that have discontinued Ivanka’s products. Why? Why? Sales are booming, clothes flying off hangars. Boycott these suckers.

5:13 a.m. tweet

 The tags in her products read made in china, but this is a lie, people, one more mainstream media lie. Everything Ivanka produces is made in make America great again.

6:00 a.m. tweet

 Been thinking about chemical attack in Syria, children killed, all Obama’s fault. Assad, bad dude afraid of me. Afraid I’ll tell truth.

6:02 a.m. tweet

We’re going to bomb the mass murderer.Tomahawks. Uh-huh, 30 million worth of tomahawks at the airport where he launched his chemical attack. Uh-huh.

6:12 a.m. tweet

Russia does things right. No one fucks with Putin.

Scene 4:

7:03 a.m.

(Jared flies into the Trump office at Mar del Lago. Three piece suit, the boy is ready to rule the world)

Jared: Dude, if you keep defending Putin, we’re gonna end up in prison.

Trump: But Vladimir is my man.

Jared: Ivanka, tell the medic the Donald needs something that knocks him out. No more tweets, no more bullshit, take his phone. Silence, please. Christ, please.

Trump: Assad used sarin gas on children, little kids, I want him taken out, get those missiles ready… Tomahawks.

Ivanka: Dad, in 2013, you said Syria wasn’t our problem. You can’t make it our problem now.

Trump: Get Vladimir on the line…

Jared (whispering to Ivanka) You’d better let him know I’m running the show…

Scene 5, Reality Check:

And this is how it goes around and around in Trump world…

Scene 6:

Vladimir, Ivanka and Jared think I’m clueless. Ha. Let’s make a deal…






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Synchronicity, Abraham-Hicks, & the Rock

Megan and I attended an Abraham-Hicks workshop today (April 1)  at the Marriott on Delray Beach, Christmas gifts that we had given each other. These events are always fun and enlightening. Part of what makes them that way is the synchros that occur as a result of the collective energy of hundreds of people who have similar beliefs.

Megan and I got there an hour and a half before the workshop even started so that we could get good seats. Third row- with Esther Hicks and the famous hot seat in full view. The lamp pole proved to be something of an impediment, but we shuffled our seats around until it was no longer a hindrance.

We checked in, claimed our seats, bought a bite to eat in the coffee shop, then walked across the street to the beach to watch the sun rise. Perfect light, perfect beach, perfect company!

The workshop runs from 9-1, with a refreshment (bathroom) break about every hour or so. The hotel’s first floor – lobby, ballrooms, shops, restaurants and cafes – really isn’t equipped to accommodate four or five hundred people all descending at once on the restrooms closest to the massive room where this workshop was being held. So Megan and I scoped out the place to find other restrooms that might have more stalls. We got separated at one point, so I wandered back to our seats.

She hurried in a few minutes later. “Mom, you aren’t going to believe what happened. In the stall, I set my cell phone on top of the toilet paper holder and look what I found.”

With these words on the back:

And that was our start to a really terrific day.


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A New Take on the Tarot

Meet The Magician, Key 1 in the tarot. I asked my daughter, Megan, to come up with a female image for the magician in the tarot for the 21st century. This is her rendition.This image speaks of the enormous changes we’ve seen just 17 years into the millennium.  Take a look at some of the events we’ve experienced:

  • 9-11
  • the birth of the TSA and Homeland Security
  • the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • the rover exploration of Mars
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • the birth of Facebook, Google, Twitter and thousands of apps for these devices
  • the introduction of the iPhone, the iPad and other Smart devices
  • the first black president
  • a meltdown in the housing market, the recession
  • the Affordable Care Act, the closest thing the U.S. has to universal health care
  • renewed diplomatic relations with Cuba
  • the hacking of the 2016 election by Russia
  • the election of a businessman to the presidency
  • an acceleration of climate change
  • instantaneous communication and news 24/7

And that’s just for starters. We are more connected to each other than ever before and yet, increasingly more disconnected from ourselves. As a result, new archetypes, experiences, lifestyles, hopes and dreams are emerging. And The Magician is one of them.

I used to interpret this card as symbolic of transformation. Now I see it as magic – as in the Harry Potter type of magic. I see it as manifestation, the way we co-create our realities through where we place our focus, thoughts, feelings, intention. As Seth, the non-physical energy channeled by Jane Roberts, said frequently, “You get what you concentrate on…there is no other main rule.”

In 1998, Simon & Schuster published Power Tarot, which my friend Phyllis Vega and I wrote. It included 100 original spreads. In those days, the favored spread in tarot books was the Celtic Cross, first mentioned in 1910 in a book by Edward Waite White. That spread always irritated me and seemed fatalistic and too esoteric to provide concrete answers.  So Phyllis and I decided to create new spreads. After all, the spreads in the tarot tell the story. They connect the dots. They are like a novel with compelling characters, a riveting plot, intrigue, a climax, resolution.

But in the 19 years since the publication of Power Tarot, the world has changed drastically and dramatically and I realized that the tarot needs to be updated to reflect that. New spreads and interpretations of the  cards are begging to be born. So here’s where it begins, with this new archetype of The Magician.


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Tree Angel


Here’s a fascinating story about a near-death experience that changed a man’s life, and is changing our environment for the better. It comes from Catriona MacGregor, author of Partnering with Nature. The story will appear in her upcoming book, Dreaming a Runaway Horse: A Love Song for our Descendants.

“David Milarch, was a hard living, hard drinking forty-one-year old from northern Michigan. He had been working in his families nursery business for over two decades, had a wonderful wife, and two sons he loved, but he was dying of renal failure.

“David was an alcoholic. He tried to go cold turkey on his own, to change his life for the better, but the abrupt withdrawal from his daily alcohol intake was causing his body to shut down. Rushed to a hospital emergency room with fluid in his lungs, the doctor on staff told him he only had a day or two to live.

“A day after David was sent home, presumably to die, he felt a hard pulse in his heart. He died. As his spirit floated up to the ceiling, he looked down at the bloated, abused body below. He felt he had wasted his life. His attention was then drawn to a dazzling white light. Out of the light he saw a beautiful female angel in a white gown emerge. She eased his fears and shame with a gentle touch.

“The angel took David into a tunnel of light. At the other end of the tunnel, was a heavenly paradise of light and love. David was told by the angels there that he had work to do on Earth, and was sent back into his body to live and complete his mission on Earth.

“Some months later, after David had started to recover and be able to get out of bed, he felt the angels near again, this time with a clear plan that came through to David via automatic writing. Here is what he wrote:

“My heart raced as I read through what I’d written. The earth’s trees and forests are getting sicker, weakened by pollution, drought, disease and bugs able to survive the warmer winters. I was to clone the biggest, strongest, hardiest trees—trees that had lived hundreds, even thousands of years—so the world could one day be restored to its natural order by the giants of the forest. I felt like Noah, a simple man told to become a shipbuilder and a zookeeper …”

“Within a year after this divinely inspired mission, David Milarch, lanuched Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Its mission is to propagate the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone; reforest the Earth with the offspring of these trees; and archive the genetics of ancient trees in living libraries around the world for the future.”

Catriona notes: “The importance of trees in first saving and then protecting the planet, cannot be understated. But it is just not fully comprehended. This is because we are still in the elementary learning phase with respect to these magnificent beings, Masters of the Three Realms – below the Earth, on the Earth, and above the Earth.”


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Spiritually Naked


This evening (March 13), we were on a radio show called Spiritually Naked, with Steven Banks and his partner, Stephanie Banks. It’s one of the most unusual and interesting shows we’ve done. A little background…

In 2012, Stephanie had a bike accident in British Colombia, where she and Steven live. As she describes it on her website,  she misjudged her surroundings and narrowly avoided death as her body and bike collided with a rock wall before falling into a rocky crevasse below. As her body lay in the gully, her spirit reunited with her guardian,Ruby, where she experienced her life and the universe from another perspective. After her encounter with Ruby, she decided to return to her life and found herself back in her injured body, with no memory of her journey.

After her near-death experience, during her long recovery, Stephanie began doing a lot of journal writing and discovered that she was channeling through automatic writing. As Steven says, “She channeled many different guides, teachers and passed loved ones through writing for the next four years. Six months after her accident she met with a friend to look at what she was channeling in her journals. He asked her if she wanted to try channeling verbally and that night and one other a month later she did. It was amazing. But she was so full of doubt that she continued to channel through writing until December of last year. When she channeled for me and a friend last December, I asked who they were and got Solomon as the messenger for the group.”

Steven realized that the information and wisdom she channeled should be shared, and he and Stephanie started their radio show, Spiritually Naked. For the first 25 minutes, guests talk about their work – in our case, we talked about synchronicity and our new book on precognition, Sensing the Future. For the next 25 minutes, guests ask Solomon questions. And this interaction makes the show unique.

Steven and Stephanie are gracious hosts who have experienced various types of synchronicities. Stephanie told a story about a client who tended a tree in his backyard – the one thing in the yard that he loved enough to nurture. One day, he called her in a panic. Something had happened to his beloved tree. Could she stop by his place to take a look? So she did and discovered that half of the tree had died overnight. What’s it mean? her client asked in a near panic.

Stephanie didn’t know. But both she and the client recognized the incident was significant and not positive. Two days later, the client passed away. This incident is a good example of how nature is often a vehicle for precognition.

During the break, Steve explained that the next segment would begin with him using the singing bowl. Stephanie would put herself in a receptive state of mind to channel Solomon, and then we could ask questions. We’d prepared some questions before the show and once Solomon had greeted us, we asked: Given who is in the White House, what’s the future of this planet?

“Sometimes the catalyst for change is something in opposition to what people globally want,” Solomon said. “What’s needed is for each of you to reflect on your own lives and ask yourselves what positive changes you can bring into your own life. What habits of thought can you change? What you are working toward globally is a more compassionate planet…”

We asked about aliens, abductions, UFOs. Solomon’s take was intriguing. He says that for many abductees, an agreement is already in place for the experience – an agreement often made before birth. If an abductee finds the experience frightening, as many of them do, the course of the agreement can be changed through intention, focus.

We also asked about manifestations. How can people manifest more abundance, more money? “All is perception. Many people are fear-based about money. There’s fear of not having enough money, a feeling of incompleteness, a fear they won’t be able to pay for necessities. Don’t focus on the DON’T WANTS. Instead, focus on the WANTS. We encourage you to place yourself in the feeling place of what you DO WANT.”

We also talked about synchronicity with Solomon and about what it’s like being non-physical. “In the non-physical, there are no limiting beliefs. Everything is possible.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.


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A Hemingway Synchro in Cuba

I experienced a lot of synchros in Cuba, but two were really stunning. This one happened in La Floridita, a bar in Old Habana.

On our second day in the city, a Friday, we headed into Old Town and walked for miles. I finally sighted La Floridita, the bar Hemingway made famous, and we all agreed to go in and have a drink and pay homage to Hemingway. At this point, our group had grown by one. Megan’s former roommate, Nick, had joined us for the weekend. So the head count was: The Macs – Rob, Meg, me – Watts, Erin, Jessie and Nick, which brought us up to 7.

La Floridita was crowded, people everywhere, all the tables and bar stools filled, a band tuning up near the door. We made our way toward the closest space – which was behind some bar stools to the left of the band.

In a corner of this area stood a huge bronze statue of Hemingway. No doubt from this classic profile pose who it is. The Europeans and Canadians in the bar kept moving past us to take selfies with Papa.

Here’s Rob with Hem.

Here’s a long shot of the wall – and Megan and a couple of her friends.

We ordered our drinks from a a bartender who wore a red vest just as they’d done in Hemingway’s day. Mojitos and beer.

As I sipped at my bar and took in the atmosphere, I remembered it wasn’t just Hemingway who visited the Floridita. British novelist Graham Greene (Our Man in Havana), Chilean author Pablo Neruda (Google him) and American essayist John Dos Pasos had also frequented this bar.

But it was Hemingway who was celebrated, a twenty-year expat who wrote numerous novels while living here, including his Nobel winner, The Old Man and the Sea. He was Castro’s favorite yanqui!

I looked at the photos on the wall above and around Hemingway and nearly swallowed my tongue. There, to the left of his photos with Castro, was a photo of my Gemini buddy,  Hilary Hemingway, Papa’s niece, daughter of Hemingway’s brother. She and her family had visited Cuban 13 years earlier, when she was writing a script with Andy Garcia on Hem’s last days in Cuba. Someone had photographed her and hung the picture on the wall.

I texted Hilary but it didn’t go through, so I pointed out her photo to everyone in our group. It was particularly meaningful because several years earlier, Hilary and I collaborated on a script based on my novel Ghost Key. It made it into the semi finals of one of the major screenwriting contests,  Final Draft. The important thing is that  Hilary taught me how to write a screenplay.

It’s strange, I think, to be related to a famous person, especially someone like Hemingway, but she fulfills her part with grace and dignity, even in a bar in Habana Vieja. There she is in that pic, the blonde, composed Hemingway.

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Blog post predicts London Westminster attack

The picture above was posted on a blog site called 4chan (fortune?) about 24 hours before the attack on the bridge near Westminster Abbey and the subsequent stabbing death of a police officer.

Next to the image – and not visible in the photo – was a series of dashes and dots that turned out to be Morse code. No other information was provided in the mysterious post, which appeared on 4chan’s “Politically Incorrect” board.

Several readers translated the code to precise geographic coordinates that turned out to be the bridge where one day later the terrorist plowed into dozens of people, killing three. One person responded to the post this way just minutes after it appeared: “Big Ben?”

It seems there are three ways of interpreting the post. First, the person who made the post knew what was coming and the post was a veiled warning. Second, it was coincidental, and the poster had no knowledge of the upcoming incident. In the case, it would be a  meaningful coincidence—a synchronicity, the message from our collective underlying reality that had surfaced.

But there’s also another way of interpreting the post. It could’ve been the work of a remote viewer, who psychically predicted the location of an upcoming terrorist attack—the attack symbolized by the two guns. The guns might’ve meant two attacks or two attackers, or the use of guns in an attack – which was incorrect.

It will be interesting to see if the blog poster comes forward or the person’s identity is discovered, and we learn more.


A PS. (Trish here.) If you click on that link, you’ll find a very strange forum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. You can post anonymously, in many different categories. Yesterday when I checked the link, it claimed that more than 197,000 people were on the site.


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More Bermuda Triangle weirdness

It seems that the infamous Bermuda Triangle is still working its weird effects around people associated with it. I just finished co-authoring my second B.T. book with Bruce Gernon, a pilot who flew into the heart of the B.T. phenomenon and survived. One of the outcomes of Bruce’s mysterious flight, in which he and his two passengers were instantly shifted about 90 miles from near Bimini to Miami Beach, was a development of psychic abilities – specifically an ability to ocassionally glimpse future events. We wrote about Bruce’s visions in THE FOG and include more in the upcoming book, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle (New Page Books, July, 2017).

But there is much more in the way of peculiar and synchronisitic events that have taken place  recently related to the Bermuda Triangle. For example, on March 1, I was contacted by a TV producer about plans for a new TV series on the Bermuda Triangle. On March 3, I was contacted by a second producer from another production company who said the same thing. She wanted to talk to me about plans for a new TV series on the Triangle. Of course, my first thought was that it must be the same people, even though the names of the production companies were different. I figured they must be working together. So I wrote the first producer and he said, nope, his company was working independently and he had no knowledge about what the other company was doing. It was a surprise to him.

So a couple weeks passed, and I decided to see if there was anything new with the two projects. Both production companies had asked if I wanted to be involved, possibly as one of the on-air investigators. One producer told me she would probably know more in a week. When I talked to the first producer who had contacted me, he told me they needed to fill out their team of investigators with a younger B.T. expert, someone between 35 and 40, and he asked me if I knew anyone.

After thinking about it, I remembered a guy from India who is very enthusiastic about the Bermuda Triangle, had his own theory, and had produced a  YouTube video about it. He appears to be in his early 30s. I looked him up on FB, since I hadn’t heard from him in a couple of years and couldn’t remember his name. Then I went back to my email to write the producer about Manoj Rai. (How they were going to deal with the fact that the ‘young’ BT expert lived in India was not my problem!)

Meanwhile, a new e-mail had just arrived from Bruce Gernon. So before writing the producer, I opened it and to my astonishment it contained a forward e-mail message from…guess who?

Here’s the message:

Hello sir,

I am Manoj Rai from India. I hope you had remember me. I wrote you regarding my theory based on your flight at Bermuda triangle. sir I am again writing you because last week one of the leading Indian news channel has broadcast my show on their channel. last year also one on the local Indian news paper has published my research on its paper.

Sir I want to tell you that Indian people having the interest in your experience and they want more. Indian people like my theory which explain your journey at Bermuda triangle and I am talking with one more leading news channel and if you give me the permission, we will make one show together.

With regards
Manoj Rai,

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