Mercury Retrograde Alert!


It’s that time once again! Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, the trickster that rules contracts, siblings, cars, electronics and a host of other things, turns retrograde at 9:04 a.m. EDT in Virgo. It turns direct again on September 22, at 1:31 a.m. EDT.

Since Mercury rules Virgo – and Gemini – these two signs are the most likely to feel the effects strongly. However, none of us really escape the effects. You’re on your way to work and your car gets a flat. Or the AC dies in the midst of a heat wave. The email you sent to your boss in which you requested time off, ended up in the trash and he or she never received it. Or your washer breaks down, your computer crashes, your iPad or phone stop working.

Generally, it’s not a great time to travel unless you can remain flexible and go with the flow, whatever that flow may be. It’s best not to sign contracts during a Merc retro unless you don’t mind having to revisit the terms at another time.It’s not the most auspicious period for submitting anything or for publishing a website or a book. Unfortunately, Rob and I have 2 books being published during retrogrades- The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever on September 13, and Sensing the Future on January 3, during the first retro of 2017.

I advise people to follow the rule of the 3 Rs: revise, review, reconsider.

Just in case you’re a skeptic, here’s a Merc retro story that impacted the globe:

On November 7, 2000, Mercury had been retrograde since mid-October- first in Scorpio, then in Libra, where it turned direct at 9:20 p.m. The potential for miscommunication when Mercury stations – when it’s about to turn retro or direct – is particularly strong. But for that date, the station created complete bedlam because it was election day in the U.S.

At 7:49 that evening, as Mercury was stationed and preparing to turn direct, NBC decided they had enough data from exit polls in Florida. Tom Brokaw called the state for Al Gore. With Florida’s 25 electoral votes, it meant Gore had won the election.

Shortly after 10 p.m. – less than an hour after Mercury turned direct – Brokaw backtracked and said George W. Bush had won the state and the election. We all know what ensued after that – the endless dispute over the chads in Palm Beach County and the eventual decision by the Supreme Court that Bush was the 43rd president.

Fortunately, Mercury won’t be retrograde during the upcoming election!

PS here’s also a solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1 at 2:07 a.m. EDT. This one should usher in some nice surprises and opportunities, especially for Virgos and other earth signs, and for anyone with a Virgo moon or rising. But sine we all have Virgo somewhere in our charts, we will all benefit in some way!










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The Butterfly Project



Adele Aldridge sent us this synchro. It’s compelling in that it illustrates how synchronicity often works with creative endeavors and how the Internet facilitates that connection.

One day on Facebook, someone had shared the above image on my page – a woman with butterflies flying out of her head, the image at the top of the post. For Adele, it was a synchronicity. I didn’t understand why until she sent us two origami butterflies. Here’s one of them:


I thanked her and here was her response, addressing why it was a synchro for her.


“My sudden obsession with butterflies, all things considered with other nagging unfinished projects, had me questioning my sanity – UNTIL – the next morning I saw that beautiful image of the woman with the butterflies flying out of her head. I knew that was me. I took it as an affirmation not to doubt.

“My butterfly project, like the peace bird project is a weird thing to do – spending time on stuff to mail and give away with no hint of where it comes from. No signature. I never put a return address on any of those free mailer envelopes. Nor do I have a clue who opens them. Still – I love doing it.  Maybe I should change my name to Banska!”

This particular origami has an awesome history and mission – it’s part of a project of the Holocaust Museum Houston to remember the 1.5 million children who were killed in the Holocaust. In 1996, the butterfly inspired staff and supporters of the museum and they launched The Butterfly Project, designed to connect a new generation of children to the children who had perished in the Holocaust.

As it caught on in classrooms and with teachers and students, butterflies began arriving at the museum from all over the world. One butterfly even arrived from space, when American astronaut Rex Walheim participated in the project in July 2011, while he was aboard the final mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Butterflies are about transformation.


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Henri the Cat is Back!

I love this cat!

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What Nana Left Behind


Hair stylists – the good ones – are artists.

They not only know their tools and products, they’re intuitively tuned in to what looks good on you. Long hair, short hair, layered hair or something else altogether, the really good stylists understand the underlying pattern of who you are and how your public persona hopes to look.

I’ve known Angie for many years, through three marriages and many changes in the lives of her two sons and daughter. She’s a Virgo, the perfect stylist any woman could hope to have. Perfection, details, an intuitive grasp of what your hair needs, of the style you desire. She’s also on the same political page that I am and a truly wonderful person.

I enjoy going to the salon where she works – everyone is positive, upbeat – and we invariably catch up on each other’s lives. Recently, Angie told me that a story had “come to her” and she’d written it in a kind of fever. Every writer knows this is the purest kind of writing, the flow you can’t stop.

It’s a little kids’ book that doubles as a coloring book, and is called What Nana Left Behind. I‘m not a grandmother yet, but there’s something about Angie’s beautiful little book that touches my heart.

The story is told through the eyes of her grandson – in real life, he’s Joaquin – and it’s about the stuff that, as the title says, Nana leaves behind every time she visits him. Glasses. Her wallet. Cell phone. And later, as Nana ages and then passes on, she has left the indelible parts of herself, the curiosity and compassion, the essence of who she is, which has shaped the essence of who her grandson is and becomes. What I’d really like to know is when the next Nana book is going to appear.

Will she be a Topper-like spirit? The voice of the grandson’s intuition?

What Nana Left Behind is about how each of us, as children, is shaped and sculpted by our environments and the people we love and revere.




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Is the Future Fixed?


One of the central questions in our book on precognition, Sensing the Future, is whether the future you experience in a precognition can be changed. The book begins with this story:

A few years ago, we were driving on a narrow mountain road in the Andes, outside of Quito, Ecuador. A wall of rock rose on our left and a cliff plunged several hundred feet on our immediate right. There wasn’t any guardrail. Just ahead, a sharp turn was visible. As Rob tapped on the brakes, we both experienced a powerful feeling that we should stop. It was an illogical thing to do on this narrow road, but the feeling was nearly overwhelming. Rob slammed on the brakes and seconds later, a car barreled around the curve, swerving well into our lane. If he hadn’t taken the action he did, we would have been in the car’s path, and possibly plummeted into the abyss.

This is how precognition usually works. The warning signal was involuntary, unexpected, and thrust suddenly into our awareness. We had motored around numerous curves on this road without stopping. But in this instance, we somehow had pierced the veil of time and glimpsed the future. By taking the action we did, we changed the future.

Dr. Bernard Beitman, one of the people to whom we sent a PDF of the book, is a visiting professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia and the author of a fascinating book on synchronicityConnecting with Coincidence. He’s also the first psychiatrist since Jung to undertake a serious study of synchronicity – what it is, what it isn’t, what it may be. He asked a provocative question: Is the future “fixed?” Are only some future events fixed? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

He feels this is an essential problem surrounding precognition. And he’s right. On that road in the Andes, did we change our future by pulling off the road when we did? Or were we meant to survive and the precognition was a visceral reminder of that?

Sometimes, the future SEEMS fixed. You have a dream, experience a synchronicity that appears to point to a particular event or experience that’s headed your way – and then something else happens instead. I think this is where free will and choice enter the picture. Even when I do people’s natal charts, I can clearly see an event headed the person’s way – and then it doesn’t happen. But something else does. Or when I’ve gone to a psychic – not all predictions come true, but the ones that do are the ones that are MOST PROBABLE at that moment in time.

In Carl Jung’s 1949 introduction to the Richard Wilhelm translation of the I Ching, he wrote that “whoever invented the I Ching was convinced that the hexagram worked out in a certain moment coincided with the latter in quality no less than in time. To him, the hexagram was the exponent of the moment in which it was cast – even more so than the hours of the clock or the division of the calendar could be inasmuch as the hexagram was understood to be an indicator of the essential situation prevailing in the moment of its origin.”

In other words, when you ask a question of the I Ching and toss coins or yarrow sticks, a moment in time is frozen. The hexagram you get, as Jung said, is “the exponent of the moment in which it was cast.” It depicts the pattern most prevalent in your life at that instant. When changing lines create a new hexagram, it tells you how the situation may evolve in the future.

Could that second hexagram be the equivalent of a precognition?

In the example of our experience in the Andes, our “hexagram,” our pattern, changed rapidly and dramatically because of the strong impulse to pull to the side of the road. But not all precognitions are warnings. In the dreaming chapter, I recounted a precognitive dream I had that took some digging to understand:

From Sensing the Future:

In the early 1990s, we experienced several changes in our careers that resulted in a search for new publishers. Since we write full-time, this sort of change meant that no income was coming in. We were scrambling.

 Our agent was sending out proposals, but no one had made an offer. One of the publishers considering Trish’s proposals was Hyperion, a Disney company. Trish felt increasingly anxious about the situation and asked for a dream that would shed some light on the situation. On January 16, 1992, she dreamed she was floating to earth in a hot air balloon or on a parachute, she wasn’t sure which. She realized she was actually looking at a photo taken by a reporter. It was one the front of a magazine and said NIKE in big red letters.

The next morning, Trish did some research on Nike. She was the Greek goddess of victory, known specifically as the Winged Goddess of Victory. In some references, Nike and Athena were supposedly once considered to be one and the same. Trish took this to mean that she would be “victorious” in finding a new publisher, a comforting reassurance. But which publisher?

She looked up Hyperion and discovered that in ancient Greece, he was known as Helios Hyperion, the sun god. Over time, he gradually became identified with Apollo, the god of light. Trish reasoned that since Athena and Apollo were two of the twelve Olympian gods and were allies, she had a good shot at selling her proposal to Hyperion.

Sure enough, Hyperion made an offer five weeks after she had this dream. Even though the dream was metaphorical and complicated and required some research to understand, it qualifies as precognitive. It also illustrates what can happen when we incubate a dream—direct our dreaming self to answer questions posed before falling asleep. This practice dates back to the ancient world.

I knew the dream was important and precognitive because of the emotional intensity I felt about it (and because I had requested a dream). But if I hadn’t bothered researching it, it would have flown right past me – and maybe the outcome would have, too. Precognitions also aren’t always clear cut – I mean, why couldn’t that hot air balloon have said HYPERION on it?

So what do you all think? Is the future fixed? Are only some mass events (911, for instance) fixed? How’s this all work, anyway?










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Meditation and Synchronicity


I recently read an article in an on-line journal called Waking Times by Dr. Robert Puff, PhD that linked synchronicity and meditation.

He writes: “Because meditation is such a powerful force for change, and helpful in countless ways, I wonder if God perhaps gives back to us. Synchronous events let us know that we are on the right track and encourage us to continue meditating. In my experience, they happen with greater frequency the more I meditate.”

He goes on to say: “There’s only one person who can validate or disqualify the claim that synchronicity increases the more you meditate. That person is you. One way to measure this is by keeping a notebook where you record so-called coincidences or out-of-the-ordinary moments. As you commit to meditation, see if these don’t happen more often…. Suspend judgment for a while and just give it a try.”

That’s a self-help mode, which is fine. But what about a broader experimental approach?

Meditation has been the subject of numerous scientific studies that have documented that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and lower the heart rate, enhances energy, strength and vigor. Those are just a few of the well documented results.

So why not measure the relationship between meditation and synchronicity? Such an experiment would require a group of people meditating a certain amount of time per day, and a control group made up of people who don’t meditate. However, both groups would need to be equally informed about synchronicity, and told to watch for coincidences.

It would be useful to also have a third group consisting of people who are not informed in advance that the experiment relates to synchronicity. The third group, in fact, might be key. The experiment very likely might reveal that awareness, more than meditation, is a key factor in a person’s ability to experience synchronicity and a determinant of how often they are experienced. After all, if you don’t pay attention to such ephemeral matters, there is no synchronicity.

Any thoughts on such an experiment?


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Name Karma


art by Megan MacGregor


This is a rather peculiar issue that has been following me around for most of my life. Tonight, it impacted my ability to connect my Facebook page to a Facebook icon on our  blog and I’m clueless about how to correct this.

My name at birth was Patricia Janeshutz. I never liked that first name and became the shorter version – Trish. That felt right. My last name was another problem – few people could pronounce it, much less spell it. My first novel was published in 1984 as Trish Janeshutz. By my third novel, I was married and happy to become a MacGregor. Simple. The only possible misspelling with that name was the Mc rather than the Mac. So when my editor asked me to change my name to initials and a last name people could spell and pronounce, I became TJ MacGregor.

At some point during my tenure with Ballantine, I wrote three books located on the fictional island of Tango Key, and became Alison Drake. I wrote non-fiction as Trish MacGregor. I also did some ghostwriting – what’s one more name, right? – and also kept using the TJ MacGregor name for my other fiction.

For IRS purposes, our accountant suggested using my full name: Patricia Janeshutz MacGregor.

In 2010, TOR/Forge Books published Esperanza under Trish J MacGregor. Ghost Key and Apparition followed under that name.

You can see where this is going, right? Straight into the Black Hole of Names. According to Facebook, my user name is

But when I enter that name anywhere, I receive an error message that the link is broken or the page has been removed. The only way the Facebook icon works is if my Facebook page is open. I’ve scoured the Facebook forums – and a lot of other people have had this same problem- but I haven’t seen any answers. Does anyone have suggestions on how to correct this, short of my becoming someone else??

If the Facebook link works for you, please let me know. And if it doesn’t, do you have any suggestions??







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49 Birds!



Jane Clifford of Wales first alerted me to this on Facebook, then I Googled it and found that CNN had covered it. It’s certainly a powerful synchronicity and illustrates how mass events – global events – nearly always have synchronicities associated with them.

Back on June 14, a memorial was held in Orlando for the 49 victims in the Pulse nightclub shooting. As the names were being called, 49 birds appeared in the air above the memorial. These birds weren’t released; they simply appeared. What does this tell us about the nature of reality and the way everything and everyone are interconnected?





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Haunted Orlando

ORLANDO, FL - June 9 2015:Historic Church Street.Located in Downtown Orlando Florida on June 9 2015.; Shutterstock ID 286361975; name: Deb Wenof; Client: Marriott Traveler; Publication: Marriott Traveler Orlando; Story ID: Haunted Orlando. Who Knew?

ORLANDO, FL – June 9 2015:Historic Church Street.Located in Downtown Orlando Florida on June 9 2015.; Shutterstock ID 286361975; name: Deb Wenof; Client: Marriott Traveler; Publication: Marriott Traveler Orlando; Story ID: Haunted Orlando. Who Knew?

Synchronicity is so often a trickster that catches you by complete surprise. This one happened when Rob and I recently visited our daughter in Orlando and attended one of her Paint Nite classes. This one was actually on a Saturday afternoon at one of our favorite venues – Schumann’s, a German bar and restaurant.

We usually arrive early so we can grab a bite to eat beforehand, find choice seats, and help Megan and her assistant with their setup. This time, they had 40 students registered and were short a couple of canvases, so Rob drove back to Megan’s place to pick up some extras.

Around 12:45, other people started arriving, and a young woman and her dad sat across from Rob and me. The woman, Stephanie, and I started talking about Orlando’s old buildings. The city was founded in 1885, long before Walt Disney arrived, and some of the older places are known to be haunted. She mentioned that when she used to work for American Ghost Adventures, located just down the street from where we were, she got to know some of these old buildings very well.

As soon as she mentioned this ghost hunting outfit she had worked for, my antenna twitched. Take Harry Buffalo’s, she said. I knew the place. It’s another of Megan’s venues for Paint Nite, where the class is held in that downstairs area in the middle of the building. See the second floor?


Back in the late 1800s, the building housed a bar on the first floor and an infamous brothel on that second floor. Stephanie used to lead tours of the second floor and says it’s haunted by some of the women who worked in the brothel – and their babies. During one tour, she encountered the ghost of a man who used to toss the infants of the brothel women into the street from a second floor window or door.

When I Googled haunted places in Orlando, Florida, reams of links appear, but most of them are related to Halloween, that time of year when people believed in spooks and things that go bump in the night. Harry Buffalo’s, though, located at 129 West Church Street, seems to be a hub for spooks.

In the dozens of Paint Nite classes we’ve attended, we’ve never sat across anyone who brought up the subject of ghosts or who had worked for a ghost hunting company or who had ever heard of Cassadaga. But it turned out that Stephanie led ghost hunting tours in Cassadaga and had some terrific stories about spirits she had communicated with in the Cassadaga Hotel. Here’s the photo she sent me that was taken in the hotel:


The synchronicity for this incident is that Rob and I currently have a proposal circulating about spirit contact. This seems to bode well for a sale!






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Keeping it Secret


Here’s an odd synchroncity involving two friends who played together in a band. One was  a UFO researcher and the other held a secret about UFOs.


Jim Lorenzen and his wife Coral were early UFO researchers, who in 1952 formed a UFO research group called Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO). In the late 1960s, the couple wrote UFOs Over the Americas (1968) and UFOs the Whole Story (1969). Jim was also a professional musician who played bass guitar and owned Lorenzen Music Enterprises in Tucson, Arizona.

For several years, Jim played in a band that had a regular gig at the Eldorado Lodge. Jim was always looking for new cases and one day told his band mate, Irwin Fortman, that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the lodge Saturday because a UFO had been spotted at White Sands. He was going to investigate.

Fortman nodded and said he would find a bass player to fill in for him. In the years they played together, Irwin was well aware of Jim’s preoccupation, that he was one of the best known UFO researchers of the day. But Irwin never revealed his secret to Jim. He never told him that he was a participant in the most famous UFO incident of all time – Roswell. Not only had he seen the crashed ship, but he had moved one of the bodies. That was his story, that was his secret.

Writer Ray Grasse was the first person outside Fortman’s immediate family to hear about Fortman’s experience. In an interview, published in 2012, Grasse asked him why he never told Jim Lorenzen about his experience.

IF: Yeah, you know, I kept thinking about the promise I made (to the government) that I would keep my mouth shut, and yet I was very interested, but I stayed away from it. Like when Jim called me the night before he made that trip to White Sands New Mexico — we had a steady engagement at the old El Dorado lodge, I had a band there for seventeen years and Jim was playing bass with my group — and Jim said to me, “I’ve got to go up to White Sands, they’ve spotted a UFO up there, and they’ve got quite a bit of information.” I said, ‘Look Jim, that’s no problem. I’ll just get somebody else to fill in.’ I could’ve said, “Well Jim, you know, if you really believe in that kind of thing…” But I knew I couldn’t tell him how much I believed in it myself, you know.

RG: But you did eventually tell him what happened, didn’t you? IF: Oh, no, no! I wouldn’t take a chance. Because Jim had that magazine there and you know, he was a very open guy. If somebody gave him information and he felt it was something that should be repeated, which I know this would have been, I would have felt that I’d be jeopardizing my family.

RG: Considering how he was one of the foremost researchers on UFOs at the time, I imagine that must have been frustrating for you not to talk about it.

IF: Right, it sure is.


Fortman’s story hasn’t received much attention because it differs from the standard Roswell tale of a crash near Roswell in July of 1947. In Fortman’s version, there were two crashes and he was involved in the second one in December of that year.





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Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever!


The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever will be published on September 13 by Page Street Publishing. It’s a big book, all right, 528 pages , and includes three years of monthly predictions – 2017-2019 – for all 12 signs. I spent most of 2015 researching and writing it and enjoyed every second of it. It made me delve into the larger astrological picture for the next three years.

We certainly live in interesting times and the challenges during 2017-2019 will be abundant for most of us. The way we meet and deal with these challenges depends on who we are at our core, in the innermost heart of ourselves. It depends on our fundamental beliefs about the nature of reality. Do we create the scripts of our lives? If we do and we don’t like the script we’re living, how can we change it? Improve it? Revise it?

When we’re confronted with a difficulty, do we hide? Do we pull the covers over our heads and hope that when we wake up things will be better? Do we take action? Place blame on others? Take zero responsibility for our own part in the difficulty? Do we pay attention to the synchronicities that unfold and allow them to act as guides, confirmations?

For Carl Jung, astrology fell under the broad umbrella of synchronicity, the term he coined. He defined synchronicity as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer and can’t be explained by cause and effect. In terms of astrology, why should the positions of planets at the moment you draw your first breath have any effect on you at all? And yet, they do. Even on the most superficial level – sun signs – each of us usually can identify with the general description, the archetype, of the sign.

 From the introductions to the three years:


“The year begins with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, then moving back into Sagittarius on January 4, and turning direct in that sign on January 8. It means the year may be off to a slow start, with things not falling into place the way we would like. After January 8, the pace picks up. Be sure to check on the specifics for your sign in the monthly roundups.”


“For most of this year, until November 8, expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio. Everyone benefits from a Jupiter transit, but for water and earth signs, this transit is especially powerful. Some of the luckiest times this year are when Venus and Jupiter travel together through Scorpio. This happens between September 9 and October 30.”


“Overall, 2019 features interesting changes in the slower moving planets. In December, expansive Jupiter enters earth sign Capricorn, sure to be positive for all earth and water signs. It joins Pluto in that sign. Uranus also enters earth sign Taurus for the second time and remains there for the next seven years. This transit should be exciting for all earth and water signs.”

If, as the saying goes, timing is everything, then the transits of the planets can certainly help you determine when to act and, as Henry Miller so famously said, when to stand “as still as the hummingbird.”

The book is available for preorders on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound, an organization of independent bookstores.

Since preorders are important in terms of sales, I’m offering an incentive. If you preorder the book between now and September 12th (the day before it is released), please email me your order confirmation at I’ll enter your name into a drawing. Ironically, at least for me, the book is being released under a Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a sign Mercury rules, not a good time for the release of a book. Fortunately, it turns direct nine days later, on September 22. So on September 23, I’ll pick three of the names.

These three individuals will receive personalized interpretations of their natal charts with 3 months of predictions. These interps won’t be from an astrology program, but will come from my decades of experience as an astrologer. I’ll need the date, place, and exact time of your birth. It should be on your birth certificate, but if it isn’t, ask mom, dad, a sibling. The time is vital because the degree of the rising or ascendant in a birth chart changes every four minutes and the ascendant sets up the chart.

These reports usually run from 8-12 single spaced pages and include the daily motion of the planets, the new and full moons, the retrograde periods, and your progressed chart, which narrows timing to about a month. In other words, the report pinpoints potential. What you do with that potential is up to you, your free will.

Thanks for your support of my new book, The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever!



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Leah and Aboo


Recently, we posted a spirit contact story from Leah Jenkins of West Virginia that involved shooting stars, one of the most unusual I’d ever heard. This story is also from Leah, and involved contact with her deceased grandfather, whom she called Aboo. The nickname came about because when she was very young, he played peek-a-boo with her and would jump around and holler, “Ah-boo!” So that’s who Leah thought he was.

The first synchro with Aboo happened a few months after he died.  Leah was sitting on the back porch of her grandparents’ farmhouse, where she was living and taking care of her grandmother.

“It was two or three a.m., and just as hot and still as could be. As I was sitting there, a cylindrical air vent on top of the garage started spinning, very slowly, in a clockwise direction. It was one of two air vents that Aboo and I had installed many years ago. There was absolutely no breeze and it was so hot and humid it was air you could wear.

“What really floored me was that only one of the vents was spinning; the other didn’t move at all. I got goose bumps and said, ‘Aboo, if you are making this vent spin would you please give me a sign?’ I waited a moment to see what would happen.  The vent completely stopped, and then very, very slowly it started spinning again.  Knowing he was there, I must have talked to him for at least 10 minutes, and the entire time the vent moved at a snail’s pace.  Then, just as suddenly as it began, it stopped.  I was so gobsmacked I just sat there and cried and thanked him for coming to see me!!”

A few weeks later, Leah was sitting in the kitchen with her grandmother and her friend, Linda, when an owl chime suddenly started chiming like crazy. “Owls were gram’s favorite animal, which is why I think my grandfather chose that one. It rang like mad for a few minutes, INSIDE the kitchen, and Linda said, ‘Hi Mr. Mitchell.’ And that was it.  I was blown away once again and so grateful he stopped by.”

Over a period of four years, Leah lost three grandparents and her dad. “The loss has been overwhelming for us. But these occurrences help that feeling of emptiness and the synchronicities assure me they are still around me.”



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Two Roswells?


The Mountain Astrologer has been running some unusual articles in the last several issues, a series called Astrology of the Weird by author and astrologer Ray Grasse. The first in this three-part series was on the Phoenix lights, which happened in 1997, the second was on Big Foot, and the final article in the August/September 2016 issue is on the Roswell Incident in 1947.

His approach to astrology is Jungian. He writes in terms of archetypes and the human psyche and attributes some of these “weird” events to the transits of the planet Uranus and the sign of Aquarius, which rules that sign. Uranus symbolizes revolution, innovation, sudden breakthroughs in the collective consciousness, disruption, unexpected change, a thrust for personal freedom.

The planet was discovered on March 13 , 1781, when it was at 24 degrees Gemini. As Grasse notes, the discovery of a major celestial body symbolizes a breakthrough in the collective consciousness, and innovative discoveries are part of that picture.

It takes Uranus about 84 years to circumnavigate the zodiac, so its first return to that degree was in 1863, another period of radical change and innovation, and its second return was during the summer of 1947.

As Grasse notes in the article on Roswell, “the appearance of an extraterrestrial spacecraft suggests a ‘breaking through’ into consciousness of something new and powerful in the collective psyche, a rupture in the prevailing zeitgeist.” On June 24, 1947, a few weeks before Roswell, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported flying discs in Washington state. Several days prior, seaman Harold Dahl witnessed six UFOS near Puget Sound in Washington states. Then, during the first week in July, Roswell happened.

“…the reported appearance of an extraterrestrial spacecraft suggests a ‘breaking through’ into consciousness of something new and powerful in the collective psyche, a rupture in the prevailing zeitgeist,” writes Grasse. He lists a number of events that occurred around this time: The U.S. Air Force became an independent agency just weeks after Roswell; the CIA was established two months after Roswell; India won its independence from Britain.

What was most fascinating to me was a sidebar that accompanied this article. In the early 1990s, Grasse had an opportunity to interview a man who had been a young paramedic at the Roswell military base in 1947. “…he claimed to have retrieved pieces of alien bodies from the New Mexico desert under orders of his commanding officer. His name was Irwin ‘Tiny’ Fortman.”

The twist in this story, is that Fortman claimed the event he was involved in happened in late 1947, between Christmas and the new year. In one of the interviews he gave to Grasse, he was emphatic about the timing of the event because he had arrived at Roswell after July of that year. Also, he was Jewish, so he was one of the few men on the base during the holidays, and it was cold that night on the desert when he was instructed to head out to the crash scene.

Grasse’s interviews with Fortman can be found here, on Daily Grail. It’s intriguing and suggests there may have been “two Roswells,” a possibility we first heard about from remote viewer Joe McMoneagle.


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